Laxmi Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Cast and Teasers


Laxmi Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Cast and Teasers

Laxmi Starlife is the tale of a middle-class young girl aimed at earning money as her mom died of pneumonia and they failed to afford her treatment. Lakshmi has led a very nominal middleclass life since her childhood, yet she always felt that money is important. Hence she always motivates people to think higher, to rise up in life. The story revolves around her unique love story and how she is perplexed and unable to choose between true love and wealth.

Full Story/Plot on Laxmi Starlife

Aged 9, Lakshmi has a crush on and wishes to marry Arjun Agnihotri but he moves to London for 10 years to complete his studies.

12 years later

Arjun returns to India, in disguise of his best friend’s identity (Ajay Sharma). He meets and also falls in love with Lakshmi, knowing her crush of marrying him. As she learns Ajay is Arjun, Lakshmi proposes him. Eventually he also confesses his feelings and they marry but Lakshmi feels neglected, misunderstanding that Arjun loves his former fiancè Saumya, so she leaves him.


During one of the initial meetings between Arjun and Lakshmi, Arjun comes to know about Lakshmi’s dream of marrying Arjun Aghinotri and become rich. In the course of time, Arjun falls in love with Lakshmi but keeps his identity secret under the disguise of Ajay Sharma (His Best friend’s identity). Arjun disguised as Ajay wanted Lakshmi’s love but not just because he is a rich guy.

In the meanwhile, Arjun’s father asks Arjun and his childhood friend Purva to tie knot as they both are perfect for each other but Arjun tells Purva about his feelings for Lakshmi which brings disappointment to Purva who loves Arjun. Ajay (Disguised Arjun)proposes Lakshmi on a certain day for marriage but Lakshmi refuses to fulfill her dreams of marrying Arjun Agnihotri. After she refuses he gives up and thinks that Lakshmi only loves money and not Arjun actually. Eventually, Arjun’s Dadi enters in the picture to make realize Lakshmi that she genuinely has fallen for Ajay but her dreams of becoming rich are acting as the barrier. So she sets up a plan, Arjun’s best friend who is the real Ajay Sharma, takes the identity of Arjun Agnihotri and meets Lakshmi. Which means the 2 friends have switched names and identities.

Then Dadi invites Lakshmi for a trip to Ramsagar along with her paternal aunt, Arjun, Ajay, Purva and Swati. In this trip Dadi plans for a test of Lakshmi to see whether she loves the loving Ajay or the rich Arjun. Many ups and downs takes place at the trip. Lakshmi takes care of Ajay very much, cooks food for everybody at a local dhaba and in the temple she is captured by some local thieves. Ajay saves Lakshmi while his shoulder is penetrated by a bullet shot by the thieves. At the end of the trip Lakshmi choses Love over Money and accepts Ajay’s proposal of marriage without knowing that he is actually the real Arjun Agnihotri. Arjun’s father soon gets to know about this. He doesn’t give his approval. He offers Lakshmi a blank cheque to Lakshmi for leaving Arjun but Lakshmi doen’t know that Ajay is the real Arjun and is confused by his actions. Later, he tells Arjun that he can marry Lakshmi if he wants to but he won’t take any part in it.

At their engagement ceremony, Arjun tells Lakshmi that he is not Ajay Sharma but Arjun Agnihotri in a grand way. Lakshmi is shocked but happy. They get engaged. Later Arjun’s dad take part in his wedding although he was not happy. Arjun’s ex-girlfriend Soumya comes from London to take part in Arjun’s wedding. During their first night, Arjun tells Lakshmi all about Soumya. Lakshmi is unhappy about hearing this. Arjun’s dad invites Soumya to stay at their mansion. Later many misunderstandings occur between Lakshmi and Rajvardhan Agnihothri. (Arjun’s dad)

Then Vishal wrote about Rajvardhan Agnihotri’S fraud in newspaper which causes them to leave Agnihotri Mansion and they go to Lakshmi’s house. Soumya wantS to help Arjun but Arjun disagrees. Soumya puts an agreement before Lakshmi to sell her husband to her but Lakshmi refuses. Then the situation comes bad to the Agnihotris and the auction day comes but Lakshmi delays it for 2 hours but Vishal again re-opens it. The auction starts but Lakshmi reaches there and buys mansion for 80 crores and agrees with Soumya’s agreement.

The Agnihotris shift to Agnihotri Mansion and Lakshmi helps Soumya get closer Arjun. In one of these situations, Lakshmi plans to go to London but Ajay stops her. At the mansion, Ajay falls in love with Soumya and Arjun helps him to impress Soumya but on the other hand Lakshmi and Soumya think that Arjun has agreed to marry Soumya. On Soumya’s birthday party, Arjun comes to know that Lakshmi has agreed to Soumya’s deal and blames Lakshmi for being selfish. Lakshmi goes out of the mansion and is shot by some goons for not giving her engagement ring.

Lakshmi fulfills her recent dream of getting Arjun-Soumya married but feels pangs of jealousy at moments. Before his wedding night, Arjun gives Lakshmi a costly diamond necklace. Arjun manages to escape from Soumya by pretending to have a cold. Dadi’s plan keeps on making Lakshmi regret her decision, through Arjun and Soumya’s honeymoon.

Months Later

As Lakshmi uncovers the past truth, Arjun forgives her and helps family to get her back. Saumya is exposed to be only wanting Arjun’s money and leaves. Arjun and Lakshmi get remarried.Arjun and Lakshmi have a daughter Jiyana, whom Lakshmi gave birth before dying. She knew about her pregnancy complications but never informed Arjun.7 Years LaterLakshmi’s lookalike Kaanchi Kashyap is introduced. Jiyana is now 8, raised by Arjun. Astonished that Kaanchi looks like Lakshmi, she brings her to see Arjun under pretext of bringing a delivery. In time, Arjun and Kaanchi fall in love. They confess their love.

Brief Information and Details on Laxmi Starlife Series

  • Genre: Romance
  • First Episode: 26 December 2022
  • Total number of episodes: 258
  • Total numbers of Season: One
  • Channel: Starlife Africa
  • Original name: Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki
  • Last Episode: Nil

Main Cast on Laxmi Starlife:

  • Shraddha Arya as Lakshmi Agnihotri/Kaanchi Kashyap- younger sister of Saraswati, wife of Arjun Agnihotri, mother of Jiyana
  • Sudeep Sahir as Ajay Sharma/Arjun Agnihotri, husband of Lakshmi, father of Jiyana


  • Aadesh Chaudhary as Aditya
  • Nisha Rawal as Soumya Diwan
  • Abhishek Tiwari/Anuj Thakur as Ajay Agnihotri/Saravana
  • Gurpreet Kaur as Swati
  • Heena Parmar as Saraswati Vishal Chaturvedi-elder sister of Lakshmi.Wife of Vishal Chaturvedi.Massi of Jiyana.
  • Anshul Trivedi as Vishal Chaturvedi
  • Ajay Arya/Dishank Arora as Akaash Agnihotri
  • Aruna Irani as Dadiji
  • Anil Dhawan as Lakshmi’s father
  • Vinny Arora as Ginnu
  • Pallavi Rao as Kishori
  • Aarya Rawal as Renuka Agnihotri
  • Arbaaz Ali Khan as Rajvardhan Agnihotri