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Lady Luck Thursday update 30 January 2020


Lady Luck Thursday update 30 January 2020

While walking, Surbhi and Varun clash and strike their head. Surbhi reminisces their happier days when they clash once and Varun asks her to strike head again as a sign of love. They both look into each other’s eyes. Pavitra passes by and shouts that are they doing and asks Surbhi if she does not need this month’s cheque. Surbhi says no and she will return her given money.

Pavitra joins family in mehandi ceremony. Badi maa asks mehandi designer to apply mehandi on bride/Bhoomi now. Pavitra looking at yuvraj and taunts Bhoomi that she is marrying twice, yuvraj signals her to stop. She says Bhoomi is marrying twice to a same man. Yuvraj asks Ansh to sign important documents and gives his special pen. Bhoomi gets tensed seeing that. Ansh takes file and pen goes to his room.

Bhoomi says Badi maa she will come in a minute and walks towards her room. Yuvraj catches her and says he has planted bomb in pen and it will burst in 15 min. Badi maa comes calling Bhoomi and Yuvraj walks out. Ansh comes out of room. Bhoomi asks why is he holding this pen. Ansh says yuvraj asked him to sign documents with this pen. Bhoomi says he can use different pen. He asks what is special in this pen. Badi maa comes there and takes her for mehandi.

Yuvraj comes back and stands in front of Bhoomi. Mehandi designer asks Bhoomi to spell her husband’s name. She spells A N S H, nervously looking at Yuvraj. Yuvraj signals booom…

While getting mehandi applied, Bhoomi sees Ansh holding yuvraj’s bomb pen and reminscing Yuvraj telling that pen will burst in 15 min. She runs and snatches pen and runs out of house. Whole family follows her. She sees car washing soap water and drops pen it thinking bomb will diffuse. Badi maa and Ansh ask what happened to her. Pavitra starts her usual tongue lashing that she should not have washed her mehandi in car washing water, etc. Badi maa asks her to shut up and asks Bhoomi what happened. Ansh sees rashes on Bhoomi’s hands. Badi maa says that means mehandi is adulterated. She asks servant what did he mix in mehandi. Servant says he mixed mehandi as she ordred, but went out for some time. Pavitra stops him further and shouts at him. Servant apologizes Bhoomi and leaves. Pavitra thinks as usual, Bhoomi will be praised now. Bhoomi says she will apply mehandi after treating her hands with ointment. Ansh takes her to apply ointment.

Ansh applies ointment to Bhoomi’s hands and she looks at his face. Their romantic ankh micholi starts. Latha comes and asks Bhoomi to come down and get her mehandi.

Mehandi comes down with Ansh. Badi maa makes Ansh sit next to bhoomi and mehandi designer applies mehandi on Bhoomi’s hands. Mehandi hai rachnewali….song…plays in the background.

After mehandi ceremony, badi maa gives diamond necklace to Bhoomi. Suman and Latha complaint if she had to give diamond necklace to Bhoomi, then why did she ask them to compete. Pavitra says this is partiality, Bhoomi’s mehandi is not at all dark. Badi maa says husband and wife’s compatability is most important and bhoomi and Ansh are perfect couple, mehandi color does not matter. Pavitra gets jealous.

Varun reminisces Surbhi rejecting Pavitra’s cheque, Ansh asking him to either get back to Surbhi or let her go. He goes to Surbhi’s room and asks why does not she need money. She says she has realized her mistake and realized that money is not important in life and only love is important.

A lawyer calls Bhoomi/Divya and asks her to come and sign some important papers. Bhoomi says she will come tomorrow morning. Yuvraj hears that and thinks where his begum wants to go.

Producer’s assistant calls Pavitra and says that his boss is mad behind her and wants to launch her in film as heroine. Pavitra gets very excited hearing that.

In the morning, Bhoomi gets into auto and leaves to meet lawyer. Yuvraj follows her. Bhoomi enters a commercial building and meets lawyer in her cabin. Yuvraj searches her in whole building but does not find her. Bhoomi signs papers, asks lawyer to take care and leaves while yuvraj still searches her. She comes out of building and thinks she saw yuvraj on time and escaped, else he would have troubled her.

Pavitra goes to producer’s office. He greets her in and praises that she is great heroine like Madhuri dixit, jaya pradha, etc. Pavitra comes into his buttery talks. He gives her script and asks to read it. She asks howmuch he will pay her. He gives her cheque. She opens her eyes wide seeing amount and says if she gets these kind of fool producers, she will earn double than she lost due to Bhoomi. She signs script without reading it and leaves happily. Producer smirks thinking she is a big fool.

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