Lockdown Love Story Sunday Update 3rd April 2022


Lockdown Love Story Sunday Update 3rd April 2022

Nutan asking Sonam to go away from Dhruv. Dhruv runs and hugs Nutan. He says let me play for some time. He behaves like a kid. Everyone is shocked. They cry. Nutan stops Sonam and says shameless, I m asking you not to come, stop following Dhruv, else I will kill you. They go to the ward and see Dhruv playing with the teddy. Doctor says bullet has touched his arm and passed off, but he had a head injury by his fall, he has become a 5 year old kid mentally, his memories are erased. Nutan says maybe you made a mistake, treat him well, I can see him. Shashi says be strong, this time is to keep patience. They cry.

Dhruv says mum and hugs her. He says I m not stupid, I know everything. He talks innocently. Nutan hugs him. He asks who is he. Shashi says Dheeraj… and this is Sneha. Sheetal says Dhruv…. Dhruv screams seeing her and says ghost…. Shashi stops Sheetal. Milky says Dhruv, its me Milky…. Dhruv says you stopped me from playing at the swing, I won’t talk to you. Sonam watches everything on the video call. Nurse gives him medicines. Dhruv feels uneasy. Shashi asks when will he get fine. Doctor says you have to keep patience and not lose hope, don’t give him emotional stress, miracle happens, we will discharge him, you can take him home. Shashi says Nutan and I will get Dhruv. He asks Sonam to come fast. Sonam goes. Sheetal says I have helped you in making Dhruv and Sonam away, we are from the same family, I swear, I want Dhruv to get fine and Sonam gets away from our lives, I m sorry. Nutan says I m not upset with you, nothing is imp to me than Dhruv. Sonam comes to Dhruv and cries. He wipes her tears.

He plays with her hair. They laugh. He says your smile is so good, why were you crying. Shashi asks Sonam to go, Nutan is coming. Sonam doesn’t apply the vibhuti. Shashi hugs Dhruv. Nutan asks Dhruv to come home. Dhruv gets happy and hugs her. Sheetal comes home. Shashi asks her to get lost, don’t step inside the house. He says I can never forgive you. Sheetal apologizes and cries.

Nutan says don’t get angry, we have to focus on Dhruv, all this doesn’t matter. Shashi says fine, Sheetal can stay here. Sonam and Subhadra come home. Subhadra says I want to see Dhruv. Nutan says please leave from here, take your daughter away from my son. Subhadra says Sonam got this vibhuti for Dhruv. Nutan says I don’t want anything from you, its poison for him. Nutan throws it. Sonam catches the packet. Dhruv comes. He asks who are you, aunty. He asks her to play. He goes. Nutan asks Subhadra to leave. Subhadra cries and leaves. She hugs Sonam.

Sheetal asking Milky not to do any drama and just help Nutan. Nutan tries to give a pill to Dhruv. Milky hides the pill in the laddoo and gives him. Dhruv eats the laddoo and spits the pill. He says you both are bad, I don’t want the medicines. He runs away. Shashi shows this to Sonam on video call. Shashi goes after Dhruv. Dhruv wants to ride a cycle. Sonam comes there riding a cycle and asks why are you so sad. Dhruv says no one is giving me a cycle to ride. She asks will you ride my cycle, do you know it. He says yes. She asks sure. He says no. She asks shall I teach you. He asks sure, right now. She says yes, come, what’s your age. He says 5. She says same to same, I m also 5 year old. He asks will you let me fall. She says no, promise buddy, I will not leave your hand. He rides the cycle. She doesn’t let him fall. She says I fulfilled my promise. He says thanks, I will also make a promise. Shashi blesses them.

Dhruv asks what does buddy mean. Sonam says buddy means best friend. She says I got something for you. She prays and is about to apply the vibhuti on his forehead. She sees Nutan and says we will meet later buddy. She goes. Nutan comes to Dhruv. Sonam goes away.

Dhruv says I got a new buddy, I will play with buddy, buddy means best friend. Nutan says fine, come home. Shashi asks why did you become a kid. Sonam says Dhruv needs a friend at this time, who he can trust, no kid will befriend him, until he gets fine, I will also become a kid for him. Shashi blesses her.

Everyone prays for Dhruv. Nutan asks Milky to befriend Dhruv, its a new start of their relation, apply tika to his forehead, let him rest if he is sleeping. Milky goes. Sonam comes to apply the vibhuti to Dhruv. Milky comes to stop Sonam and thinks its a thief. Sonam applies the vibhuti and goes away. Nutan comes and asks what happened. Milky says thief….. Nutan takes her out and says you made the tika fall down. Milky says a thief had come. Nutan says don’t say any story, just accept your mistake and rectify. She goes and blesses Dhruv.

Sheetal asks Milky not to feel bad. Nutan asks Milky to get a warm blanket for Dhruv. Milky asks that costly one. Nutan says yes, nothing is costly than him. Milky gets the blanket for Dhruv. Sonam prays for Dhruv. She cries. She makes their drawing. Subhadra asks Sonam to think again, Dhruv’s reality has changed, his family is blaming her, don’t know when will he get better. She says we should go back home. Sonam cries. She asks if Dhruv and I got married, then would you ask me to leave him, our relation has no name, but relation exists, its called love, I will keep this relation and make Dhruv fine, I m standing here because of Dhruv, he saved my life. Subhadra cries. Sonam says you all support me or not, but I won’t leave Dhruv here.