Lockdown Love Story Thursday Update 31st March 2022


Lockdown Love Story Thursday Update 31st March 2022

Sonam saying just 5 days, I have started my work. She practices shooting. She shoots his mannequin. She falls down and tries again. She says I had to agree for Dhruv’s sake, you will never get me, not even in dreams, I will kill you, I won’t become a part of my life, never. She shoots. The mannequin falls. She gets a call from Dhruv. He says I m waiting for you at the temple. She says I m at other temple, I will come home. She rushes away. She stumbles. The gun falls down. The men see the gun and ask are you, where are you taking the gun. She picks the gun and asks them to get away. She gets inside an auto rickshaw. The driver sees the gun. The man says we should tell the police.

Raghav comes home singing. He asks them to prepare for the functions, so that he can also feel that marriage is happening in the house, grind the haldi. Sheetal says I want to know who is the girl. Raghav gets angry. Sheetal goes to grind haldi. Raghav goes. Driver asks Sonam why is she getting down before the address. She pays him and asks him to leave. Raghav calls her and says I m getting haldi and mehendi of your name, are you also getting it applied. She argues with him. She says I got it applied of Dhruv’s name once, got it. She disconnects. She comes back home. Dhruv asks where did you go. She says temple. He says mumma is worried, go and talk to her, I will keep this plate. Ankita takes it and says I will give prasad to everyone.

Ankita keeps the plate in the temple. Subhadra angrily talks to Pratap. She says you want divorce, you will get it, I will come to Mumbai after Sonam’s marriage and sign the papers. Sonam hears it. Subhadra says lets not talk about it, you are my priority now. Milky says yes Raghav, I have reached, hold. She goes to check the aarti plate. He asks her to say. She says prasad is from that temple itself. He says I want to get Sonam. She says whatever Sonam prays, we will do what we want. Sonam cries and hugs Subhadra. She thinks I m not getting my love, its not in my fate.

Dhruv is on the terrace. He recalls Sonam. He calls Sonam and says I m on the terrace. Sonam goes to meet him. Subhadra looks on and sleeps. The police beats the auto driver. Driver says I don’t know about the girl, she got down midway, inspector slaps him.

Sonam comes to the terrace. Dhruv hugs her and romances. He says we will love each other, we won’t hide anything, we will always tell truth. She thinks sorry, I had to lie for the sake of your family, forgive me. She cries. He asks what is it, share with me. She says nothing. He says I m very happy to marry you, you also become like before. He reminds their moment. She says I remember everything. He says yes, you should keep smiling. They hear music and dance. Kaun tujhe….plays… They hug.

Sonam and Dhruv dancing. Raghav dances with her cut out. Sonam says we will make a rule, we will always love each other, even if we are away. Dhruv says this rule is already there, we will have another promise, you will come here on my call. She thinks sorry, I can’t come. He says I will tell our love story to our children. Raghav says I will tell our love story to our children, they would be fan of our love story, did you think of our children’s names. Police comes home. Dhruv and Sonam look on. Dhruv goes to see. Inspector says we got a news that a girl is carrying a gun with her, she maybe a terrorist, we have seen her coming to this area. Driver says she got down at the cross road, I can identify her hearing her voice.

Dhruv says she isn’t here. Inspector says we know you are innocent, I saw you on the terrace with your madam and came to ask, I want to start the search from your house. Dhruv says Sonam is alone on the terrace, come. Sonam goes to her room and shuts the door. She quickly changes and takes the gun. She leaves. Sonam thinks to take a shortcut to trick the police. She thinks police shouldn’t come back here. She takes a shawl and leaves. They hear some gunshot. Police goes to see. Sonam shoots in the air. They see Sonam running. Driver says its her, she is wearing the same clothes. Sonam runs. Inspector warns her to stop. He shoots her. Dhruv and everyone come out to see. Sonam falls down. She gets conscious and thinks I can’t kill anyone. She shoots in the air. Police inspector gets down. Inspector asks Shashi and his family to lie down. Sonam gets up and runs away.

Sonam hides from the police. Sonam sees Dhruv and family going back to the house. Sonam runs towards the house. Subhadra says Nutan, terrorists can go anywhere. Shashi says Nutan is herself a terrorist. They get shocked. Sonam comes and says thank God, no one got hurt. Dhruv asks were you not on the terrace. Sonam says I went out on hearing about gun shot. Dhruv believes her. Raghav removes Sonam’s pictures. Sheetal hears him. She gets shocked. She calls Nutan. Nutan answers the call and gets angry on Sheetal. Sheetal say you didn’t help me because of Milky, I have called to tell you something, I think Sonam.

Raghav shuts her mouth and takes the phone to disconnect. Sheetal worries. Raghav warns her and says you will be punished. Its morning, Sonam asks where is Nutan. Milky says she is in the room, don’t know what’s happening in her mind, I m scared that she will do anything wrong. Shashi asks what’s left to do now, you let us have tea, don’t scare us. Sonam goes to Nutan. Nutan says I don’t need anyone to explain me, I m fine the way I m alone now. She cries and asks Sonam to go away. Sonam says you are Dhruv’s mum and Shashi’s wife, you know Dhruv told this to me many times, you have to do this for Dhruv’s sake.