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Lost In Love April 2023 Teasers

Virat confronts Sai after learning about her relationship with Jagthap. Below are Starlife Lost In Love April 2023 Teasers.

Starlife Lost In Love April 2023 Teasers

Saturday 1 April 2023

Episode 644

Ashwini cautions Pakhi and requests her not to allow Sai in Virat’s life. Elsewhere, Sai gives an apt reply when Pakhi apologises for her behaviour.

Sunday 2  April 2023

Episode 645

Sai gets worried when Vinayak and Savi go missing from the house. After learning about the children’s motives, Virat gets shocked and rushes to find them.

Monday 3 April 2023

Episode 646

Vinayak and Savi reach the fair in search of their parents. They follow a lady to seek help but get into the trap of child traffickers.

Tuesday 4 April 2023

Episode 647

After fleeing from the car, Savi and Vinayak get caught on the burning effigy ground. Putting their lives at risk, Virat and Savi save the children.

Wednesday 5 April 2023

Episode 648

Virat gets emotional and apologises to Sai for his mean behaviour in the past. Later, Savi and Vinayak play the role of brothers in a skit.

Thursday 6 April  2023

Episode 649

Savi and Vinayak perform as Luv and Kush at the Ram-Leela fair. Later, Savi tells Sai that during the act she felt that Virat is her real father.

Friday 7 April 2023

Episode 650

Virat informs Sai that she will receive awards for her bravery with Savi and Vinayak from the police department. However, Bhavani is not happy with the news.

Saturday 8 April 2023

Episode 651

Savi dresses up like Virat during the event and declares that she aspires to be like him. Later, she insists that Virat become her father.

Sunday 9  April 2023

Episode 652

Worried about Savi, Virat requests Sai to inform her about her father. Pakhi grows anxious when Vinayak decides to address Sai as his Choti Maa.

Saturday 10 April 2023

Episode 653

Jagthap reminds Sai about her old self and talks about how she has changed now. Elsewhere, Virat decides to find Savi’s father to answer her questions.

Sunday 11  April 2023

Episode 654

When Vithal visits the Chavans and creates a scene, they question Sai’s character. Virat confronts Sai after learning about her relationship with Jagthap.

Monday 12 April 2023

Episode 655

Vinayak plans to win the race so that he can ask Virat to adopt Savi. While Pakhi and Virat root for him, Sai informs Jagthap about Vithal’s accusations.

Tuesday 13 April 2023

Episode 656

To prevent Vinayak from meeting Sai, Virat decides to take him to a police training camp. As Pakhi tries to convince Virat, he tells her about Sai and Jagthap.

Wednesday 14 April 2023

Episode 657

Vinayak faces difficulty during his training session at the police camp. Sai boosts him up over the phone to run the race and make his father feel proud.

Thursday 15 April  2023

Episode 658

Even though Virat claims that Vinayak doesn’t need Sai anymore, Pakhi still invites her to the race. However, Sai fails to make it on time and Vinayak doesn’t run.

Friday 16 April 2023

Episode 659

While Vinayak fails to run, Sai reaches the field to cheer him up and surprisingly he runs on his own feet. Later, Virat praises Pakhi’s effort for Vinayak’s success.

Saturday 17 April 2023

Episode 660

Virat expresses his gratitude to Savi and Sai for helping Vinayak win the race. The Chavans arrange a surprise party to celebrate Vinayak’s victory after he gets home.

Sunday 18  April 2023

Episode 661

Virat is startled when Vinayak requests him to adopt Savi. Elsewhere, Sai decides to leave the town with Savi as she does not want trouble in her life.

Monday 19 April 2023

Episode 662

Virat learns that Savi is his daughter after belting Jagthap Mane outside the Chavan mansion. Nevertheless, Virat hurries to stop Sai and Savi from leaving Nagpur.

Tuesday 20 April 2023

Episode 663

Virat stops Sai from leaving and makes her confess that he is Savi’s father. Later, he ignores Sai’s desperate plea and takes Savi away from her.

Wednesday 21 April 2023

Episode 664

After Virat brings Savi to the Chavan mansion, Sai gets frantic to meet her child. Meanwhile, the Chavans are shocked to learn that Savi is Virat and Sai’s daughter.

Thursday 22 April  2023

Episode 665

Bhavani refuses to accept Savi and tries to throw her out of the Chavan mansion, infuriating Virat. Meanwhile, Sai takes an oath to bring Savi back from Virat.

Friday 23 April 2023

Episode 666

Sai is adamant to get Savi back from Virat at any cost. Elsewhere, Virat’s closeness to Savi makes Pakhi feel insecure.

Saturday 24 April 2023

Episode 667

When Virat ignores Sai’s phone calls, she gets furious, and snatches a gun from an officer. Later, she calls the police commissioner for help.

Sunday 25  April 2023

Episode 668

Virat files an FIR against Sai and puts her behind the bars. Later, he makes the necessary arrangements to spend quality time with Savi.

Monday 26 April 2023

Episode 669

When Savi requests Virat to let her speak to Sai, he realises that he can’t tell her the truth. Later, a desperate Sai escapes from jail for Savi.

Tuesday 27 April 2023

Episode 670

Bhavani reveals that she won’t believe Sai’s claim that Savi is Virat’s daughter until it is proven. Later, Sai escapes from the police and comes to take Savi with her.

Wednesday 28 April 2023

Episode 671

Virat feels dejected after Sai takes Savi back with her. Elsewhere, an anxious Bhavani thinks about the consequences if Sai returns to the Chavan family with Savi.

Thursday 29 April  2023

Episode 672

While Virat firmly decides to inform Savi about her relationship with him, Sai pleads with Virat to change his mind. Later, Virat threatens Sai and asks for a promise.

Friday 30  April 2023

Episode 673

The Chavans are excited when they learn that Savi is going to reside with them. Later, Virat assures Pakhi that Sai and Savi won’t cause problems.

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