Lockdown Love Story Saturday Update 16th April 2022


Lockdown Love Story Saturday Update 16th April 2022


Sheetal seeing the blood marks on the ground. She sees a cctv footage. She says I will see the footage and find out the truth, something has happened here. Sheetal asks the watchman to show the cctv footage. He refuses. She pays him money. He shows the footage. She gets shocked seeing the footage. She sees Nutan and Milky taking Batasa’s dead body. Nutan scolds Milky and says I will not do anything on your order now. Milky ties up Nutan to the wheelchair. Sonam comes home and shouts Milky, come out, I know you are hiding here, I got to know the truth. Milky comes to Sonam. Sonam says I know your fake pregnancy truth, now Dhruv and I will unite. She calls out everyone. Milky laughs and says hear the complete truth, I have killed Batasa. Sonam gets shocked. Milky says you will die now. She attacks Sonam. Sonam defends.

Milky stabs her. Sonam falls down. Milky says Sonam also went now, I just have to marry Dhruv now. She drags Sonam. She goes to Nutan. Nutan shouts I m here, Sonam. Milky says I have killed Sonam. Nutan cries. Milky asks Nutan to talk to Dhruv. She says just convince him to marry me. She threatens Nutan. Dhruv answers and says Sonam isn’t answering, I think her parents took her, is it my fate to live with Milky, tell me what to do. Nutan asks him to come back home and accept Milky. She cries and apologizes. Milky gets ready as the bride. Shashi and everyone get someone home. Milky says Dhruv got fine, what happened to him. Shashi says he is sleeping after the medicines intake. Milky says we can’t miss mahurat. Sheetal says Dhruv agreed for marriage, we can get rituals this way. Shashi asks can this happen. Milky thinks they will get Sonam’s dead body soon. She says I have no problem, I will marry Dhruv. She takes the rounds with the wheelchair. She sees a dummy on the wheelchair. She gets angry and says you are acting smart.

She catches Sheetal and says you did this, right. Sheetal says no. Sonam comes and says no. Milky gets shocked and says you are alive. Sonam plays the recording. She recalls calling Sheetal. She says doctor made fake pregnancy report, Milky wasn’t pregnant. Sheetal says Milky killed Batasa, she is blackmailing Nutan. Sonam says go to hospital and tell everything to Dhruv, when he agrees to marry Milky, then Nutan will be same. Sheetal says fine. FB ends. Sonam says I came prepared with the fake blood, you admitted your crimes. Dhruv is in the hospital, we will get him home when you leave. Shashi calls the police. Milky threatens him about Nutan. She gets Nutan at gun point. Everyone worries. Shashi says leave Nutan, else I will kill you. Nutan says let me die. Sonam keeps the phone on the table. She gets a gun there. She asks Sonam to shoot herself, else she will shoot Nutan. Shashi asks Milky to just go away. Milky says no, I will go after killing someone.

Sonam says I can give my life for the family. She closes eyes. Sheetal tries to snatch the gun from Milky. Milky pushes her. Milky points gun at Nutan. She shoots. Sonam pushes Nutan and saves her. Everyone looks on shocked. Shashi snatches the gun from Milky’s hand and points gun at her. Police comes. Sonam says police will see you now. Nutan slaps Milky.

Sonam gets ready for her marriage. Nutan brings her. Dhruv smiles seeing Sonam. Sneha and Jai record the wedding. Dhruv and Sonam see each other. They get married by performing all the rituals. Everyone smiles. Pandit says your marriage is completed, you are husband and wife now, take blessings of elders. Dhruv and Sonam take blessings. Shashi says your lockdown wali love story completed now, live happy. They all pose for a family pic.