Lies of the heart Teasers April-2018 Zee World Tv Live


Lies of the heart Teasers April-2018 Zee World Tv Live

Lies of the heart teasers April-2018

Weekly/highlights Teasers Zee World Tv Live

Sunday  1 April 2018

Episode 173

Ishaani dances on an old song, while chiku somehow composes shaurya and gets him down, while he is still drunk. he wipes off the tears off his face, while diya eyes him overwhelmed with mixed emotions. He too eyes diya, extremely sad and hurt inside. later, damini calls the travel company and asks why werent the tickets delivered so far. He says that their delivery boy didnt come today, hence they couldnt send. The travel agent says that he has faxed the tickets to her house, and she is shocked, tensed that if the tickets land in anyone else’s hands, she would be in great trouble.


Urmi finds the tickets for sumit’s family, to europe, as they arrive in the fax. She is boggled, as to how is this possible, as that very night, sumit has to get the baraat for diya. She is boggled and extremely tensed as to whats going, and if sumit shall come tonight or not…


The reporters throng the residence and then ask damini what are her views on diya’s marriage. damini starts being noble and says that diya came in broken and depressed, and they tried to help her in whichever manner they could, and its good that they organised a wedding for her. The reporters ask when shall the baraat come. she evilly smiles and says that she is waiting as impatiently for it, as they are. Later, a boy goes to diya, and tells her that her baraat came, and that its a big, grand one. diya smiles. In the hall, there’s a buzz about the grand baraat and all rush to the door, to check it out. damini is shocked and boggled as to how the baraat came. she turns around and is shocked.


urmi tells about sumit and his family’s betrayal. She then says that she couldnt have seen diya being disgraced yet again. diya asks why did she bind her in this unfortuanet helpless relation, as he doesnt love her, and has to bear her for the rest of his life. Shaurya clarifies that it isnt like that, but diya emphasises that he doesnt love her, then why did he do this sacrificial favour fr her. He is tensed.

Monday 2 April 2018

Episode 174

At the breakfast table, as all gather, diya comes with papers and says that the way in which the marriage happeneed yesterday, was extremely unfortunate and there’s nothing that could have been done. but now she plans to do something about it, and has come up with a solution, to amend what they did wrong, by the marriage with shaurya. They are all boggled, but she shocks them by saying, that she plans to free shaurya from this relation, guilt free, by giving him divorce. diya shows him the divorce papers, which she has already signed, and its his turn to do the signatures, to free him from this unwanted relation. She says that from her side, the marriage is over. Damini glows in victory.

Diya cuts her finger accidentally, and shaurya immediately rushes to her help. But she wards off his hand, asking him not to intervene, as its a small cut, and she shall manage it herself, saying that she is alreadu under his debt of favours, and doesnt want anymore. he sits tensedly. To teach her a lesson, intentionally. He starts coughing. She notices this and hurriedly goes to get water. he drinks it, and then says that he is extremely grateful for this favour of hers, which he shall not forget all his life, taunting her. he asks her to put it also in the same category. Diya stands flustered having been given her own medicine.

Out of vicious rage, Damini calls the goon and tells him that she wants urmi’s dead body in the house, within the next half an hour, or she shall get him killed too. Ishaani, who has been hearing this, is shocked to see this side of damini.

Urmi hurriedly throws ishaani away out of the line of the revolver’s aim. The pistol is fired. diya and urmi stand shocked..

damini calls the goons, who assure her that the work is done and that ishaani is dead. After assurance, damini still feels a stab of sadness and grief at having killed her own granddaughter. But she composes herself. later, the inspector comes in with an arrest warrant for Damini sinha. damini is shocked, while urmi and anirudh are shocked and bweildered.

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