Lady Luck Tuesday Update 11 February 2020


Lady Luck Tuesday Update 11 February 2020

Muskan rolls over bed and falls down. Badi maa sees that and hurriedly picks her. She sees her unconscious and shouts. Whole family runs in and asks what happened. Even Divya hears badi maa’s voice and runs in and asks what happened.

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Badi maa says Muskan fell down and fell unconscious. Divya gets Muskan into car. Badi maa feels dizzy. Divya asks Latha and Suman to take care of badi maa and leaves in car. Ansh comes and asks badi maa what happened. Badi maa says Muskan fell from bed and went unconscious. He rushes towards hospital with 3 of them.

Divya reaches hospital and requests nurse to save her daughter. Nurse asks to relax. Divya shouts at her. Doc takes Muskan to examining room. Divya pleads him to save her daughter. Doc says let him examine. Ansh rushes in and says he is baby’s father. Divya hugs him and cries.

Badi maa cries that nothing should happen to Muskan. Latha consoles her. Suman gets Inder’s call and says doc took Muskan in and she will inform him what happens. Ansh comes out with Muskan and gives her to badi maa. Doc tells Ansh that his wife saved baby by bringing her on time. Badi maa cries hugging Muskan. Divya leaves praying for family’s happiness. Ansh sees her going.

Ansh reaches home and sees room empty. He checks cupboard and does not find Divya’s clothes. He sees letter on table and reads that Divya did not want to hurt him anytime, by the time he reads this letter, she would have gone far away from him. He wanted them to inform family about her truth together, but could not gather courage. She does not know when she started loving him and his family, she cannot break family’s heart by telling truth, so she always broke her heart instead. She signed divorce papers and is going forever. He checks divorce papers and finds her signatures. He further reads that she will spend rest of her life with his and family’s memories and writes to take care of Muskan and family.

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Divya travels in taxi. Ansh rushes in his car and takes over. Driver stops and asks if he is inebriated. Ansh drags Divya out of car and asks how dare she is to leave house, if she wants to prove that she is great and they are fools. She will favor them and they will be burdened by it. Divya says she did it for love. He asks then why is she leaving him alone.

Ansh and Divya reach home holding each other’s hands and smiling. Badi maa who is busy taking care of Muskan says she wants them to go on a vacation as she saw differences between them during recent times. Ansh and Divya look at each other’s face. Badi maa says she will take care of Muskan. Ansh and Divya then walk into their room decorated with flowers. Ansh says he wants to give her the happiness she deserves. He dorns her gold chain and pendant and consummate their marraige over a romantic song.

Inspector gets news about Yuvraj escaping from jail. He reaches Prajapati house with constables. Security guard opens door and says family has gone out. Inspector shows Yuvraj’s pic and asks if he came here. Security guard says no. Inspector asks him to inform if he sees him and leaves. Guard locks door and walks in front of Yuvraj. Yuvraj gives him money bundle and asks to salute him. Guard salutes him and leaves. Yuvraj laughs and thinks he will kill Prajapati family now.

Prajapati family gathers at some venue for Bhoomi’s goad bharai. Surbhi comes and whole family hugs and welcomes her. Surbhi says she is taking care of Shukla family well and says she got promotion as bua/aunt now with Bhoomi and Maan’s child. Pavitra makes video call from London. Whole family smiles seeing her. Surbhi says it would have been good if she would have been with them during Bhoomi’s goad bharai. Pavitra says she is stuck in London snowfall. Badi maa says she is International air hostess now and will have some weird reason. Pandit says Agram that Bhoomi’s goad bharai muhurath is nearing. Ansh says he will call Bhoomi and leaves.

Inspector stops ambulance and asks driver to open back door. He is about to pen it when peon shouts that he cannot stop ambulance and risk someone’s life. Inspector lets van go. Yuvraj gets out of stretcher and laughs. Inder gets inspector’s call that Yuvraj escaped from Jail. Yuvraj comes just then in front of him.

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