Lady Luck Sunday update 8 December 2019


Lady Luck Sunday update 8 December 2019

Bhoomi in the morning while praying tells she is feeling week now as Maan does not believe her and she cannot expose Suman’s lies as she is elder. Latha comes and asks her not to repeat her mistake again as she is Maan’s wife and has to follow house’s rule.

She says okay aunty ji. Latha asks her to call mom. Bhoomi gets happy. Suman sees Vasundhara writhing in pain after vase falls on her feet, helps her sit on bed and calls whole family. Bhoomi stands outside. Agram asks Maan to call doc, but doc says he cannot come at this time. Agram says Bhabhi maa does not like allopathic medicine. Bhoomi goes to kitchen and prepares ayurvedic home remedy. Suman sees that, goes to Vasundhara’s room and tells she will go and help Bhoomi prepare food for Maan. Everyone fume hearing that. Latha goes to check. Bhoomi gives her ayurvedic remedy and asks her to apply it on Vasundhara’s injury, it will calm her pain down. Latha goes and applies it on Vasundhara’s leg and she shouts it is paining more.

Shanti daadi fumes in anger seeing Surbhi in skimpy nightie and warns her not to come out like this. Janaki and Dhara try to calm her down, but she says she cannot tolerate all this.

Vasundhara feels good after latha applies Bhoomi’s herbal remedy and asks her to bring some more. she goes to kitchen with ugly Suman and gets remedy from Bhoomi. She applies it again on Vasundhara and she shouts that it is too hot. Ugly Suman tells it is not Latha’s mistake as Bhoomi prepared it. Vasundhara gets irked hearing that and scolds Latha for lying. She yells at bhoomi that sheis nonexistent for her and is here as Maan’s wife only. Ugly Suman smirks hearing that. Vasundhara asks everyone to leave as she wants to rest. Bhoomi looks at her with teary eyes and runs from there.

Bhoomi gets mango juice for Ansh and says since he will out all day, he will get energy from it. She says she can fool others with her drama and not him and asks her to stay away from him.

Surbhi watches her marriage pic on net and gets happy. Janaki comes and Surbhi asks her to watch pics. Janaki says she convinced family to get AC and asks her to tell ugly Suman not to bring it. She also asks her to tell the model and make she needs. Surbhi thinks already her mom bought it. She calls Suman, notes model number. She then thinks she will sell Suman’s Ac online and do more shopping from the money.

Vasundhara calls ugly suman and asks her to call laptop repairer as her laptop is not working. She calls many repairers, but noone agrees to come. Bhoomi thinks she should help badi maa and calls laptop repairer.

Bhoomi sees Vasundhara tensed that her laptop is not working and requesting someone to send engineer. She calls Maan, but he scolds her and asks not to call. She then calls some online service and gets engineer’s number. She calls engineer and tells servant to tell Maan called engineer. Engineer repairs laptop. Vasundhara gets happy and gives his fees along with tip from cupboard. She gets and call and moves to pick it. Engineer steals money and elopes. She finds it and asks servant to catch him. Servant says enigneer ran away. Vasundhara calls Maan and tells his sent engineer ran away with money. He says bhoomi must have called enigneer as she had called him some time ago.


Ugly suman hears that and with her ugly mouth shouts at Bhoomi that she made a big mistake and she will call police police. Vasundhara tells there is no need to call police and tells she wants her 10000 rs back in 1 week, but she cannot take help from her family or work outside. Bhoomi thinks how can she arrange 10000 rs and gets tensed. Ugly suman smirks and thinks bhabhi maa gave right punishment to Bhoomi.

Surbhi gets a buyer online and sells AC for 30000 rs. Buyer says she will pay her money at a market. Surbhi happily leaves house and gets money from buyer who says she is going to shukla house to see their new bahu and will drop her on the way. Surbhi ges tensed and she will manage and runs home in taxi.

Ansh comes home stumbling. Bhoomi makes her sleep on bed and sees him having high temperature. Latha comes and Bhoomi say he got dehydrated and having high fever due to being outside whole day. She goes to bring herbal tonic. Latha comes to kitchen and says she knows she is worried about Ansh and even knows he will accept her soon. Bhoomi goes and gives herbal tonic to Ansh, but he pushes her and asks her to stop bothering him.

Lata is tending to maan fever and Bhoomi is feeding him. He says he is not hungry Lata says to finish his food and gives over the oil to Bhoomi saying to look after him. Maan says he doesn’t need oil massage, Lata refuses to hear a thing that this massage is your remedy to fever, and tells him to have it done. Maan lies in Bhoomi’s lap and is a bit uncomfortable.

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