Lady Luck Saturday update 4 January 2020


Lady Luck Saturday update 4 January 2020

Pavitra tells Kaveri that bhoomi interferes in everything. Kaveri asks her not to take bhoomi lightly. Pavitra says she knows how to tackle Bhoomi.

Bhoomi gets ready in the morning. Ansh gets romantic. She gets shy. He tries to say her I love you, but cannot and holds her. She says she has to go and leaves smiling, shyingly. He thinks he could not tell her I love you even today, but will for sure on her birthday.

Latha tells Bhoomi that she cannot go out for badi maa’s medicine as someone has to stay with her and says servant has gone to give milk to badi maa and she can get it via him. Bhoomi says she does not want badi maa fast as she is ill.

Pavitra cuts onion in her room. Kaveri asks her to give it to her in a plastic bag. She then goes to kitchen, sees Suman preparing wood slivers for havan, sends her out to bring something, and mixes onion in it.

Whole family gathers for poooja. Panditji starts pooja and picks wood slivers to add in havan when he sees onion in it and says it is a big abshagun/inauspicious. Vasundhara says she will change pooja items. He says now nothing can be done and leaves apologizing.

Suman reminisces vasundhara asking her not to keep onion/garlic near pooja item. Latha asks how did onion come in pooja item when she did not enter pooja room. Suman shouts if she is alleging her. Latha says yes. Bhoomi says chachi must have added onion by mistake. Vasundhara asks them to stop fighting and scolds that she told not to keep onion/garlic near pooja items and now it is big abshagun, something wrong will happen to her family now. Kaveri and Pavitra smirk that their plan is working.

Bhoomi gets milk for Vasundhara and sees residue in other glass. She smells it and asks Vasundhara who gave her this milk. She says servant. Bhoomi asks her not to take milk from anyone else except her from hereon. Servant brings juice and tells Latha sent for her.

Pavitra tells Kaveri that she mixed sleeping pill in Bhoomi’s juice and she will wake up only in the afternoon. Kaveri praises her and laughs. They both see servant taking two empty glasses.

Bhoomi sleeps in Vasundhara’s room to protect her. Shawl man enters room and tries to strangulate Vasundhara. Bhoomi wakes up on time and catches him and sees Swastik tatoo on his neck. Vasundhara wakes up and bhoomi asks her to switch on light. She does, but man escapes. She says someone was trying to strangulate her and thinks badi maa was right.

Varun wakes up in the morning and finds Surbhi’s letter instead of her in which she writes that she is going to Bhopal to help her parents and expects him also to come there and help her parents. He calls her, but her phone is switched off.

Bhoomi tells Ansh about shawl man. He asks if she doubts someone. She says someone from home is doing it and she saw tattoo on his neck and will inform him.

Pavitra sees Suman waiting for someone near door and asks why is she looking so much afraid. Suman says she is not and is waiting for her daughter. Surbhi enters and says she gave ultimatum to Varun to come here and knows he will come in 2-3 days if she does not speak to him. Kaveri acting as mad as usual says she wants to tell a story. Surbhi asks at this time. Kaveri says kal kare so aaj aur aaj kareso ab and tells story about rabbit and tortoise. Pavitra says rabbit is in bhopal and tortoise came to Bhopal and asks where is her lallan top lollipop/Varun and says she heard he will help mamaji/Inder in his business and asks Surbhi to inform her once he comes. Suman tells Surbhi that mad woman is right, if Varun does not come here, Maan and Agram will rule over business.

Surbi calls Varun and asks him to come right now. He says he is a doctor and not businessman, so he will not come. She says if he cannot help her papa. He says he can do anything for papa, but not help in business and asks her to try and understand. She insists to tell what happened. He says if he comes there, that house will break. She asks who told him. He says Bhoomi called and informed him whole situation and asked him not to come there. Surbhi angrily disconnects call.

Ansh wishes good morning to Agram and Inder. Inder wishes him for his new project and hopes that he uses his brain and not like his papa. Agram gets angry. Ansh says he will not let him down.

Suman enters and starts yelling at Bhoomi how can she stoop to such low level. Ansh asks what did she do. Suman tells Latha she has become selfish under Bhoomi’s influence. Surbhi says Varun told she stopped him from coming here and help in papa’s business. Inder says she did not do right. Agram asks why does he want Varun in his business. Suman starts shouting. Bhoomi says she wants to keep her family united, so she stopped bhai from coming here.

Latha says let us decide once and all today. Bhoomi asks her not to disturb badi maa and tells Inder and Suman that she made mistake and apologizes. Suman asks her to fold her hands and apologize and tell Varun that she told him lie in jealousy and insecurity. Ansh asks Suman to stop her drama and says if bhoomi has told something, there must be a reason behind it. Bhoomi says if she apologizes, it is not her insult. She apologizes Suman, Inder and Surbhi. She then calls Varun and apologizes for stopping him from coming here as she did not him Ansh importance to be at stake and says chachaji needs him here, so he should come here as soon as possible. Varun says he knows why she is telling this. She asks him again to come ASAP and runs towards her room. Ansh follows her. Kaveri and Pavitra peep out from room and smirk that their plan worked.

Bhoomi cries vigorously. Ansh consoles her and says she is not that weak to shatter for small issue. She says she is not shattered and tears are coming unnecessarily. He says she should not have agreed for chachi/Suman’s illegal demands. She says she will not become small if she apologizes. He says he is lucky to have her in his life. He asks her to close her eyes and shows collage of her pics. She smiles seeing them. He says he took all these pics before their marriage. He says he called jeweller. She says she will find out who is that tattoo man.

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