Lockdown Love Story Wednesday Update 30th March 2022


Lockdown Love Story Wednesday Update 30th March 2022

Milky apologizing to Dhruv and Sonam. Subhadra says you have realized your mistake, its a big thing, you value their love. Sonam thanks Milky. Nutan looks on. Milky asks Sonam is she still upset with her. Dhruv holds Sonam’s hand. He says thanks, you did a great work, I feel my childhood friend has come back. Milky says I will have complains with you always until you get my fav snacks, I want my thing completely. He nods. Shobha and Raghav come home. Dhruv gets angry and asks who has called you here. They get Dheeraj home. Dhruv hugs Dheeraj and asks are you fine. Dheeraj says yes. Everyone gets happy and hug Dheeraj.

Ankita smiles. They get emotional. Shobha says I explained him not to get between our fight, children don’t understand, to be true, I was not going to take the case back, but I had to do this, I was hurt seeing Dheeraj in the hospital, Milky told me that she is taking the case back, I felt ashamed that if she is forgiving you all and taking the case back, then we are brothers, we have fights, it doesn’t mean that we will kill each other, so I agreed to Milky. Shashi says Shobhakant, I m glad that you still remember our childhood things, you didn’t let our children get enmity, I felt glad. He blesses Shobha and Raghav.

Shashi says Milky did wrong, but she has rectified her mistake, which is a big thing, thanks a lot. Ankita also thanks Milky. Sonam looks on. Raghav says such things happen in the family, you are doing right, very good. He says Dhruv, everything got fine. He opens arms and hugs Dhruv. Sonam stares at him angrily. Raghav says I feel good like a family. Dhruv says we can’t be one family. Raghav asks why. Dhruv says no. Raghav says but…

Dhruv says you got Dheeraj freed, thanks for the brotherhood, but what about the pain you have given to my family, you have done wrong with Sonam, better stay happy in your house, we will be happy here. Raghav says you don’t think well, I didn’t know about your personal life, so I have come back here. Dhruv asks who called you here, tell me. Raghav says Nutan had called me here. Nutan worries. Everyone looks at Nutan.

Nutan asks what are you saying. Raghav asks am I lying, you told me to make Sonam out of the house, I said how, you asked me to do it somehow, I took your command and did that video plotting, you made Sonam leave the house because of the insult, I thought Nutan did wrong and took Sonam home, did I make a mistake, before you advice me, look into your house, you call me enemy, your mum is your biggest enemy, no one else. They all get shocked. Dhruv cries.

Raghav says if I m lying, then you beat me on the cross roads. He asks Shobha to come, its not times for goodness. He says these people don’t deserve us, come. They leave. Everyone looks at Nutan. Sonam recalls the torture. She says you know what Raghav did with me. She cries. She asks why did you do this with me, the entire family is suffering, answer me, what did I do that you hate me so much, I truly loved Dhruv, if you think its a crime, then Dhruv is also wrong, he also loves me. She asks Nutan to answer.

Shashi asks Sonam not to ask Nutan, its useless, she doesn’t care, else she would not ask for help from Raghav. Dhruv asks Nutan to answer Sonam. He says you took Raghav’s help to make Sonam out, I want to keep him away from family, you didn’t regret, you are a woman, right, you got blind in hatred, you can’t see my love, Sonam’s pain, family’s respect, Milky isn’t wrong, Nutan is wrong. Subhadra says you are also a mum, you also have a daughter, you didn’t think once, if this happens with your daughter, how will you feel. Ankita says since Sonam came here, you are planning to make her out, but I didn’t think you will fall to this level. Nutan says really, you have poison in your heart for me, great, is there anything else, I don’t want Sonam to become my bahu.

Nutan asking everyone to vent out their frustration. She says I will not lie, yes, I met Raghav, but I didn’t ask him to make Sonam’s video, I didn’t want Sonam to become my bahu, I don’t want it even now, I can’t wish Sonam to get insulted, why would I call Raghav, I thought to send Sonam away, I knew Raghav will not misbehave with Sonam, I didn’t know he will be a creep, I met him, its my mistake, whatever he did, its not my mistake. Dhruv says you know it all, you didn’t understand that I love Sonam a lot. Nutan says I had understood it, and also that your love will be a curse on us. She says no one is understanding my pain, you all will be ruined until you understand. She cries. Milky consoles her. She says I can’t stay as an incomplete wife, the truth is that Sonam has been wronged, Dhruv can’t be mine, it doesn’t matter now, I have accepted it, you also accept your mistake, I can’t become your bahu now. Nutan asks what are you saying. Dhruv says I have decided to marry Sonam right away. He sees Sonam.

He asks Milky and asks do you have any objection, tell me, if anyone wants to burn, tell me right away, Sonam has tolerated a lot because of you all, she got much insulted, not anymore. Milky says no Dhruv, I have no objection now, you both can marry, I will leave this house. Dhruv smiles. He holds Sonam’s hand and asks for marriage. Sonam says I m not ready to do this marriage right now. He asks what are you saying, we wanted this, come. Sonam says everyone went to jail when we wanted to marry, I don’t want any problem this time, there is a good mahurat after 5 days, we will marry then. Dhruv says 5 days will be much. Sonam says please. Shashi says its fine, it doesn’t matter, we will celebrate it well. Milky says just 5 days. Sonam looks at her. Dhruv agrees and hugs her. Nutan sits crying in the room. Milky comes to her.

Nutan says Raghav did everything as his nature, why did you change, I have become bad for the family, I went to jail, if you had to lose, then why did you do this. Milky says listen to me, why I did this. Nutan looks at her. Sonam keeps the gun in the puja plate. Ankita comes. Sonam prays. She sees Ankita and hides the gun. Sonam says I have a mannat, Nutan and Shashi have come back home. Ankita asks her to go. Milky stops Sonam and asks her not to try anything. She says I have a counter weapon for all your plans. She shows the video. She shows Sonam threatening Milky and asking her to take the case back from Nutan and Shashi. She says don’t forget your promise, this time you will also go to jail for the crime, your mom will be left alone. Sonam says I will remember my promise.

Milky says okay, go and do puja. She goes. Raghav hugs Sonam’s pic. His phone rings. Milky calls Raghav and asks why did you tell about Nutan. He says I know why you called me, I can’t see anyone’s happiness, so I added some tears, so that Dhruv gets ashamed of his mum, he used to say his mum is the best, he used to say that I don’t treat my mum well. She asks him to control his tongue. He says I lose control seeing Sonam, she will control me after marriage. Sonam prepares to shoot down Raghav. She shoots his effigy.