Lady Luck Wednesday update 11 December 2019


Lady Luck Wednesday update 11 December 2019

Bhoomi reaches home, keeps her payment in front of god, then pays daadi her grocery and taxi bill. Daadi blesses her and leaves wishing Vasundhara. vasundhara and her puppet ugly Suman gets jealous.

Ansh tells his assistant Pradeep that he wants to thank their caterer for serving food even during strike. Pradeep says he asked her to send food before time as they had meeting and she sent it beforehand. Ansh takes Bhoomi’s new number, calls her and thanks her for her professional behavior. He says she proved all good things are not costly. He says he got a miscall from her number and asks how does she know his number. She gets tensed and then says when he called her to give back order, she saved his number. He thanks her again and cuts call.

Varun asks his family if they can get the house renovated. Bijender says they don’t have money now after spending on Surbhi’s AC. Varun suggests to renovate each part of house slowly. Daada says if they do that, it will take much longer and whole house will be messy, so they should wait for some time. He agrees, goes to Surbhi and tells they will renovate their room as she likes.

She gets happy, calls ugly suman and tells Varun has agreed to renovate room, so she will renovate it as she likes. Ugly making her usual weird shoorpanakha like faces says she wants Varun to become ghar jamai, but she wants to hold him there. Surbhi says she forgot. Varun gets tensed thinking he promised Surbhi to renovate room, but how will he convince his family.

Ansh gets ready for office, comes down and sees Bhoomi cooking in kitchen. He asks Latha why is she working hard like this. Latha tells him about tech thief incident and says to repay Vasundhara’s money, Bhoomi is working hard. Ansh feels sad.

Ugly suman sees Bhoomi cooking and thinks she will definitely ruin her food today. Once bhoomi turns around, she silently adds ants on vegetable and hides. Bhoomi gets afraid seeing ant, throws vegetable and cuts fresh ones. Ugly gets jealous seeing that and makes her weird faces. Bhoomi happily comes to her room and ticks number of days remaining. In the morning, ugly throws Bhoomi’s tiffin boxes and hides. Bhoomi comes back to kitchen and sees tiffin boxes missing. She calls Pradeep and says she wants to serve buffet today, so will send food 15 min later. She calls her vendor and asks him to send some buffet crockery and suppliers.

Ansh enjoys food, tells Pradeep that he wants to thank caterer lady, so she wants him to come to office and receive payment. Pradeep calls Bhoomi and informs that boss wants to meet and make her payment. she hesitates, but he insists. She is about to leave home when ugly stops her and reminds her that she has to pay Vasundhara by evening. Bhoomi says he knows and is going out to get her payment. Ugly gets jealous.

Bhoomi reaches Ansh’s office. Pradeep is surprised to see her and apologizes her for being rude over phone. He says if everyone will know that she is the caterer, they will be very happy and even sir will be surprised. Ansh comes out of his cabin seeing staff gathering and is shocked to see Bhoomi as caterer. Pradeep says madam did not let us know all these days that she is Saaransh Swad’s owner.

Latha comes to home temple for evening aarti. Ugly Suman joins her, sees Bhoomi missing and thinks god is in her favor. vasundhara joins them. Ugly says Bhoomi wil have to pack her bags nwo. Vasundhara smirks. Bhoomi comes running and joins them. Ugly gets jealous. After aarti, bhoomi gives money envelope to Vasundhara. Ugly snatches it and says she will count. she drops 2000 rs down and says only 8000 rs are there and Bhoomi lost her challenge. Bhoomi counts money and says she kept 10000 rs.

Ugly says 2000 rs is missing now and it is okay if she lost her challenge. Bhoomi cries sadly. Ansh comes, picks money from floor and gives it to her saying he found it on floor. Bhoomi gives it to Vasundhara and she angrily takes it and leaves with ugly suman. Latha tells Bhoomi it is her first win and asks her to put 1 fistful of rice in bowl. Bhoomi happily does so.

