Lady Luck Saturday Update 1 February 2020


Lady Luck Saturday Update 1 February 2020

Pavitra reaches shooting venue and gets afraid seeing no one there. Producer holds her shoulder from behind and she gets more afraid and turns back. He says she gave excellent shot. Pavitra asks if he was shooting. He says yes and takes her to a room.

Bhoomi cooks food in kitchen singing song. Ansh sees that and smiles. Bhoomi then takes food to Badi maa and sees Yuvraj massaging badi maa’s feet and telling he wants her to sleep peacefully. Bhoomi says she will massage badi maa’s leg and he does not have to. He says he likes serving elders and she can ask his begum. Bhoomi fumes.

Suman tells Surbhi that he friend Jai has come to pick her up. Surbhi asks why is she so excited. Suman says she wants her to restart her life afresh with Jai. Varun hears Jai booking a hotel room and asking manager to write a special message from Jai to Surbhi. Surbhi comes down. Varun says Jai is a wrong guy. Suman says he does not have right to think about Surbhi and should mind his own business.

Bhoomi speaks to income tax office and thanks him. She thinks yuvraj’s time is over in this house. Yuvraj enters and starts troubling her and says Ansh kid is in his papa’s lap learing business and will not come. Bhoomi says his stay in this house is over. Income tax officers come and arrest Yuvraj for evading tax. Bhoomi tells family it is good fraud’s true identity is revealed before doing business and asks officers to take him away from there.

Jai takes Surbhi to a hotel, gets a call, comes out and tells everything is working according to plan. Varun hears his conversation sitting in car.

Producer tries to touch Pavitra. Pavitra asks him to stay away as she is happily married to her lallantop lollipop. He apologizes and thinks he thought she will get lured by his charm and money, but she is not. He has to use some other tricks.

Jai takes Surbhi to a room and locks it. Surbhi asks where are other friends. He says he brought her to spend quality time and when her mom knows about it, why is she hesitant. Surbhi starts cyring and asks him to back off. He walks near her and she throws things on him. Varun reaches and knocks door. Jai says Varun is out of her life and he is her future now. Varun breaks door and rescues Surbhi and starts beating Jai.

Surbhi and Varun unite with Bhoomi and Ansh’s help. They both hug each other and then travel in a car. Varun tells he had to marry Pavitra to protect her from Pavitra and until he divorced Pavitra, they should maintain distance.

Ansh walks with Bhoomi in a garden and thanks her for reuniting Varun and Surbhi. She says she wanted to rekindle old relationship. Ansh hides. She searches him worriedly. Three children give her flowers. Ansh comes with bouquet and says he was lifeless some months ago, but she filled happiness in his life and proposes her for marriage. She gets emotional and cries. He says he is not that bad that she is crying thinking of marrying him and wipes her tears.

Whole Prajapati family waits for Varun and Surbhi to return and think what must have happened. Varun and Surbhi enter and they all ask how come they are coming together. Surbhi describes them whole incident. Suman asks if Jai is fine. Surbhi asks if she knew about the plan. Badi maa says whole family knew about it. Suman says then they should marry soon. Surbhi says she and Varun have decided to stay away till Varun divorces Pavitra. Badi maa says they took a right decision.

Pavitra starts her shooting and shoots a tied man after heavy dialogues. Whole crew praise her acting. Producer says nobody can finish in a single take like her and says it is time for celebration. Pavitra says she has to go me and some other day they will celebrate.

Ansh looks at Bhoomi’s pic and emotionally says he knows that she is not the one who is with them, but she is exactly like her and takes care of him and his family like she did. She will be his first love and he will never forget her, but Divya is also making a place in his heart with her good nature and got him out of depression. If possible, she should forgive him.

Family discuss about Ansh and Bhoomi’s sangeet ceremony. Varun suggests one theme, Surbhi another, and each family member suggests their own ideas. Badi maa says everyone will dance in sangeet and though yuvraj could not arrange sangeet, they all will. Yuvraj enters and says he will arrange sangeet. Badi maa asks he was arrested by income tax department, then how did he get out. He says IT people had to rain Mehrotra and sons, but they raided Malhotra and sons by mistake and arrested him. Now, he will make Ansh and Bhoomi’s sangeet a lavish affair. Badi maa says she is happy that he came back. He asks Ansh if he is not happy seeing him back. Ansh says he is happy. He says he will do dhamaka during his sangeet.

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