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Lost In Love December 2022 Teasers

Everyone is left stunned when Virat proposes to Sai after confessing his love. Later, they get married in the same venue as Rajeev and Shivani. Read Starlife Lost In Love December 2022 Teasers:

Starlife Lost In Love December 2022 Teasers

Thursday 1 December  2022

Episode 457

While Devyani blames Sai for creating a scene, Virat makes a shocking declaration to the Chavans. Later, Sai annoys Virat by trying to get close to him.

Episode 458

Pakhi tries to make Samrat understand that Sai’s presence is not good for Virat and asks him to do something about it. Elsewhere, Bhavani makes a plan against Sai.

Friday 2 December 2022

Episode 459

Sai feels apologetic about the way she treated Virat in the past. Later, much to her surprise, Devyani apologises to her.

Episode 460

While Sai speaks about her feelings, she finds herself in love with Virat, so She gets excited to share. Meanwhile, Virat comes there, so Sai decides to tell him.

Saturday 3 December 2022

Episode 461

Sai is obsessed with Virat, and while he sleeps, she puts colour on his face. Later, Virat is surprised to see Devyani taking Sai’s side and supporting her.

Episode 462

As ordered, Sai makes a place to cook her food, but Patralekha ruins her effort. Elsewhere Virat refuses to participate in the Holi celebration when Ashwini asks him to.

Sunday 4  December 2022

Episode 463

Sai tells the Chavans that she will convince Virat to play Holi. Later, to persuade Virat to participate, she calls DIG and his colleagues over.

Episode 464

Sai, DIG, and the others somehow convince Virat to join the Holi celebration. Later, Sai declares Virat’s innocence and shares that she is proud of him.

Monday 5 December 2022

Episode 465

While the DIG appreciates Sai for her efforts, an envious Pakhi plans to take revenge on her. Later Virat participates in the Holi celebrations.

Episode 466

After eating the ‘special’ Gujiyas prepared by Sai, Virat has some fun moments with her and Sunny. Seeing them together, Pakhi gets jealous and plans to get Sai in trouble.

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Episode 467

To lift Pakhi’s spirits and divert her mood from Sai and Virat, Samrat tactically feeds her Bhang. Later, Samrat and Virat shake a leg.

Episode 468

Barkha joins the Chavans during the Holi celebrations and sets the stage on fire with her spectacular dance. Later, she challenges Sai and Pakhi to dance together.

Wednesday 7 December 2022

Episode 469

Bhavani’s attempt to keep Sai away from Virat goes in vain. Sai and Virat dance together during the Holi celebrations and spend some good time together.

Episode 470

When Samrat tries to get close to an intoxicated Pakhi, she confesses her love for Virat. Meanwhile, Virat gets furious to find himself in Sai’s bed.

Thursday 8 December  2022

Episode 471

Sai confesses that she had mixed Bhang in the Gujiyas. Infuriated, Virat requests the DIG for a transfer and warns Sai from bringing any more hurdles in his life.

Episode 472

While Ashwini asks Sai to go away, the latter requests the Chavans to let her convince Virat to stay in the house. Later, Virat experiences tremendous pain.

Friday 9 December 2022

Episode 473

Sai tells the Chavans that Virat needs a physiotherapist, but he refuses her help. While the Chavans manage to convince him, Samrat gets romantic with Pakhi.

Episode 474

Sai puts her might into taking care of Virat by providing him with physiotherapy sessions. The next day, Virat tries to pay her, thereby insulting her.

Saturday 10 December 2022

Episode 475

While Virat gets impatient to join his duties, Sai is adamant about restraining him from the transfer. Later, she makes efforts to cheer up a depressed Shivani.

Episode 476

Rajeev gets thrilled when Sai tactically asks him to meet Shivani. Later, Bhavani and the others corner her to confess what’s cooking between her and Shivani.

Sunday 11  December 2022

Episode 477

Devyani questions Shivani about her feelings for Rajeev. On the other hand, Sai heads out to meet Rajeev and learns his sentiments for Shivani.

Episode 478

As Rajeev explains his stance and past happenings to Sai, Virat barges in and insults him. Later, Virat calls his subordinates and has them arrest Rajeev for duping Shivani.

Monday 12 December 2022

Episode 479

Sai defends Rajeev to Shivani after Virat has him humiliated and arrested. Shivani is left teary-eyed after listening to Sai’s plea.

Episode 480

Sai takes Shivani to meet Rajeev, and Virat blames her for provoking the latter to meet a criminal. Later, Shivani has an emotional outburst after seeing Rajeev.

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Episode 481

Rajeev goes down on his knees and confesses his mistake of ruining the relationship. He begs for Shivani’s forgiveness. Will she forgive him?

Episode 482

While the Chavans discuss Sai’s involvement with Rajeev, Sai tries to convince Virat to help her get Shivani and Rajeev married to each other. Will Virat agree?

Wednesday 14 December 2022

Episode 483

Sai tells Virat that she won’t attend her exams unless he agrees to help her convince the Chavans for Shivani and Rajeev’s marriage. Later, Rajeev comes to meet Virat.

Episode 484

Virat changes his mind about helping Sai and says that he will support her get Shivani married to Rajeev. Later, he plans to reveal his decision to the Chavans.

Thursday 15 December  2022

Episode 485

The family praises Virat for the Bhandara arrangements made during Ram Navami celebrations. However, Sai and Virat face their wrath when they learn that it was Rajeev’s idea.