Surbhi sees her room decorated with flowers and lamps and asks Varun what is all this. He says he could not convince family to renovate room, so he broke his FD and will get it renovated as per her wishes. She reminisces ugly suman’s words that she wants to make Varun as ghar jamai and says Varun she is tired and will speak about it in the morning. Varun feels surprised.

In room, Bhoomi looks at Ansh once before sleeping, switches off light and sleeps on couch. Ansh switches light back and asks why did she inform about all the incidents happened. She says she tried to inform him, but he did not listen. He says she would have if she tried well. She says he wanted her to apply professionally and she did same and got catering order with her talent. She continues that she is happy that he liked her food and thinks his wife makes best food. They both then go back to sleep.

Ansh’s assistant comes home with file. Ugly meets him and takes it. He asks her to get it signed by Ansh and asks how is bhabhiji’s catering going on and says whole staff like her tasty food and they are thinking to give her permanent order. Ugly calls Vasundhara and tells Bhoomi sent catering to her husband’s office and broke challenge rule. She continues that Ansh’s assistant informed her. She earned 10000 rs in 5 days with high prices, which is very difficult else. Vasundhara starts her yelling. Ansh interferes and says Bhoomi won challenge with her talent, he came to know about her catering supply only on the last day when she came to receive payment.

Vasundhara sends Ansh from there and tells Bhoomi that she made mistake by giving her punishment. She made her son a lier to complete her challenge. She asks ugly to remove bowl from temple. Bhoomi pleads that Maan did not know about her catering and she did not take his help. Ugly happily goes and brings bowl. Latha says Ansh did not know about it and she is not lying. Bhoomi requests Vasundhara not to remove kalash/bowl as it is her life. Ugly (with 1-inch makeup to hide her ugly weird face) asks how will she fill kalash without Bhabhi maa’s trust. Bhoomi says she will and will gain back her family’s trust.

Inder happily informs Vasundhara that they got outhouse permission and soon they will get water and electricity permission. She says it is a good news. She then tells Bhoomi that she will give her 3 months to fill kalash/bowl and if she fulfills all her challenges, she can add 1 fistful of rice in it and if she does not, she will remove 1 fistful of rice.

IF she does not complete challenge, she will stay in outhouse alone without Maan. She says her first task is to keep moun vrat/silence for 1 day. Ugly suman gets happy hearing that and returns kalash to her. Bhoomi feels devastated.

Surbhi calls ugly suman, but she does not pick it. Varun comes. She says she thought whole night and realized that renovation is waste of money and their relationship matters. she asks him to freshen up while she prepares him breakfast. He thinks she is weird. She then relaxes wearing mask. Ugly suman calls and tells about Bhabhimaa’s challenge for Bhoomi that she should fill kalash in 3 months, else leave house. She will not let him fill kalash and will clear Surbhi way to come back here with Varun.

Maan gets ready for office. Bhoomi gives him files. He says he does not need her help. He then starts searching important service tax file, but does not get it. She finds it and gives it to him. He takes it and leaves without speaking.

Surbhi gets Varun’s friend’s call informing her that he and other friends will come her home for dinner tonight. She gets tensed. Varun takes call and asks if she will prepare food. She says yes.

Ansh hears Latha telling Bhoomi about her maun vrat. He scolds Bhoomi to stop her drama as she cannot win badi maa’s heart with it. She thinks she is not doing any drama.

Surbhi gets tensed thinking how to prepare dinner for Varun’s friends. She goes to kitchen and sees Dhara preparing food. Dhara asks if she has any work. She says yes and asks her to go and rest as Varun’s friends are coming for dinner, so she will prepare food. Dhara asks her to call her if she needs help. Surbhi says she will and sends Dhara. She then puts nail polish on hand, wraps it with kerchief and shouts. Dhara, Janaki, and Daadi come hearing her shouts. She shows fake blood and falls unconscious.

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