Lady Luck Wednesday update 4 December 2019


Lady Luck Wednesday update 4 December 2019

Agram, Latha, Inder, and Suman enter Vasundhara’s room. She sees them and acts as sleeping on couch. Latha requests her to forgive Bhoomi as she is the girl she selected and Maan loves her a lot. She cannot punish them for such a small mistake.

Vasundhara says because of Bhoomi, Maan made her feel socieity’s insult and even went against her. Inder says because of her decision, Surbhi’s life may affect. Suman says Inder is right. Vasundhara asks them all to get out from her room. They all silently walk out.

Bhoomi in Maan’s car looks at him, smiles and thinks destiny reunited them again, now she can freely love him. Varun thanks Maan for accepting bhoomi and says he is tension-free regarding Bhoomi now.

Dhara tells Janaki that she is worried for Bhoomi. Janaki says we bring up children with such a difficulty and it is obvious to get worried, hope Vasundhara accetps Bhoomi. Shanti comes and says Ansh will convince Vasundhara to accept Bhoomi.

Ansh, Varun, Bhoomi, and Surbhi reach home. Varun gets hospital emergency call and he leaves telling Bhoomi he cannot come in. Bhoomi asks hi not to worry as Ansh will take care of her. Ansh asks him not to worry.

Surbhi enters home and happily hugs her parents. Latha sees Maan and Bhoomi and says she will get aarti thali for Bhoomi’s graha pravesh. Vasundhara stops her and tells Maan that he brought this girl at last, but she will never accept this girl in Prajapati family. Maan says Bhoomi is his wife and it is his duty to take care of her. She says when he has taken a decision, he should not ask her opinion also. He says he always respected her decisions and will always, so he will take his wife from here, but needs her blessings as he cannot start his life without elder’s blessings. He says he can tolerate anything, but her pain, so he will leave this house. Latha requests her to stop Maan. Vasundhara says he can come in with his wife. Latha thanks her and says she will get graha pravesh items.

Vasundhara says her words are not complete and says in this house, guest’s graha pravesh are not done and Bhoomi is only guest of this house. She can come into this house. Bhoomi tries to enter in, but Maan stops her and himself goes in. He brings red liquid thali and kalash for graha pravesh and asks her to kick kalash and step on thali. He holds her hand says this is also her house. Vasundhara is shocked to see that and goes to her room. Bhoomi tries to touch Latha and Agram’s feet. Latha says she can stay here as daughter, but will not be accepted as bahu until Bhabhi maa accepts her. She tries to take Suman’s blessings, but she also says same and leaves with Surbhi. Latha says she will show her room. Bhoomi calls her mom. Latha says until bhabhi maa accepts her, she cannot call her mom and should call aunty. Maan says he will come later and walks out. Latha takes Bhoomi to Maan’s room.

Latha tells Bhoomi that this room is also hers. She cannot call her bahu, but she is her son Maan’s wife and if she keeps Maan happy, everyone will be happy. She hugs and welcomes her.

Dhara tells Shanti it is 3-4 hours since Bhoomi left with Maan, so she wants to talk to her. Shanti permits and gives her mobile.

Surbhi informs Suman that Varun did not spend time with her, but gifted her a beautiful ring. Suman says what is the use of this ring and says she will scold Varun when he comes.

Ansh helps Bhoomi unpack her suitcase. He gets a call from hotel and confirms booking. Bhoomi’s palu stucks in suitcase and she shies thinking Ansh is holding it, but gets sad seeing Ansh not in room and sari stuck in suitcase instead.

Vasundhara asks Latha to tell servant to get tea. Latha says Bhoomi will prepare it. Vasundhara angrily commands to do as she says.

Ansh refuses snacks when Bhoomi says please take it and maan takes a bite. Varun says will you eat alone or will you feed Bhoomi too. Maan does so and everyone is happy.
Suman says how will you live in this room. Surbhi cribbing about the mattress and the small cupboard.
Bhoomi asks taiji and dhara for kitchen work but they refuse.
Bhoomi is standing with the shukla ladies in the kitchen. Ladies ask how are her in laws.
Bhoomi says everyone is good and they take care of her. Dadi asks about bhabhimaa, Bhoomi says that she is less angry and changes topic. Dadi self talk that Bhoomi can’t hide things from me.
Anshmi are leaving. Bhoomi father comes and says thank you to Maan for taking a stand for his daughter. Maan says to give me ashirwad so that he can fulfil his responsibilities as their son and calls him papa.
Maan calls for Suman but she comes out screaming with stomach ache. She says she can’t go with them and can’t travel that far.

Anshmi are in the car. Bhoomi says thank you for pretending in front of her family. Maan says they didn’t do anything wrong with me so I will always be good to them. But you always wronged me so how can I do anything right to you.

Suman calls Lata and informs that she isn’t well so she has stayed in ujjain and Anshmi are coming alone.
Lata informs bhabhimaa about Suman. She says that shukla family welcomed surbhi with open heart.
Lata asks bhabhimaa that when Anshmi return can they do the pagphere Rasm. Maan loves Bhoomi, for his sake can’t we accept her as maan’s wife not as bahu.
Bhabhimaa says she can do anything for Maan happiness, but do not expect anything from her.

Anshmi reach home. As they are entering Lata says stop. Without Arti you can’t come inside. Lata does the grahpravesh ritual of hand prints on the door. Maan holds Bhoomi hand and imprint the wall. Everyone is happy. Maan wipes his hand, Lata asks Bhoomi to clean her hands too. Lata asks her to drop the kalash and come inside. Bhoomi holds the kalash in her hand saying that I am still not accepted in this family and goes to the mandir. .

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