Lady Luck Monday update 20 January 2020


Lady Luck Monday update 20 January 2020

While in car, Divya says she wants to end this soon. He thinks she is talking about Vishwanath and says not to worry, they are all with him. He has spoken to hospital people and they agreed to give Vishwanath’s body and he also arranged panditji for cremation.

Yuvraj in his hotel room fumes reminiscing Bhoomi telling she is not her wife and hitting him. He says she cannot be his Divya and then says she found a new man and forgot him. Pandit comes. Yurvaj asks him to read his palm and tell when will he get back his wife. Pandit reads his palm and says love line is not on his palm. Yuvraj breaks his alcohol glass and draws a line on his palm and shows pandit that he drew his love life himself and shouts Divyaaa…

Ansh with Bhoomi performs Vishwanath’s cremation and reaches home. Vasundhara asks where were they. Ansh says hospital. Vasundhara asks if they are fine. Ansh says Vishwanath is dead. Vasundhara consoles Bhoomi and says if she wants, they will not celebrate navratri this time. Pavitra thinks her father is dead, so she will not celebrate. Bhoomi says she will celebrate as a tribute to Vishwanath’s great soul. Pavitra thinks it is time to call Divya’s evil husband Yuvraj.

Yuvraj reaches Prajapati house and tries to throw stone. Pavitra holds his hand.

Yuvraj tries to angrily throw stone at Prajapati house. Pavitra holds his hand. He asks how dare she is to hold his hand. She leaves his hand and says she thought he is intelligent, but he is dumb. He throws stone and says his begum did not identify him yesterday and even hit his forehead, says she does not know him, but he has carved long love line on his palm and will get her back. She says he should use his brains than his huge body. He asks what to do, she tells he should remind Divya of their past love life. He asks why is she helping him. She says since Divya came to their house, she made her life hell and took everything from her. Yuvraj smirks and says he will get back Divya this time.

Bhoomi/Divya speaks to a nurse over phone who asks her to come there today and someoen’s condition is critical. Bhoomi says she cannot come today as she has pooja at home and will come tomorrow. Ansh enters and asks he wants to ask her what is happening, Vishwanath was murdered yesterday and someone paid his bills. Bhoomi get panic attack and Ansh gives her anxiety pills to relax.

Vasundhara calls all her family ladies and explains navratri rituals that family suhagan ladies will sow barley seeds and as plant grows, their house will prosper. Surbhi comes forward. Pavitra yells that it is for Suhagans and not for her. Bhoomi backs Surbhi. Pavitra silently adds broken glass piece in mud and apologizes Yuvraj in mind for troubling his begum. While Pavitra gets distracted, Bhoomi changes mud plate ang glass pierces Pavitra. she starts shouting in pain. Bhoomi thinks it is tit for tat and reminisces how she changed plates. Surbhi sows barley seeds with Varun. Pavitra yells at her. Vasundhara says even Surbhi has right to sow seeds and asks Pavitra to go and bandage her wound. Pavitra angrily leaves.

Bhoomi goes to Pavitra’s room and taunts her. Once she leaves, Varun enters and Pavitra badmouths about her. Varun gets angry, presses Pavitra’s wound and says dirty blood should flow out. Pavitra thinks how did Yuvraj’s soul enter in her lallan top lollipop’s body and thinks it cannot be.

Yuvraj asks his goon to spy on Ansh and give his each and every info. He then sees sadhu and thinks sadhu told everything silently and smirks.

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