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Laxmi February Teasers 2023

Laxmi seeks Saraswati’s help to impress Rajvardhan. Laxmi kisses Arjun and plans to give him a surprise! Read Laxmi February 2023 Teasers

Laxmi February Teasers 2023 Starlife

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Episode 75

In a bet with Laxmi, Soumya triumphs. The Agnihotris enrage Laxmi by ignoring her wedding presents for Arjun.

Episode 76

Arjun is angry with Soumya for disturbing him and Laxmi when they were enjoying the mehndi ceremony. When Laxmi discovers a drunk Vinod at the party, how will she react?

Thursday 2 February 2023

Episode 77

When Laxmi learns that Vinod endured Rajvardhan’s humiliation in order for her to wed Arjun, she is devastated.

Episode 78

Due of his envy of Arjun, Vishal declines to attend the sangeet ritual. Arjun concerns as he notices Laxmi is depressed despite Dadi performing at the event to cheer her up!

Friday 3 February 2023

Episode 79

Laxmi is moved to tears as Vinod performs at her sangeet. Rajvardhan storms out of the event in a rage.

Episode 80

The baratis enjoy the humorous performance by Bharti Singh and Kapil Sharma at the Varmala. While Arjun and Laxmi are performing the ceremonies, Dadi teases them.

Saturday 4 February 2023

Episode 81

Arjun and Laxmi joyfully carry out the wedding rites. While Soumya tries to gain Arjun’s heart, Rajvardhan won’t grant them a blessing.

Episode 82

When some females make fun of Vishal in front of Arjun and Laxmi, he feels humiliated. The Bidaai ceremony for Laxmi causes Vinod to get upset.

Sunday 5 February 2023

Episode 83

Arjun is keen to celebrate the wedding night with Laxmi but she is not prepared. She expresses another desire to him. What is it?

Episode 84

Arjun tells Laxmi about his crush on Soumya. Meanwhile, Rajvardhan decides to contact Soumya.

Monday 6 February 2023

Episode 85

Laxmi is dejected about Soumya’s interaction with Arjun. Why is Rajvardhan impressed with Soumya?

Episode 86

Laxmi seeks Saraswati’s help to impress Rajvardhan. Laxmi kisses Arjun and plans to give him a surprise!

Tuesday 7 February 2023

Episode 87

Rajvardhan refuses to eat the food prepared by Laxmi and humiliates her in front of everyone. He gets elated on meeting Soumya, while Arjun manages to cheer Laxmi up.

Episode 88

Vishal gifts Saraswati a new TV. Laxmi gifts them a car but Vishal doesn’t feel good accepting it. Laxmi eavesdrops on Arjun, his father and Soumya.

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Episode 89

Vishal tells Saraswati about his plan to go to lunch with his boss. Arjun consoles Laxmi over the lost ring. Why is Laxmi still worried?

Episode 90

Vishal gets infuriated when Rajvardhan makes fun of Saraswati and Laxmi’s status. Soumya is upset about Arjun and Laxmi’s bond.

Thursday 9 February 2023

Episode 91

Rajvardhan makes fun of Laxmi’s status in society. Dadi gets furious at him for hurting her sentiments.

Friday 10 February 2023

Episode 92

Vishal is angry at Rajvardhan for boasting of his status and vows to teach him a lesson. Soumya finds it hard to stay with Arjun.

Episode 93

Arjun is unaware that Rajvardhan runs an illegal business in his company. Vishal is concerned about Arjun and Laxmi’s welfare. Will he take action against Rajvardhan?

Saturday 11 February 2023

Episode 94

Soumya is sad remembering Arjun. As Arjun leaves on a business trip, Laxmi decides to go shopping. Meanwhile, what is Saraswati hiding from Laxmi?

Episode 95

Laxmi is delighted to meet her friend, Kritika. Vishal gets annoyed with Laxmi when she presents some valuable gifts to him and Saraswati.

Sunday 12 February 2023

Episode 96

Rajvardhan is thrilled to see Soumya’s new car. Meanwhile, a furious Vishal warns Saraswati not to accept Laxmi’s gifts.

Episode 97

Dadi praises Laxmi but Rajvardhan humiliates her. Elsewhere, Vishal rejoices on learning about Saraswati’s pregnancy, while Laxmi is excited to buy a painting.

Monday 13 February 2023

Episode 98

Rajvardhan humiliates Vishal when he visits his house. In a fit of rage, Vishal threatens to expose him. How will Laxmi and Arjun react?

