Lockdown Love Story Saturday Update 9th April 2022


Lockdown Love Story Saturday Update 9th April 2022

Sonam getting conscious. Nutan asks her where is Dhruv. Sonam recalls and tells them. Some people come and kidnap Dhruv. Sonam runs after the car. She falls down on the roads and faints. The people see her. FB ends. Sonam says Dhruv is kidnapped. Nutan says its my message to send Dhruv with you. Shashi says don’t start blaming again, we have to find Dhruv soon. She says you took guarantee of this girl, see what happened. Everyone is tensed. Sheetal calls Milky and says come home soon, Dhruv is kidnapped. Nutan says call the police, find out, who can done this.

Sheetal says its a result of old enmity, why would anyone kidnap Dhruv. Dheeraj says I will call police. Sheetal says I think Sonam’s dad has done this kidnapping crime. Nutan asks what. Police comes home. Inspector says I think someone has enmity with Dhruv. Nutan complains of Pratap. Nutan sits crying and comes in Sheetal’s words. Milky and her mum come home. Milky apologizes and says I can’t live without Dhruv, I can never hurt him. Sheetal asks Nutan to forgive her. She looks for Dhruv. Sheetal says Dhruv got kidnapped. Milky asks when, how. She cries. She says I understand everything, it was fine till I was here, how did this happen. She sees Sonam angrily. Pratap is put in lockup. He says I didn’t do anything, I was going to Mumbai. Subhadra comes and says I will talk to inspector. Inspector says Jaiswal family had complaint against him for Dhruv’s kidnapping. They get shocked. Pratap gets angry and says I won’t let Sonam and Dhruv unite.

Jaiswal family get a sweets box at the door. They check it and get a note. Shashi reads… we have Dhruv Jaiswal, if you want to get him back alive, you have to give 25 lakhs to us and also get Milky and Dhruv divorced. He reads the threatening letter. Milky’s mum does a drama. Sonam sees the sweets box. Sheetal says we know if ransom amount is asked, what’s the other condition to get Milky and Dhruv. Milky’s mum says I just know Sonam and Pratap did this. Nutan asks Milky to save Dhruv. She cries. Milky asks Nutan to let her accept the condition, she will divorce Dhruv to keep him alive.

She runs crying. Her mum scolds Sonam for troubling both the families. She goes home and calls Milky. She asks are you fine. Milky says yes, our plan was good. Her mum laughs and says now you will win both ways. FB shows Milky angrily comes home and says I left Dhruv’s house. Her mum asks her to go back, her dad left and they have no money now to run the house. Milky says I will find a way. She smiles. FB ends. Milky says we will be getting lots of money. Her mum goes to check on Dhruv. Sheetal comes to Milky and asks why did you leave the house, its good that you came back and Nutan has forgiven you. Milky thinks I won’t listen to anyone now. She says I will ask you before doing anything. Sonam meets Pratap. He says I m in jail because of you. She says sorry, I will find the truth and get you out of here. She promises him. She prays to Mata Rani. Milky’s mum gets food for Dhruv and feeds him. He spits it. She gets angry. He shouts to Nutan.

Nutan and Shashi crying for Dhruv. They sit outside the house and get sad. They care for each other and hold hands. Its morning, the family gets another letter from the kidnappers. Shashi reads, put the money in the donation box, don’t inform the police. Sheetal scolds Sonam. She says Sonam is doing this, why doesn’t she return Dhruv to us. Sonam says trust me, Pratap and I are not involved. Shashi says we will give this letter to police and find out. Nutan says no way, I just want you to give the money and get Dhruv back. Milky and her mum come and smile. Milky acts and says I have made bhog for Dhruv’s return. Nutan says do anything, just get Dhruv back, don’t know how is he. Shashi goes to arrange the money. Sonam sees the sweets box. She goes to the sweet shop and asks about the buyer. The man checks and says the box is ours, but the sweets aren’t, we make sweets with desi ghee.

Dhruv opens the window and comes out. He sees Sonam leaving. He tries to shout. Goons catch him. Sonam turns to see. She doesn’t see him. Milky feeds the poor. Batasa eats the laddoo and says it tastes the same as the kidnappers sent the laddoos. Sonam comes home. She hears this and tastes the laddoos. She says I got to know about Dhruv, let the police come. Nutan says don’t call the police. Police comes. Sonam says we have found Dhruv, come with me. She takes them to Milky’s house. She says I m sure that Milky and her mum have kidnapped Dhruv. Nutan asks what. Milky says she is blaming me.

Sonam says I didn’t tell you so that you don’t act clever. Inspector rings the bell. Milky’s mum gets shocked seeing them. She asks what happened, did you get Dhruv. Inspector says no, we will get him now. Sonam asks why is this room locked, what’s there. They don’t find Dhruv. They don’t find Dhruv. Milky asks how will you get him if he isn’t here.

She scolds Sonam. Some men bring a cupboard home. Batasa asks what is it. The man says its a new cupboard order from Dhruv. Batasa says fine, keep it in room. Dhruv is tied up inside. Everyone comes back home. Nutan gets angry. She says where is Dhruv. Everyone cries.

Milky smiles and recalls talking to her mum. She says Dhruv broke the ropes, he has seen me. Milky says we will go jail if he tells anything, we can’t go to jail, we have to take a big step to save ourselves, we have to make him out of the way, blame will come on Sonam, she will go to jail for his murder. FB ends. Sonam comes to Dhruv’s room. She sees his pic and cries. She asks where are you. She sees the new cupboard and says who has got this now. She checks it and opens the door. She gets shocked seeing Dhruv. She asks what happened to you Dhruv. She sees an attacker behind. The attacker pushes him and goes to stab Dhruv. Sonam pushes him. She tries to stop the attacker and fights him. She gets hurt and falls down. The attacker stabs Dhruv.