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Laxmi Friday Update 30 December 2022


Laxmi Friday Update 30 December 2022

They both are staring at each other. Laxmi’s says have you not come here to return my chain. Arjun returns her chain. By mistake by taking the chain she puts flour on his checks. She thanks him and says she’s sorry for thinking wrong about him ( a thief ). Laxmi sees flour on his checks she tries to wipe it off but by wiping it off she kept on applying more. Arjun is staring at her and their love song starts. She then asks how come he know’s that she lives here. He answer’s that he saw her getting off the bus, to which she says that you followed me. So then she says why didn’t you return my chain at that time only, he says I had some imp work to do. He says that you underestimate me a lot sometimes a thief , a mowali etc.
Laxmi’s father, mother, and sister come from outside. They think that Arjun is a flour man but Laxmi says that he is not , but he has come to return my chain. Laxmi’s father says ‘WOW’ in this generation very less people are there who are nice.He says I need to go, but Laxmi’s mother says no , you have to have a cup of tea. She says till the tea is made go and get refreshed. Laxmi’s father asks his name. Arjun remembers the flashback about Laxmi married to Arjun. He says his name is Ajay Sharma. Laxmi’s father asks him where does he say to which she says that he lives near the white banglow  ( BUT Laxmi’s thinks he lives in that bunglow ). He says he lives one lane behind the bunglow by rent. Laxmi’s father asks what work you do. He says I am a accountant in a company. To which Laxmi’s sister says I am also a accountant, but in which company do you work. But then his phone rings, he says that it is his boss’s phone , that he has to go for a imp meeting. Laxmi’s father gives him the wedding card of Laxmi’s sister . Her father says that this is the 2nd card I am giving.


It starts off with Arjun talking to Dadi n his brother. They tell Arjun that he should go and help Lakshmi as it’s a wedding house. He decides to call her. Arjun was nearly about to say ‘It’s Arjun’but realises and says Ajay instead. He asks her if he can help, and she says yes. Arjun is happy. Dadi is about to hug him when he says no because he’s wearing his fave shirt which Dadi gave to him.
Lakshmi’s sister, (dunno her name) is sitting down with her friends and looking at the sarees which Lakshmi’s in-laws gave. Arjun appears and Lakshmi tells him to pick up the boxes. She says that is he sure that he can pick it up, or are his muscles there to just show off? He laughs and picks them up.
Then, Lakshmi is creating rangoli near the doorstep. Arjun is serving everyone drinks. Lakshmi stands up and starts walking. She isn’t paying attention and bumps into Arjun. Rangoli powder gets onto his shirt but he doesn’t notice.
After Lakshmi n someone else ask Lakshmi’s sister about how she fell in love with Vishal. She says that they work in the same office and suddenly, she got something on his shirt. Vishal walked away. Then she received a text message from he saying that it was his fave shirt and he didn’t mind. Lakshmi was saying that means he loves her coz he didn’t mind and then she started singing.
Arjun smiles and then notices the ‘daag’ . He says to himself that he does love her. He smiles at her and keeps looking at her. Arjun drops the mithai boxes. Lakshmi laughs. Bua comes and says that Arjun created another problem. She notices the daag on his shirt and says to him that Lakshmi was doing rangoli, how did it come on your shirt? He gets tensed. Then someone calls Bua and she goes away.

Lakshmi comes to help him. They bang their heads. He asks her if she’s okay and she nods her head. Then Lakshmi remembers something and says to him to come closer. He’s confused. She bangs her head with his and says ‘That’s better’.
Arjun gets a phone call. He tells them that he has to go to his boss. He goes. Bua says that he came to help, but instead created a problem. Lakshmi starts to side him saying that he’s a good man.
When he reaches this road, he asks this man if his dad is here. Man says no and also says, ur shoes? Arjun had worn 1 brown shoe and 1 black shoe. LOL He asked the man his size, which was 10 and Arjun’s was 8. They swapped shoes and his dad arrived. Arjun walked weirdly into the bank.
Lakshmi is in the bank and is waiting in the line. When it’s her turn, the banker lets a rich man come in front of her. She starts arguing. The manager comes outside and says to Lakshmi to calm down and follow him. Manager takes her to another banker.
Then the manager says (Arjun’s dad’s name), Lakshmi is happy. She looks for Agnihotri and finds him. Then she’s wondering where Arjun is. Arjun goes to his dad. Lakshmi is shocked.
Agnihotri and Arjun leave before Lakshmi could stop them. She finds a card that fell out of Arjun’s pocket on the road. It says Arjun Agnihotri.
Precap: Arjun asks Lakshmi to help him with the blankets. She goes down. Then Lakshmi shows him the Arjun Agnihotri card. Arjun is shocked.