Lady Luck Friday update 20 December 2019


Lady Luck Friday update 20 December 2019

Bijender asks what happened that they are sending Bhoomi out in 5 days. Ugly with her ugly 1 inch painted face says Bhoomi broke family rules and should be punished. Bijender says it is elder’s duty to forgive children and what big mistake Bhoomi did to kick her out of house. Inder says we can sit and talk. Bijender says that time has gone now and he will take Bhoomi now.

Bhoomi holds Bijender’s hands and says this is her house now and she is Bhoomi Prajapati and not Shukla. She will stay and face whatever problems arise, but will not feel defeat. She says she is happy that her papa cares for her. she requests them to leave and opens door. Ansh tries to take Bijender’s blessings, but he stops him. Rajender blesses him and requests to take care of Bhoomi as he left her here trusting him. Ansh drops them till car and they leave. Bhoomi kneels down and starts crying vigorously. Ansh feels sad for her.

Vasundhara comes down and asks who was shouting some time ago. Ugly Suman making her ugly expressions tells that Rajender and Bijender had come and were shouting that they did mistake by marrying their daughter to this house and wanted to take Bhoomi from here.

She alleges Bhoomi that she called her family here to take out grudge. Vasundhara shouts at Bhoomi that she does not respect her in-laws family and if she wanted to go before 5 days, she could have gone instead of creating a drama.

Vasundhara gets happy seeing Bhoomi’s pic with Rishi and happily forward sit to Maan. She then realizes that Bhoomi has gone to City Hospital to know her secret and fumes. She calls Maan and says her manager sent it and she suspended him to make him feel that her bahu is right. She says Bhoomi has crossed the limit and she will not spare her. Ansh thinks he has to find out what Bhoomi is up to.

Bhoomi tells peon that some pages are missing. He says he does not know about it. She asks if she can meet someone who can tell about it. He suggests her to meet an old nurse. She meets nurse who fumes and says she cannot give her any info. Bhoomi says she is her family member and needs info badly. Nurse sees Vasundhara’s pic and says she joined duty newly at that time and just can say that nobody could enter Vasundhara’s room except one lady. Bhoomi insists to get at least address of that lady and nurse searches address for her. Bhoomi leaves to meet that lady.

She drags her and pushes out of house. Ansh holds Bhoomi and tells Vasundhara that she has mistaken, Bhoomi did not call them and instead send them back saying it is her personal issue now. He says they told Surbhi informed them. Vasundhara says so what if she sent them back, she does not want Bhoomi in her house after 5 days. She scolds Suman to not inform her manipulated news and orders that Surbhi will not come here until this tissue solves.

Shanti calls Rajender and Bijender who tell they are coming home and will tell what happed in Bhoomi’s house. Shanti informs family that Bhoomi is not coming. Murli says Bhoomi did right and he is proud of her. Shanti says she is angry on Bijender for worsening the issue and not listening to her. Murli says she should understand that Bijender is a father and is worried for Bhoomi.

Bhoomi sadly walks around her room. Ansh comes and apologizes her. She says she should thank her instead for taking her side today. He says he did what he felt right and says she can go wherever she likes, but make sure her move does not harm anyone. She thinks with her move, everyone will benefit.

Bhoomi is about to walk out of house when Latha stops her and says she is proud of her deed today. Bhoomi says it is her duty. Latha asks if she going outside. Bhoomi says yes. Latha says she can and knows she will harm anyone. Bhoomi then takes taxi and reaches city hospital. She hears someone calling her name and gets afraid. She turns back and relaxes seeing Rishi. They both converse and smile. Someone clicks their pics. While walking into hospital, she slips and he holds. Someone click their pics even in that position and sends them to Vasundhara.

Bhoomi asks Rishi to wait, goes to reception and asks peon to get records of Vasundhara prajapati’s 1991 records. He goes in to get record. Vasundhara gets Bhoomi and Rishi’s intimate position pics and smirk thinking she can easily kick out bhoomi now. She sends them to Ansh who fumes seeing them. Bhoomi checks records and finds few papers missing. She realizes Vasundhara was admitting definitely, but why. Ansh reminisces Bhoomi and Rishi’s meetings and Vasundhara’s warnings and thinks Bhoomi is betraying him.

Vasundhara calls Maan and asks him to call Bhoomi to his office. She thinks she has to go and personally stop Bhoomi and asks driver to take out car to reach Ansh’s office. Surbhi sees whole family missing from dining table and gets surprised. She goes to kitchen to get lunch but sees khichdi. Janaki comes to kitchen and Surbhi asks if they don’t want to have lunch. Janaki says everyone are sad hearing Bhoomi’s news and don’t want to have food. Surbhi says even she is not hungry and walks towards her room.

Bhoomi reaches given address and rings bell. A sadhu lady walks toward door and gets shocked seeing Bhoomi via view finder. Bhoomi thinks she will wait for 2 min, then will go back. Sadhu lady thinks who is this girl, why she wants to meet her. Bhoomi continues ringing bell.

Vasundhara reaches Ansh’s office and asks why did not Bhoomi come yet. He says her phone is not reachable. She asks him to call again. He calls Bhoomi and asks where is she. She thinks she has to keep it secret until she finds out badi maa’s truth and tells she is at temple. He asks her to reach home soon. she writes her number on paper, stuffs it in key hole and leaves. Sadhu lady thinks why that girl wanted to meet her

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