Lady Luck Wednesday update 29 January 2020


Lady Luck Wednesday update 29 January 2020

Yuvraj tells Pavitra that he killed Bhoomi. She slaps him and says Bhoomi was her last hope to get away from her troubles. Yuvraj says killed Bhoomi by mistake and will bring her body and show it to Prajapati family. Pavitra says he will not do any mistake now. He asks her to relax and says Divya herself will accept that she is not Bhoomi before marriage.

Divya cries reminiscing Bhoomi before dying taking her promise to take care of her family and keep them united. Ansh sees that and says he does not know her friend, but knows how she is deeply affected by her death. She hugs him tightly and says sorry. Ansh gets confused.

Ansh and Bhoomi then come down. Badi maa asks Bhoomi/Divya if she is fine, she can skip pooja. Divya says she is fine and performs pooja with Ansh. After pooja, badi maa gives Divya’s pic to fix next to Bhoomi. Ansh fixes it. Divya looks at Bhoomi’s pic emotionally.

Pavitra tries to interfere in Varun’s work. Varun scolds her and warns not to interfere in his work.

Divya goes to kitchen to prepare food. She gets call from burial ground to come and take Bhoomi’s ashes. Divya says she is busy now and will come later to pick Bhoomi’s ashes.

Badi maa and family discusses arrangements of Ansh and Bhoomi/Divya’s marriage. Varun says he will arrange sangeet ceremony as he wants his sister’s marriage to be a lavish affair. Badi maa asks where is Bhoomi. Ansh says he will bring her.

Yuvraj enters kitchen and starts misbehaving with Divya. Divya holds knife on his neck and asks why did he kill Bhoomi. He says whoever comes in between him and her will have to die. Divya says she will punish him and will marry Ansh. He asks if she will marry a kid. She says she will as he is a gentleman and not criminal like him. Ansh is seen coming towards kitchen. Divya injures Yuvraj’s neck and Yuvraj is shocked.

Divya injures Yuvraj’s neck with knife and asks if he thinks he is a god. Ansh enters, sees Bhoomi shouting at yuvraj and holds Yuvraj’s collar angrily and asks what did he do. Yuvraj says he is mistaken and says he just came to help Bhoomi and asks Bhoomi if he is telling right. Bhoomi nods yes. Ansh apologizes him and says he will get something to apply on his neck. Yuvraj says it is okay, he is habituated to these kind of small cuts.

Badi maa calls Divya/Bhoomi and says she has spoken to Dhara and took permission to perform her marriage with Ansh and she cannot escape now. Bhoomi says even she does not want to escape. Badi maa says today is her mehandi and sangeet.

Surbhi comes back from outing. Suman asks where is her friend. Surbhi says he got tired after traveling and went home to sleep. She sees decoration and asks what is happening. Badi maa says tonight is Bhoomi’s mehandi and sangeet. Surbhi asks why did not they inform her and says she will enjoy all functions. Varun sadly looks at her.

Yuvraj catches Divya again and warns her that she cannot escape from him and says if she tries to be oversmart, he will trouble kid Anshuman. Bhoomi says she is not afraid of him and leaves. He goes to Pavitra’s room and gives her acid to mix in Bhoomi’s mehandi.

Divya gets into auto and leaves to burial ground to pick Bhoomi’s ashes. She gets ashes and leaves towards home. Ansh traveling in car sees her in auto and follows her. She asks auto driver to rush. Ansh at last stops auto and asks what happened to her, why is she running away from him. She says she was taking a surprise gift for him.

Ansh reaches home with Divya/Bhoomi. Badi maa asks where were they. Ansh says her bahu cannot stay calm without a dose of drama, so he had taken her out for a drama. Badi maa smiles. She asks to start mehandi ceremony and whoever’s mehandi is dark, she will gift her a diamond necklace. Suman asks mehandi designer to apply mehandi on her first. Badi maa smiles.

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