Episode 486

Omkar drags Shivani away from the wedding venue. In a fatal twist of events, a fire breaks out and Rajeev gets admitted to the hospital.

Friday 16 December 2022

Episode 487

Virat’s efforts finally bear fruit when Bhavani gives her consent for Rajeev and Shivani’s marriage. Consequently, the entire family abides by Bhavani’s decision.

Episode 488

As Sai remains unconcerned before her last exam, Virat hurries her to reach the exam hall on time. Later, he learns that he was deceived about the timings.

Saturday 17 December 2022

Episode 489

In a shocking turn of events, Virat announces his transfer and severs all ties with Sai. How will Sai react to the situation?

Episode 490

During Shivani and Rajeev’s Sangeet ceremony, the Chavans get introduced to Anuradha. When Sai comes dressed up, Virat stares at her with love.

Sunday 18  December 2022

Episode 491

Virat and Sai perform on the stage in a soulful way. Amid the program, Rajeev falls unconscious, and Sai carefully handles the situation.

Episode 492

Rajeev is rushed to the hospital after Sai revives him by performing CPR on him. Later, Virat expresses his gratitude to Sai for helping Rajeev.

Monday 19 December 2022

Episode 493

Sai requests Virat to be kind and sympathetic towards his family members. Later, as Rajeev regains consciousness, Sai is reminded of old memories.

Episode 494

Virat forgives the Chavans and wants to get back to his family, putting aside the past. However, he plans to give a surprise to Sai and convey his love to her.

Tuesday 20 December 2022

Episode 495

As the Baraat arrives, Virat eagerly longs to meet Sai. Much to everyone’s surprise, Sai makes a grand arrangement for her special confession to Virat.

Episode 496

Everyone is left stunned when Virat proposes to Sai after confessing his love. Later, they get married in the same venue as Rajeev and Shivani.

Wednesday 21 December 2022

Episode 497

Sai and Virat’s wedding gets disrupted when Patralekha tells Bhavani that her authority is being undermined by the former. Later, Bhavani gives Sai an ultimatum.

Episode 498

Virat doesn’t give Sai the chance to answer Bhavani and chooses marriage on her behalf instead of becoming a doctor. Later, he asks Sai to have faith in him.

Thursday 22 December 2022

Episode 499

While Sai and Virat get romantic after their wedding, Pakhi feels dejected with her life. Later, the Chavans prepare for Shivani’s Bidaai.

Episode 500

Virat convinces the Chavans to let Shivani and Rajeev stay in the Chavan Nivas. Later, Virat shocks Bhavani by revealing his decision to add Sai’s name to his.

Friday 23 December 2022

Episode 501

Virat’s attempt to add Sai’s name to his name meets with staunch criticism from his family members. However, Ninad readily accepts Virat’s decision.

Episode 502

Virat genuinely concedes his love for Sai and admits to lying to Kaku. Nonetheless, she wants to announce the truth to Kaku.

Saturday 24 December 2022

Episode 503

Bhavani is impressed by Sai when she prepares a delicious breakfast for her. Meanwhile, Samrat apologises to Pakhi and expresses his love for her.

Episode 504

Kaku decides to take the newlywed couples to the Kuldevi’s temple. Later, she gives responsibility to Sai to take her place and be the perfect daughter-in-law of the Chavans.

Sunday 25 December 2022

Episode 505

Kaku declares her choice to the Chavans of bestowing the responsibilities to Sai. Elsewhere, Sai and Virat worship the deity and decide to come clean before Kaku.

Monday 26 December 2022

Episode 506

When Virat tries to get close to Sai, she distances herself and worries about revealing the truth to Bhavani. Later, he helps Sai to understand the situation.

Episode 507

Bhavani tells Sai that her mark sheets are just like other pieces of paper and asks her to be a homemaker. Later, Virat lies to Bhavani and drops Sai at work.

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Episode 508

On the first day of the internship, Sai’s senior criticises her. While she gets reprimanded, Pakhi opens up about her grief before Samrat.

Episode 509

Sai gets a new responsibility after Dr Thurat keeps her request and mentions a condition. However, when she struggles to return home on time, Pakhi instigates Bhavani.

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Episode 510

Dr. Thurat punishes Sai for trying to outsmart him, and Bhavani gets angry at her for being late. Later, Virat decides to come up with a lie to save Sai.

Episode 511

Virat admits his lie in front of Bhavani and says that Sai has to fulfil her father’s last wish. Later, he questions Bhavani for letting him work but not Sai.

Thursday 29 December 2022

Episode 512

Virat and the other boys speak up against Bhavani’s thought that the rightful place of a woman is at home. He tells her that women should have their own job.

Episode 513

Samrat likes a blog written by Pakhi and encourages her to focus more on it. However, Pakhi recalls similar moments spent with Virat.

Friday 30 December 2022

Episode 514

Bhavani gives a precious necklace to Pakhi for winning her heart. Later, Pakhi claims that the ornament has caught Sai’s evil eye.

Episode 515

Ashwini spends time with Virat after he returns to the Chavan mansion for dinner. Meanwhile, Sai deals with a bunch of miscreants at the hospital.

Saturday 31 December 2022

Episode 516

While Bhau’s friends bribe Dr. Thurat, the latter agrees to give an extra dose of painkiller to Bhau. Meanwhile, Dr. Thurat blames Sai for Bhau’s death.

Episode 517

The Chavans are shocked to learn about Sai’s arrest. Meanwhile, Jagthap visits the police station with a villainous motive to prevent her bail.

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