Lady Luck Monday update 23 December 2019


Lady Luck Monday update 23 December 2019

Latha takes Bhoomi to her room and gifts her a beautiful sari and her family jewelry. She says it is a special jewlery which her grandma gifted her to her mom and her mom to her, she is giving it to her. She prays god not to send Bhoomi from this house.

Vasundhara gets a gift box and finds a silver bowl and note by Kaveri that she is returning her 25-year=old gift. She drops box and angrily calls security. Security comes running. She asks who gave this gift. He says he found it between gifts and gave it to her. She shouts to check who sends it first and then give it to her. She then goes to her room, calls her associate and asks if he found woman. He says no. She yells at him and says she herself will find her now. she thinks she should not let kaveri do any drama today.

Kaveri calls Vasundhara over phone and tells she is returning her 25-year-old savings by 8:30 and says in 2 hours her guests will also arrive. Vasundhara gets tensed.

Guests starts arriving for the party. Agram thinks of calling bhabhi maa. Vasundhara gets ready tensely. Surbi comes with Varun and ugly Suman gets happy seeing her. She asks how is she looking. Surbhi says she is looking fabulous as usual. Varun says decoration is very good. Ugly boasts that it is prajapati’s party and she also contributed in decoration. Agram knocks vasundhara’s door and takes her downstairs. She falls on stairs, but he holds her. Vasundhara tensely checks watch repeatedly.

Varun sees Rishi in party and starts talking to him smilingly. Ansh sees them and thinks he will see this situation often from hereon. Varun asks him about Bhoomi and he says he does not know and to ask Rishi as he must be knowing. Varun is surprised to see his changed tone. He then goes and starts drinking alcohol.

Party starts and host briefs about swastik industries and its 25th anniversary today. Lights get off and Varun dances with Surbhi on Muskurane ki wajah tum ho… Bhoomi imagines dancing with Ansh. After Varun and Surbhi’s dance, everyone start clapping. Rishi asks Ansh why is he standing silent instead of dancing with Bhoomi. He angrily pushes his hand and walks from there. Bhoomi follows him. Rishi thinks why is he behaving oddly.

Bhoomi sees Ansh gulping glasses of alcohol and asks him to stop. He asks what is she doing here instead of being with Rishi. She says she loves him and why will she be with Rishi. He says she is free from his side from now and she can go to Rishi.

inebriated Ansh starts yelling at Bhoomi that she betrayed him, etc. He then starts yelling at Rishi and tells he can live happily with Bhoomi from hereon. Rishi asks what rubbish he is talking about. Ansh says he saw them hugging in the middle of road. Rishi asks Bhoomi if she did not inform him. Bhoomi asks him to keep quiet.

Rishi says he will not and says that day someone kidnapped Bhoomi and left her in the middle of road tied and blindfolded, so he was saving her and as a friend she hugged him. He leaves after that. Ansh asks Bhoomi why did not she inform him. She says she can only say that she loves only him. He apologizes her for misunderstanding her and hugs him.

Vasundhara’s guest praises her that her hard work is paying well. She gets Kaveri’s call who says she will get her gift by 8:30 today. She angrily throws phone on floor and shouts. Whole family is shocked to see her panicking and take her to a room. Bhoomi picks phone and hears Gayatri’s voice telling she will get her gift by 8:30 p.m.

Bhoomi tensely wait for Kaveri outside house, sees a woman in khaki sari and thinks she is kaveri, but it some other woman.

All guests gather around Vasundhara and anniversary. Vasundhara thanks all guests for coming and cuts cake while everyone claps.

Bhoomi thinks of going to Kaveri’s house. Just then, a car stops in front of her and Kaveri comes out of it. Bhoomi pleads her not to reveal badi maa’s secret and trouble her. Kaveri says she cannot do anything now and asks her to go inside. Bhoomi rushes inside.

Lights gets off. Vasundhara asks Agram what happened. He says he does not know. A lady starts dancing sensuously on Gori Gori chokri….song…She removes veil in front of Vasundhara and continues dancing. Vasundhara slaps her. Everyone are shocked to see that. Lady slaps Vasundhara in return. Everyone are more shocked. Lady says her nae is Pavitra and nobody is dared to touch her without her permission. Ansh asks Pavitra how dare she is slap his badi maa. Reporters start clicking pics. Rishi interferes and asks reporters not to interfere in their personal matter and shoos them out.

Pavitra asks Vasundhara how dare she slap her. Vasundhara says she was teaching her a lesson for dancing in her house without permission. Pavitra says she is not her mother to slap her and asks to tell truth now. Ugly suman interferes and asks how dare she is to misbehave with bhabhi maa. Pavitra says Vasundhara she has kept puppets to protect her. She asks Vasundhara to speak truth now. Vasundhara keeps silent.

Dancer Pavitra gives Vasudhara vamp a tight slap. Ugly Suman asks how dare she is to slap Vasundhara. Pavitra claps and says Vasundhara she has left her puppet to protect her. Ansh asks if her parents did not teach her how to behave with elders. She says no as her mom is also shameless like her. Agram interferes and asks commissioner to arrest this girl. Pavitra says Vasundhara vamp should be arrested as she slapped him. Constables arrests her and drags her into van, while Pavitra shouts that they are doing a big mistake. Bhoomi walks out and sees Pavitra being taken via van. She then sees Kaveri watching this and getting into her car smiling.

Vasundhara vamp gets into her room crying and looks at Pavitra’s birth certificate. Agram thanks commissioner and disperses party. Bhoomi realizes that Kaveri was talking about Pavitra as surprise and reminisces seeing Vasundhara’s hospital discharge summary. She calls Kaveri who tells since she did not opened file, she had to open it in front of everyone. She hints her by singing lalla lalla lori, doodh ki katori that Pavitra is Vasundhara’s daughter.

Vasundhara looks at Pavitra’s childhood pics till now and cries thinking why did Pavitra do this to herself. Bhoomi knocks door and asks her to open door. Vasundhara shouts to go from there. Bhoomi says says she knows the truth and thinks she cannot leave Vasundhara alone. She says she will count till 3 and if she does not open door, she will tell her truth to everyone. She counts 3, Vasundhara opens door and asks what does she needs. Bhoomi says she knows why she suffered so much and asks if Pavitra is her daughter. Vasundhara says even after knowing the truth, she wants her to tell. She shouts that Pavitra is her daughter. Bhoomi says Prajapati family should know that they have one more daughter and is bade papa’s daughter. Vasundhara says some secrets should be kept under dark and asks her to go and tell the truth to everyone now. Bhoomi says she is part of this family and backed off when she asked to keep quiet, she will do whatever possible to keep the family united. Vasundhara asks why will she do that when she tried to even ruin her life. Bhoomi asks how can she think like that and asks her to taste rest now, she will inform family that she is already asleep.

Janaki informs Shukla family that Varun told due to some reason, party is cancelled. Shanti asks if party is cancelled due to Bhoomi. Janaki says Varun told he himself will come with bhoomi here and inform what happened

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