Lady Luck Wednesday Update 27 November 2019


Lady Luck Wednesday Update 27 November 2019

Vasundhara and devars feel embarrassed. Vasundhara asks Suman to go and bring something. Dhara asks where is damadji Maan. Latha says he is taking bath. Rajender says they want to perform haldi first on Maan and will wait until he comes.

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Latha calls Maan’s friends and does not find him with them. Rajender gets restless and asks to call damadji. Latha informs her husband that Maan is found no where and tells Rajender that Maan left for office. He says he did not see him out. She says car was parked backside and Maan is very workoholic. Rajender asks when will he come back. Devar says he must have gone for some important work and does not know when will he come. Rajender says he will apply haldi on Surbhi and go back home.

Janaki applies haldi on Surbhi followed by Dhara and Vasundhara’s family members. Rajender says he will leave now. Devar thanks Rajender for understanding their situation. Rajender takes out letter and says Bhoomi has sent Maan a letter. Vasundhara asks to give it to her. Suman snatches it and drops in haldi bowl by mistake. She immerses it in haldi by mistake and says letter got haldi instead of Maan.

 Vasundhara says maybe it is not in the fate of children to meet before marriage. Rajender says they will meet after marriage, no issues. Dhara says Janaki something is wrong, else why Maan would not attend his haldi. Rajender says he must have got some important work and takes them from there. Vasundhara asks Latha where is Maan and says he is misusing her leniance. Latha swears that she does not know. Vasundhara says Maan insulted her if he does not attend tomorrow’s function, what will she say guests. Devar asks to leave it to him, he will speak to Maan.

Bhoomi gets ready after haldi and thinks she should forget Maan. Maan thinks he will meet Bhoomi once at any cost.

Bhoomi gets ready after haldi ceremony and imagines Ansh in mirror. She gets conscious hearing mobile ring and gets tensed seeing Ansh’s name. She picks call and Ansh asks her to come and meet him in 30 minutes, else he will fall from the cliff. She thinks she loves Ansh and will have to save him.

Varun and Avni are busy decorating home for marriage. Bhoomi silently walks out and gets into auto before Rajender who is traveling in taxi could see him. Rajender enters home with Dhara and Janaki. Shanti asks if they met mom. Dhara says Maan did not meet him and had gone to office. Bijender says how can he go to office on haldi. Daadaji says he must have got some important work.

Surbhi with Suman video chats with her friend Rahul who says she broke his heart and marrying someone else. Suman says Surbhi is weird and is marrying some weird man. Surbhi says her choice is good. Rahul says he has sent a diamond studded watch as gift and was planning honeymoon in Paris. Suman gets excited. Surbhi messages Varun where will he take her to honeymoon. Varun calls her back and she asks if they are going to Paris for honeymoon.

Bhoomi reaches place where Ansh called her and worriedly shouts his name from cliff and gets worried. He comes from behind and touches her shoulder. She moves ahead to hug him but stops. He says he knew she will definitely come as she loves him and came here in fear of losing him. He says he did this drama to know how much she loves him and he got his answer, he wants to hear from her mouth that she loves him. She pushes him and says she does not love him and came here to just save him. He says she is lying. She says she does not love him and does not want to see his face, says when he does not care about his life or other’s feelings, why will she love him. She cannot risk her family’s dignity because of him and asks him to leave her alone and not try to call him again. She walks and thinks she loves him, but has to do for her family, loves does not mean only to stay together and they both should forget each other.

Dhara comes to Bhoomi’s room and does not find her. She checks her in bathroom and does not find her even there. She asks Avni where is Bhoomi. She says she must be in her room. Dhara says where did she go after haldi without informing anyone. She informs Bijender and others that Bhoomi is not in her room. He asks where did she go then. Janaki asks Avni if she had beauty parlor appointment. Avni says her appointment is tomorrow. Bijender calls Bhoomi, but she does not pick call as she is engrasped in thoughts and walking silently. Varun comes back and asks why they are all tensed and after knowing bhoomi is missing asks them to relax as she must be stuck in some work and will be back. Daadaji says she should pick phone at least. Varun thinks she must have gone to meet that boy.

Bhoomi reaches home. Dhara asks where had she been. Daadi asks why is her eyes swollen with tears. Bhoomi says she went to meet her friend as her friend loves someone and her family has fixed her marriage somewhere else, so she went to her frriend’s house to console her. Daadi says parents must have thought well and fixed marriage and asks he to tell her friend not to disobey her parents. She asks to go and wash her face.

Janaki sees Dhara crying and asks what happened to her. She says nothing is going right and she is worried about Bhoomi. Janaki says she must be nervous about marriage. Dhara says Bhoomi was crying. Janaki says Bhoomi is very emotional and sheds tears even with slightest issue.

Latha informs bhabhi maa and family that Maan has not reached home. Suman taunts what if Maan does not come back. Bhabhi asks to stop her rubbish. Maan’s dad says he will search Maan in all his friend’s place. Bhabhi maa gets Shanti’s call and she gets tensed.

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