Episode 99

Laxmi gets upset with Vishal and Saraswati while Arjun tries to cheer her up. But why does Bajaj offer a large amount of money to Vishal?

Tuesday 14 February 2023

Episode 100

Rajvardhan and Vishal challenge each other while Saraswati worries about their confrontation. Arjun, Dadi and Renuka plan a surprise party for Laxmi.

Episode 101

Arjun and Laxmi prepare for their honeymoon. Saraswati is worried about Vishal publishing articles related to Rajvardhan’s illegal business.

Wednesday 15 February 2023

Episode 102

Laxmi shares her joy with Saraswati but soon faces the reality when an intoxicated Soumya confesses her love to Arjun.

Episode 103

Laxmi confronts Soumya for intervening in her and Arjun’s life. Vishal exposes Rajvardhan in the media.

Thursday 16 February 2023

Episode 104

Laxmi and Arjun are angry with Vishal for disclosing Rajvardhan’s illegal business in the media. Arjun sets out to find the truth behind the incident.

Episode 105

Arjun is devastated to learn that Rajvardhan cheated with his investors. Rajvardhan gets arrested for bribing and his house is sealed.

Friday 17 February 2023

Episode 106

Laxmi is devastated after the CBI officials seal Rajvardhan’s house. She offers him and his family shelter in her house.

Episode 107

Arjun turns down Soumya’s financial help. In a fit of rage, Laxmi accuses Saraswati of spoiling Arjun and his family’s life.

Saturday 18 February 2023

Episode 108

Soumya shares her woes with her mother and is eager to help Arjun. Laxmi’s relationship with Vishal and Saraswati turns sour. Will she join hands with Soumya?

Episode 109

Soumya wants Laxmi to dream about getting Agnihotri Kunj back. She also offers to give her property to Laxmi, but in exchange for what?

Sunday 19 February 2023

Episode 110

Soumya is eager to offer Laxmi her property but in return, wants to marry Arjun. How will Arjun and Laxmi react?

Episode 111

Laxmi purchases some lottery tickets. Rajvardhan criticises Arjun for accepting a small job offer.

Monday 20 February 2023

Episode 112

Laxmi is dejected about losing the lottery. Rajvardhan wants Arjun to accept Soumya’s business offer.

Episode 113

Laxmi confronts Vishal for humiliating Rajvardhan. Rajvardhan has a heart attack and his state of health turns critical. Will he survive?

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Episode 114

Soumya secretly helps Arjun settle the hospital bill. Laxmi overhears Renuka and Dadi’s conversation about Soumya’s financial favour, while Arjun confronts Akash over blood stains on his shirt.

Episode 115

Aakash is arrested for attacking Vishal brutally, while Arjun strives to bail him out of jail. Saraswati pleads with Vishal to withdraw Aakash’s case.

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Episode 116

Vishal decides to withdraw the police complaint against Akash. Laxmi plans a birthday party for Arjun. What gift would she pick up for him?

Episode 117

Soumya wishes to strengthen her bond with Arjun and looks for a special gift on his birthday. Meanwhile, Laxmi has a surprise for Arjun.

Thursday 23 February 2023

Episode 118

Laxmi is shocked as Vishal plans to hold an auction for Rajvardhan’s house. Dadi is eager to celebrate Arjun’s birthday. But where is he?

Episode 119

Laxmi and Soumya confront Arjun’s boss for firing him. Laxmi consoles Arjun. Will Arjun’s family celebrate his birthday?

Friday 24 February 2023

Episode 120

Soumya gifts Laxmi an expensive necklace. Rajvardhan finds it hard to get Swati and Rakesh married. Will Vinod learn about Rajvardhan’s misery?

Episode 121

Vinod and Kishori are shocked by Vishal and Laxmi’s hostility. Arjun and Rajvardhan get dejected to know about the auction of the Agnihotri mansion.

Saturday 25 February 2023

Episode 122

Arjun and Laxmi plan to go on Amarnath yatra. Later, Laxmi rejoices when Renuka shares an important detail about the bungalow.

Episode 123

Laxmi manages to cancel the auction. She gets the stay order from the court and celebrates with the Agnihotris. How will Mr Bajaj and Vishal react?

Sunday 26 February 2023

Episode 124

Arjun and Laxmi’s journey to Amarnath is interrupted when Vishal gives Laxmi news related to the auction. Will Laxmi return and stop the auction?

Episode 125

Vishal mocks Laxmi’s financial crisis during the auction session. Mr Bajaj is desperate to buy the Agnihotri Mansion. How will Laxmi handle the situation now?

