Lady Luck Wednesday update 18 December 2019


Lady Luck Wednesday update 18 December 2019

Bhoomi thinks of apologizing badi maa and is about to enter her room when she hears her talking on phone and asking not to come here or talk to her family and she will send money in exchange. Bhoomi thinks someone is blackmailing her and has to find out about it.

Vasundhara asks Latha to get her apology printed on paper before returns and leaves house. Bhoomi follows her and sees her leaving in a taxi. She starts following her taxi in an auto when auto stops in the middle due to puncture. She tries to get another auto but could not. Rishi comes on time and helps her in following Vasundhara’s. Car goes missing in signal and Bhoomi gets tensed. Vasundhara brings her car in front just then, comes out of car and asks Rishi wow come he is with Bhoomi. He says bhoomi was going somewhere and needed help, so he helped her. She thanks him for help and says he can go now. She asks Bhoomi to sit in car, calls Agram and asks him to gather whole family in 10 minutes as she has to take an important decision.

Whole family wait for Vasundhara. Ugly suman thinks she will get free entertainment today. Ansh calls Bhoomi and her phone is not reachable. He thinks where she must have gone in the early morning. Just then, Vasundhara enters and says his wife was roaming in town with her reporter friend Rishi. Ansh is shocked and asks why Rishi. Vasundhara shouts that she was shamelessly roaming with a cheap reporter and has proved that this house’s dignity does not matter to her. Bhoomi says she was not roaming. Vasundhara shouts then what was she doing. She says she was following her to know if she is fine.

Latha asks why was she following her. Bhoomi says she wanted to know if she was fine as she heard her apologizing someone at night and in the morning she heard her talking about ransom money. Latha says she is lying and asks Ansh if he believes her. He says no. She says she will explain her what she was doing. Agram says she does not have, but she says she will.

Vasundhara says family that she will never tolerate bhoomi in her house now. She orders ugly Suman to throw rice Kalash. Ugly picks it and gives it to Vasundhara. While Bhoomi continues plead, Vasundhara throws kalash outside. Bhoomi runs to pick kalash and starts adding back rice.

Ansh goes to him room fuming and panics reminiscing Vasundhara’s words that she found Bhoomi roaming with loafer Rishi and Rishi’s closeness to Bhoomi.

Latha comes to Bhoomi and says she did a big mistake today. Bhoomi says she is also angry on her and says she was worried about badi maa, so she went behind him. Her auto got punctured, so she saw Rishi there and took his help, there is nothing more than that. Latha says she believes and can understand her feeling even by seeing her eyes. She should have informed Ansh. Bhoomi says she will now and goes towards her room. She goes to her room and tries to speak Ansh, but he says he is already late because of her drama and leaves.

Vasundhara reminisces Bhoomi’s words and thinks Bhoomi is trying to entangle her 25 year-old secret. She angrily throws vase on mirror and breaks it.

Ugly Suman informs Surbhi about today’s drama. She informs Daadi and Dhara/Janaki that badi maa found Bhoomi with a stranger. Dhara starts crying and says her bhoomi cannot do this. Surbhi smirks and says there is a big tension in bhopal and nobody is talking to her now. Dhara asks Shanti daadi to do something. Daadi asks her to calm down and calls Bhoomi. Surbhi smirks again and thinks now hitler’s daadi’s attention will be towards Bhoomi and not her for some time.

Bhoomi picks Daadi’s call and says she did a big mistake, she wanted to do something and someone else happened. Daadi says she does not have to explain as she trust her and asks if she should come there. Bhoomi says it is her and her family’s matter and she need not come there.

Vasundhara calls a lady and apologizes for not coming today. Lady says how can she return without giving her money and cuts call while Vasundhara still continues pleading not to do anything. Vasundhara then throws her phone angrily and it breaks.

Rajender and Bijender tell Shanti that they have to be at Bhoomi’s side now. Shanti says they cannot until Bhoomi seeks their help and she is confident on Bhoomi. Surbhi smirks thinking their attention is diverting at least for some time.

Rishi calls Ansh and tries to explain what happened. He says he is busy and will speak to him later. He comes home back and starts shouting on Bhoomi that because of her even he will have to go out of this house. She is troubling badi maa often and this is not tolerable. Bhoomi thinks she promised daadi that she will take care of herself, but how will she.

Varun tells Surbhi that he believes Bhoomi and he knows Rishi from childhood and he is just a friend of Bhoomi. Surbhi tries to brainwash him that Bhoomi did very wrong by going on a bike with Rishi. He gets angry and says he trust Bhoomi and whole family also trust her, so Surbhi should stop differentiating between families and goes back to sleep. Surbhi thinks because of Bhoomi, Varun fought with her for the first time, hence she will not spare Bhoomi.

Vasundhara calls mobile repairer home and gives her phone for repair. Ugly Suman comes and says Vasundhara her room’s mirror is fixed and she can come and check. She asks her to do small chores herself and not disturb her. Latha insists and she goes to check. Mobile repairer repairs mobile and gives it to Latha. Latha asks Bhoomi to check. Bhoomi checks and sees an SMS coming. She is shocked to see it is blackmailer’s sms asking vasundhara to pay her 25 lakhs to safeguard her 25-year-old secret. Vasundhara comes back and asks repairer if her mobile is fixed. He says yes and he gave it to madam. Vasundhara fumes seeing Bhoomi holding mobile. She gives money to repairer and sends him and then scolds Latha for giving her mobile to Bhoomi. she scolds Bhoomi that she warned her not to come near her or her goods,but she did. she snatches her mobile and leaves.

She goes to her room and gets tensed seeing SMS. Bhoomi peeps in and watches her carefully. Vasundhara thinks she will not let her past come in front of anyone. She picks locker keys, opens another room and locks in. Bhoomi thinks she has to speak to Latha about it, goes to her and informs that Bhabhi maa went to a room after reading SMS. Latha says she often goes to that room when she is tensed and if she needs their help, she herself will seek it. Bhoomi thinks she will speak to Ansh about it.

Surbhi calls her mom ugly Suman and tells that Varun scolded her because of Bhoomi. Ugly says she should have given her shoulder for him to weep and should stop bothering about Bhoomi. She should go and lure Varun while she takes care of Bhoomi.

Once Ansh comes home, she informs him that she checked Vasundhara’s mobile. He fumes and leaves after scolding her. She thinks she has to find out what is in that room and thinks how to get in.

Surbhi sees Varun getting ready and tries to speak, but he ignores her. She thinks he is fuming, so she has to do something. she gives fake smile, but he ignores her again. She scribbles apology on paper and throws it on him. He reads it and forgives her.

Bhoomi opens Vasundhara’s room, but closes it again and goes to temple. She goes to temple picks soap from there and goes back towards room. Vasundhara speaks over phone that she has files with her and not to worry. Once she leaves, Bhoomi enters and picks key bunch to take print on soap, gets confused seeing 3 keys, reminisces vasundhara picking bigger key and takes impression of 2 keys on soap. Vasundhara realizes she missed keys in room and comes back. Bhoomi gets tensed seeing her coming. Vasundhara enters room.

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