Lies Of The Heart on Zee World Tv full story summary


Lies Of The Heart on Zee World Tv full story summary

Lies Of The Heart on Zee World Tv full story summary

Lies Of The Heart Airing on Zee World on Gotv and Dstv  Monday to Friday.

For every bride, her wedding is, without a doubt, the most energetically foreseen day of her life. She has a million little desires and dreams about her marriage … a fantasy of what her groom ought to be like, her own thoughts on the kind of life she wants to live once moves into her marital home. However, the picture-perfect life she imagine for herself and what fate has in store for her isn’t generally the same.


Lie of the heart  is a story about a girl called Urmi who feel madly in love with Samrat and got married to him, despite his abusive nature. In the show, there had a kid together, and due to Samrat infidelity, she had to leave her marriage. She managed to become a very successful business woman.

Our take on this series:

His is the first time Zee world has given us a movie that we can relate to, It’s so close to the reality of our time, not series meant  to be twisting in circles unnecessary with unrealistic story.

When you are about to get married you should know your spouse, this is one of the unpleasant outcomes of an arranged marriage. This teaches a lot of lessons to all singles regarding the choice of a spouse, a lot of good people(male or female) have found themselves in the wrong marriage.

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Lesson to learn from this series:

The major lesson in this series is to teach us not to settle for any kind of abusive relationships and marriage… there is a lot to learn from a character like Samrat and how Urmi will come out stronger. I think this will give strength to few persons struggling with abusive relationships that their is hope.

The story so far:

Samrat is extremely unpleasant and rude, not only to Urmi but to everyone, this is a product of his upbringing and I believe Urmi would have succeeded in changing him if she had the full support from all of Samrat’s family members but sadly, they are all scared of him. the most annoying part of it is that his mum always supports everything he does, she is always scared to caution him. I think Samrat loves Urmi but because of his bad attitudes, the feeling of being in control, superior, arrogant will always hinder his affection for her. Samrat kind of love, a love he gives for pleasure in return and secondly his keeping his cool because Ishaan is always putting senses into him. Just wait till Ishaan break his friendship with him, wait till you see how he disowned his own flesh and blood sister then you know there is something wrong with his love.

The story henceforth:

Samrat never changed, Urmi will give birth to Samrat’s baby boy. But one thing always calms him down, their son. Urmi will get divorced from Samrat, her family rejected her and refused her into the house, Ishaan falls for her and they got married. Ishaan’s Mum(Sindoorah),  refused to accept Urmi because she was married with a son. She teams up with Samrat to make Urmi’s life a living hell. Oh Poor Urmi, Sindoora the most wicked villain joining forces with the rude and abusive husband Samrat, it will be hell for Urmi, Samrat will come for revenge then Ishaan will die in the process, Samrat will commit suicide due to the guilt, leaving Urmi alone with her son for the rest of her life. Urmi had a daughter for Ishaan. Ishaan’s mum (Sindoorah) makes Urmi’s daughter hate her Mum, blames her for his father’s death.

The Ending of lies of the heart( Season One):

Season two:

The story of Urmi the son sharuya and his girlfriend Diya who suffered a rape case. how Shaurya will support diya to stand up for her right at some point fall in love with her.

Well, let’s continue to watch as more drama unfolds.

Brief Information and Details on Life of Ami Zee Tv

  • First Episode: 24th February, 2020
  • Total number of episodes: 482
  • Total numbers of season: Two
  • Channel: Zee World
  • Original name: Doli Armaano Ki
  • Country: Indian

Check out:

Lies of the heart Actress/Cast, picture and Real name Zee World

  1. Urmi   as is Neha Marda



Neha gorgeous actress in the television industry, she loves homemaking and can dance very well, she was born on September 23, 1985. she starred as the female lead in the series Lie of the heart as Samrat’s wife, currently airing on Zee world.Read More on Neha Marda Full Wiki, Biography, Profile.

