Lady Luck Saturday update 25 January 2020


Lady Luck Saturday update 25 January 2020

Bhoomi/Divya gets food for Ansh. He says he will not have it as he is fasting for Bhoomi. She gets emotoinal and thinks now she realized why Bhoomi loves Ansh so much. Kaun mera hai tu laage…song..plays in the background. She then gets tensed thinking how will badi maa react if she does not wear her gifted sari.

Badi maa with family waits for Bhoomi. Bhoomi comes wearing different sari. Yuvraj smirks thinking she proved that she is Divya. Badi maa asks why did not she wear her gifted sari. Ansh says he asked her to wear his gifted sari. Badi maa smiles and says on karva chauth day, husband’s love is most important and Bhoomi proved her love for Ansh. She is proud of her.

Neighbor ladies gather and Latha starts reciting holy story. Varun tries to leave. Pavitra asks where is he going when she is eagerly waiting for moon sighting to perform his pooja and break fast. He asks who told her to fast. She asks to stop his drama and sit with her. Suman also asks Surbhi to sit for story hearing. Surbhi tries to sit, but Pavitra pushes her and sits.

Bhoomi thanks Ansh for saving her from badi maa’s anger. He says when she can think of badi maa’s happiness, why should not he. He knows badi maa’s sari burnt, so he did to sadden badi maa.

Yuvraj punishes himself with hunter and thinks he will get back Divya at any cost.

Ansh asks Yuvraj if he does not reminisce his wife as she must be fasting for him and he is here on business trip. Yuvraj looks at Divya and says after some time, his wife will be with him forever. Bhoomi gets tensed.

Latha finishes holy story recitation and tells neighbor ladies that they should wait till moon sighting. Suman’s comedic nok jhok starts.

Bhoomi’s caretaker gives her karva chauth thali with mesh and rice and asks if she is sure she wants to go there. Bhoomi says she wants to see Ansh at any cost today and leaves towards Prajapati hosue.

Badi maa asks Bhoomi to go out and see if moon is seen. She goes out and sees someone hiding behind. She finds Bhoomi behind car who says she could not control herself and wants to break fast seeing Ansh’s face today. Bhoomi consoles her and takes her in hiding her face with veil. While walking, Bhoomi slips and falls on badi maa’s feet. Badi maa asks divya who is she. Divya says she is brahmin’s wife and she called her here as her mom told to share her sargi with brahmin’s wife. Badi maa asks to take her in. Bhoomi touches her feet. Badi maa then asks Divya/fake bhoomi to see if moon has sighted or not and goes to attend guests.

Bhoomi asks Divya to go and sight moon while she mingles with neighbors. Divya goes to sight moon when Yuvraj comes and holds her saying she cannot escape from him. She shouts. Ansh and others come out and asks what happened. Divya says she saw some stranger here. Ansh checks while Yuvraj hides behind wall.

After moon sighting, all ladies see moon and then their husband’s face via mesh and break fast. Bhoomi stands Divya near wall and breaks fast. After that Bhoomi walks on terrace once everyone leaves.

Divya insists Bhoomi to break fast seeing Ansh’s face. Bhoomi hesitantly agrees. She then takes her to terrace. Everyone sights moon and break fast seeing their husband’s face. Bhoomi stands behind Divya, behind wall and breaks fast seeing Ansh’s face. Romantic song..plays in the background.

Whole Prajapati family starts dinner. Divya goes towards kitchen. Yuvraj holds her and says she troubles him a lot by being with others. Divya says she is Bhoomi and not Divya and asks him to stay away from her.

At terrace, Bhoomi picks Ansh’s fed sweet and is about to eat it when she hears someone coming and hides behind wall. Ansh comes to pick his mobile and feels her presence and says why is he feeling Bhoomi here and searches her. Bhoomi gets emotional.

Bhoomi goes back to her home and cries remembering Ansh. Ansh also cries remembering Bhoomi. Dam dam dam dam dikhta hai…song..plays in the background.

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