Life of Ami On Zee World Story Review Cast


Life of Ami On Zee World Story Review Cast

Life of Ami On Zee World Full Story Summary Review


What work:

It’s one of the best film in zee world series. it’s the only series that has really shown the real life state in some families. No exaggerated twists. It’s not long nor does it take time to realize the truth. It has a happy ending, it taught lessons, it’s inspirational and very interesting. Kudos to the writer of the movie. You’ve done a excellent job.

Lesson taught:

I love how it showed that Women deserve a second chance to fall in love and marry even though they have kids. We got the message. The society should not frown at a widow whom God has granted a second chance. Also, a show of LOVE/tolerance can make a woman win the heart of her mother-in-law.

Our take on the character :

Sanjay is a real man, patient and lovable man, is very uncommon for a single man without kids to genuinely fall in love with a widow with children get married to her, accepted her children especially Ami’s behavior as against his mother’s wish still stood by her through thick and thin of her life. San Jay is a man

Shruti a lovely mother, wife and a daughter in law. Her determination to succeed as a single mother and later as a daughter in law to a villain mother in law that was all out to frustrate her marriage, really inspired me

Ami is just disrespectful towards Sanjay I mean the guy is trying all his best he isn’t trying to replace her dad or anything…but she doesn’t want to give the guy a chance….will this attitude bring her dad back? doesn’t her mom deserve a second chance at happiness?

Khushboo is very intelligent, funny and a darling, she’s always on point, she was better than Ami in handling situations.

Shurti, Sanjay, and khushboo. They really make the movie a remarkable one… will miss them all.

What doesn’t work:

Why is it life of Ami? Instead of, life of Shruti.

Cast Role played

Ami Played by Ulka Gupta

Ami, the elder daughter of the family, she is a 14 year old young lady – not certainly pretty but has a charm that comes out of smartness. Her dad’s passing has caused a huge vacuum in her life, Her dad was the main man in the family, even more a companion than a father, her support system, one who understood her better than anyone else. So when he passed away in a mischance way,her mother needed to take up broad work to manage the family, Ami truly didn’t have a parent to speak with her, to be with her, to comprehend her new needs and to clarify changing world around her.

Shruti Played by Gautami Kapoor

Shruti, ami’s mom is a lady brimming with life, eagerness, needing to do a considerable measure for the family and raise her kids in the most ideal way. Harsh her husband, was her better half and her perfect partner from the time they met till he passed on in a mishap. Be that as it may, shruti’s life went thoroughly invert the minute harsh passed on. She from being a homemaker became everything for the family- Sole breadwinner,mother and father to her blittle girls,

 Sanjay real name Manav Gohil

Manav Gohil is a is a well known television actor. was conceived on 9th November 1974, in Surendranagar, his studies made him relocate to Vadodara. He has done numerous tv series. Manav fell in love with Shweta (actress) whom he met on the sets. They dated each other for around three and a half years and eventually got married in 2004. They gave birth to a baby girl in 2012 and named her  Zahra.

Ami’s replacement


Who inspired you most in this series…Which Ami did you prefer? the old or new.

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