 2. Samrat as Mohit Malik



Mohit is a major actor in the television industry in India, He was born on the 11th of January 1984.He is now popular among the stars in the zee industry, Currently, he is featured in two ongoing series been aired on Zee world, He played the role of Sindoora’s grown up son as Bharat in the Vow season 2 and Samrat the lead actor opposite Urmi in Lies of the hearts.Read More on Mohit Malik Full Wiki, Biography, Profile.


3. Ishaan as Siddharth Arora



Siddharth Arora a big player in the industry, was born on 13th of April 1988, Quit his banking job to be an actor, currently essaying the role of  Ishaan Samrat’s best friend in the series lies of the heart.Read More on Siddharth Full Wiki, Biography, Profile.

4. Trisha as Snigdha Srivastava

Snigdha Srivastava : she is essaying the role of Trisha in the show “Lies of the heart” Zee tv’s as Doli Armaanon Ki.

5. Sindoora of ‘The Vow’ Real name Kamya Punjabi

Sindoora kamya

Making a comeback on television is popular actress Kamya Punjabi, who is known for her portrayal of negative roles and will be seen as Ishaan’s mother – Damini Sinha in the Zee World show lies of the heart.

Talking about her character in the show, Kamya said, “It hardly took a day for me to agree to do the role  as I was completely convinced about the character and the post-leap plot of the show. I share a great rapport with the producer of the show, Pearl Grey. I am really looking forward for my character to shape up, as I have a constant conflict with myself each day given that I personally do not agree with a lot of things that Damini does.” Adding to this, Kamya also spoke about her co-actors on the set, “I have been shooting for a couple of days now and each day is like a party on the sets as I have worked with some of them in the past. I am thoroughly enjoying shooting on the sets and I’m glad to have such awesome co-actors.”Read More on Kamya Punjabi Full Wiki, Biography, Profile.

6. Shobha Satyendra Dubey “Married again” Real name Geeta Tyagi


Geeta Tyagi was first seen essaying the role of female lead’s mother-in-law “Aarti” in Married again Zee world, In the show we see her supporting and speaking good about her daughter-in-law “Aarti” In the event she also features the negative purposes of her son “Prashant” Generally speaking, I would state it is a decent character.

In lies of the heart, she play the role of Samrat mother, Talking about her character in the show, Geeta said as this character is one of my top choices. It is so not quite the same as what I am, all things considered. Shashi as all of you know, is a voracious individual and she will do her best to feature that once more in lies of the heart showing on Zee world. she is currently working on a new show called Life OK’s which will launch this August 2017 on  Star channel in India. She will play the bua of the female hero Lakshmi (Nikita Dutta) will’s identity a present-day dynamic lady who will enable Lakshmi to satisfy her aspirations of turning into a performing artist.

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More Characters Original Names of Lies of the hearts

  1. Urmi’s brother real name is Hemant Thatte
  2. Samrat’s father real name is Jetendra
  3. Urmi’s mother real name is Anjali Mukhi
  4. Urmi’s aunt (bua) real name is Guddi Maruthi
  5. Urmi’s dad real name is Jayant Rawal
  6. Urmi’s sister real name is Mehendi Jain
  7.  Amrit Singh Chauhan real name is Harsh Vashisht
  8.  Amrit Singh Chauhan real name is Aadesh Chaudhary
  9.  Aditi Amrit Singh Chauhan real name is Ragini Gakhar
  10. Rahul real name is Krishnam Sharma
  11.  Deepak real name is Karan Mishra
  12.  Ravi Darshan Tiwari real name is Ayush Mehra
  13. Sanaya real name is Swati Nanda
  14. Sushma Darshan Tiwari real name is Himani Shivpuri
  15. Darshan Tiwari real name is Raju Kher

More on their Height, Weight, Figure, Age, Biography & Wiki Coming soon.

Lies of the heart with their real Names, Photos will be useful to all.

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