Monday 27 February 2023

Episode 126

Laxmi is appreciated by Rajvardhan and his family for purchasing the Agnihotri Mansion. Soumya is eager to win over Arjun.

Episode 127

Laxmi informs Saraswati that Vishal took the payment from Mr. Bajaj in exchange for exposing Rajvardhan. Will Soumya’s business proposal reach Arjun?

Tuesday 28 February 2023

Episode 128

Arjun agrees to work with Soumya professionally after accepting her business offer. Vishal is the target of Saraswati’s rage.

Episode 129

Arjun wants Soumya to stay away from him, despite her desire to wed him. Vishal deceives Saraswati and devises a cruel scheme.

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Laxmi Storyline

Dadi invites Lakshmi for a trip to Ramsagar along with her paternal aunt, Arjun, Ajay, Purva and Swati. In this trip Dadi plans for a test of Lakshmi to see whether she loves the loving Ajay or the rich Arjun. Many ups and downs takes place at the trip. Lakshmi takes care of Ajay very much, cooks food for everybody at a local dhaba and in the temple she is captured by some local thieves. Ajay saves Lakshmi while his shoulder is penetrated by a bullet shot by the thieves. At the end of the trip Lakshmi choses Love over Money and accepts Ajay’s proposal of marriage without knowing that he is actually the real Arjun Agnihotri. Arjun’s father soon gets to know about this. He doesn’t give his approval. He offers Lakshmi a blank cheque to Lakshmi for leaving Arjun but Lakshmi doen’t know that Ajay is the real Arjun and is confused by his actions. Later, he tells Arjun that he can marry Lakshmi if he wants to but he won’t take any part in it.

At their engagement ceremony, Arjun tells Lakshmi that he is not Ajay Sharma but Arjun Agnihotri in a grand way. Lakshmi is shocked but happy. They get engaged. Later Arjun’s dad take part in his wedding although he was not happy. Arjun’s ex-girlfriend Soumya comes from London to take part in Arjun’s wedding. During their first night, Arjun tells Lakshmi all about Soumya. Lakshmi is unhappy about hearing this. Arjun’s dad invites Soumya to stay at their mansion. Later many misunderstandings occur between Lakshmi and Rajvardhan Agnihothri. (Arjun’s dad)

Then Vishal wrote about Rajvardhan Agnihotri’S fraud in newspaper which causes them to leave Agnihotri Mansion and they go to Lakshmi’s house. Soumya wantS to help Arjun but Arjun disagrees. Soumya puts an agreement before Lakshmi to sell her husband to her but Lakshmi refuses. Then the situation comes bad to the Agnihotris and the auction day comes but Lakshmi delays it for 2 hours but Vishal again re-opens it. The auction starts but Lakshmi reaches there and buys mansion for 80 crores and agrees with Soumya’s agreement.

The Agnihotris shift to Agnihotri Mansion and Lakshmi helps Soumya get closer Arjun. In one of these situations, Lakshmi plans to go to London but Ajay stops her. At the mansion, Ajay falls in love with Soumya and Arjun helps him to impress Soumya but on the other hand Lakshmi and Soumya think that Arjun has agreed to marry Soumya. On Soumya’s birthday party, Arjun comes to know that Lakshmi has agreed to Soumya’s deal and blames Lakshmi for being selfish. Lakshmi goes out of the mansion and is shot by some goons for not giving her engagement ring.

Lakshmi fulfills her recent dream of getting Arjun-Soumya married but feels pangs of jealousy at moments. Before his wedding night, Arjun gives Lakshmi a costly diamond necklace. Arjun manages to escape from Soumya by pretending to have a cold. Dadi’s plan keeps on making Lakshmi regret her decision, through Arjun and Soumya’s honeymoon.

Months Later

As Lakshmi uncovers the past truth, Arjun forgives her and helps family to get her back. Saumya is exposed to be only wanting Arjun’s money and leaves. Arjun and Lakshmi get remarried.Arjun and Lakshmi have a daughter Jiyana, whom Lakshmi gave birth before dying. She knew about her pregnancy complications but never informed Arjun.7 Years LaterLakshmi’s lookalike Kaanchi Kashyap is introduced. Jiyana is now 8, raised by Arjun. Astonished that Kaanchi looks like Lakshmi, she brings her to see Arjun under pretext of bringing a delivery. In time, Arjun and Kaanchi fall in love. They confess their love.