Lady Luck Saturday update 21 December 2019


Lady Luck Saturday update 21 December 2019

Bhoomi reaches home and asks Latha if Maan has come. She says he is in his room. Bhoomi goes to his room. He asks where was she. She says she told him. He throws her pic with Rishi on floor.

Bhoomi comes back to her room. Ansh asks where was she. She says temple. He throws her intimate pics with Rishi and says this is not temple and asks her what was she doing in hospital.

Bhoomi says she cannot tell. He says he will trust her whatever she says and asks what was she doing with Rishi. She says again she cannot tell. He says when they have so many differences, it is better for them to separate.

At Shukla house, door bells rings and Surbhi runs and gets pizza. Daadi asks what is it. She says it is pizza as she was hungry. Daadi asks when the whole family is so tensed, then how can she think of eating. Surbhi starts shouting that she is fed up of their dramas and they are just worried about Bhoomi and don’t even care about her. Daadi asks her to spaer them. Surbhi says she does not want to have food, throws pizza and runs to her room. Janaki says she will go and console her. Daadi says there is no need for that, let her starve for some time, it will teach her a lesson. Janaki goes to Surbhi room and asks her to calm down.

Surbhi asks why should she when they are just worried about Bhoomi. Janaki asks her to think calmly. Surbhi shouts she does not want to and shuts door. Janaki says dhara if Varun was here, he would have calmed her down. Daadi says she will once she gets hungry.

Ansh angrily walks out of room telling he will free Bhoomi soon as she does not look happy with him. She thinks her happiness is with him, but she has to keep it secret until she finds out the truth for family’s happiness.

Vasundhara thinks Bhoomi was about to know her secret, but she somehow stopped her with Ansh’s help. She reminisces calling her aide who says Bhoomi walked out of door without entering in. She thinks she has to stop her from knowing truth and entangle her in problems.

Ansh comes home and Bhoomi asks him to have food. He says he is not angry and will not have food until she tells truth. Ugly Suman hears their conversatio and once Maan leaves, she asks Bhoomi why is Ansh angry on her. Bhoomi says there is no problem between them and Ansh is tensed due to work load. Ugly insists, but Bhoomi walks out. Ugly thinks she has to find out what is going on between them.

Varun reaches home and Surbhi starts complaining him about his family and says she ordered pizza, so whole family scolded her. What is her mistake if Bhoomi is making mistakes in prajapati house. Varun gets irked and asks her to think his family as hers and stop blaming his family.

Vasundhara calls her aide and asks him to do her work even today. He says he would have done yesterday itself if she had ordered. She says she is ordering now.

Latha gets worried for Bhoomi as she did not come home yet. She calls Ansh and asks if Bhoomi is with him. He says she is not and asks her to continue calling her until she picks. Bhoomi reaches sadu lady’s house and thinks of calling Ansh, but does not find her phone. She thinks she will speak to lady and will call from her phone. Latha calls Bhoomi and finds her phone in her room itself. She gets worried and thinks of informing Ansh. Bhoomi rings door bell and finds wire broken. She then sees window fluttering and peeps in to see lady locking room door. She goes to backyard and sees door open. Vasundhara’s goon throws blanket on her and kidnaps her. He calls Vasundhara and tells he kidnapped girl. Vasundhara gets happy.

Latha gets worried for Bhoomi as she does not return even after a long time. Ugly suman sees her tensed and asks what happened. Latha says Bhoomi did return yet and says she must have gone to ujjain. Ugly says she would have informed if she had gone there. Latha calls daadi who say she wanted to call her. Latha asks if Bhoomi came there. Daadi says no and asks when did she go. Latha says around 11:30 and it is 3:30 now. Daadi says she would have come here by now and gets worried.

Bhoomi wakes up and sees herself confined to a chair. She shouts. Goons shows her knife and asks to keep quiet, else he will slit her throat.

Latha calls Maan and informs that Bhoomi is missing. He fumes and thinks Bhoomi always creates some or other trouble. He tells badi maa (senior vamp) that he is going out. She acts and asks what happened. He says Bhoomi is missing. She says she will go home and call even Agram and Inder. Ansh says there is no need for that. Vamp badi maa says Bhoomi is their guest and she cannot let her happen anything. Once Ansh leaves, she smirks thinking Bhoomi helped her unknowingly by leaving her phone home. She calls her goon who says he cannot hold bhoomi without touching her as she is getting restless. Vamp asks him not to touch her and wait until she recalls him.

Shukla family gets hearing Bhoomi missing. Bijender tells Shanti if he had brought Bhoomi home last time, this would not have happened. Rajender says he will go to Ujjain and asks Bijender to stay here. Varun says even he will accompany him. Bijender says Bhoomi is his daughter. Murli says Bhoomi’s everyone’s daughter and he should stay here and console Dhara, what if bhoomi comes here. Rajender asks Varun to get ready and come near car. Varun goes to his room and junior vamp Surbhi tries to stop him. He says Bhoomi is his sister and he cannot keep quiet. She says she will accompany him then. He asks her to stay there and take care of family.

Ansh reaches home followed by Inder and Agram. Ugly asks Ansh to check with Bhoomi’s friends. Ansh SMSes Rishi. Agram says it is a serious issue if she has not gone to ujjain and says he will call commissioner. Ugly tells Inder that Bhoomi creates problems always. He asks her to keep quiet, else senior vamp badi maa will take her class. She gets afraid and walks away.

Ansh gets Rishi’s reply that he was busy and will meet him in some market parking. Agram is about to call commissioner when Ansh stops her and says he knows where Bhoomi is and tries to leave. senior vamp badi maa comes and asks where is he going. He says he will come back and reply and leaves. She thinks Bhoomi will never come back to this house and her identify will be vanished from her family.

Goon warns Bhoomi not to make sound and frees her from chair. He then ties her hands back and blindfolds her.

Ansh while driving car reminisces Rishi’s message and fumes. He also reminisces Bhoomi’s words that she will stay back and will take care of her.

Goons leaves Bhoomi in the middle of road and asks her to not make any mistake, else it will be her last day of life.

Vasundhara’s goon drops Bhoomi in the middle of road handcuffed and blind folded and leaves warning her not to go back to Sanyasin’s door. She pleads for help. Rishi passes by and stops seeing her. He frees her hands and asks what happened, how did she come here. She tells him the whole incident and crying hugging him. Ansh reaches there and is shocked to see them hugging. He separates them and asks Bhoomi how can she betray him, she is only his.

She says she never loved him and hugs Rishi again. Ansh walks out fuming and dejected.

Vasundhara’s puppet SMSes her pic of Ansh at the spot and smiles thinking she had to do it to kick out Bhoomi from her house and lead a peaceful life.

Rishi drops Bhoomi back to prajapati house and tells he got a message that there is a big accident happened at ring road, so he came there. Boomi is surprised to hear that.

Rajender with Varun reaches prajapati house. Vasundhara starts badmouthing about Bhoomi. Bhoomi enters and hugs Rajender seeing him. He asks where was she. She says someone kidnapped her. Everyone are shocked to hear that except vasundhara vamp and ugly suman. Rajender says they should give police complaint. Vasundhara vamp tells no need to give police complaint as her family’s name will spoil in media and starts blaming Bhoomi that she is a big menace for her and just in 1 day she will be out of this house, before walking from there. Rajender is shocked to see her behavior.

Latha gives water to Bhoomi and says she was worried about her. She says even Ansh was worried about her and went searching her. Rajender asks bhoomi to inform shukla family. She calls and Dhara emotionally asks if she is fine. Bhoomi says she is fine. Daadi takes phone and asks same. bhoomi says she is fine, not to worry. Daadi asks where did she go. She says she got stuck in rain, but is fine now. She says she will call them back later and cuts call. Daadi tells Bijender that Bhoomi is fine now.

Rajender asks Bhoomi why did not she inform them that Bhabhima (old vamp) is still angry on her due to her job and says she is still their house daughter and will be always. Bhoomi says she did not want to trouble them and she will handle things well. Varun asks her to call her if she has any problem and leaves with Rajender. Bhoomi thinks whatever happened today proves that someone wants to stop her from knowing the truth, but she will at any cost

Suman calls Surbhi and informs her about Bhoomi’s kidnap and bhabhi maa not accepting it. Surbhi says it is obvious that bhoomi is lying, so badi maa did not accept her lies.

Badi maa (senior vamp) thinks maan must be distressed now and she should console him. She calls him, but he is not reachable. Maan/Ansh gets fully drunk and angrily reminisces bhoomi hugging Rishi. He sees a couple passing by, imagines them as Rishi and Bhoomi and shouts at them. He then realizes they are not Rishi and Bhoomi and apologizes. He gets Latha’s call and picks it, but it is Bhoomi on the other side and asks where is he. He shouts why did she betray him, what did he do, why did she go to hospital with Rishi and cuts call. Bhoomi thinks what was Ansh doing there, why did not he come then. Ansh continues crying that Bhoomi betrayed him.

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