Lady Luck Friday update 16 January 2020


Lady Luck Friday update 16 January 2020

Ansh follows Bhoomi/Divya and sees door locked. He knocks door and asks to open it. He forcefully breaks it, sees Bhoomi missing and a cloth rope tied over window. He realizes that she must have gone to meet Vishwanath at city hospital ICU.

He reaches hospital and asks receptionist about Vishwanath’s room. She says first floor ICU, but he has to wait as there is a visitor already in his room. He sees watchman guarding and lies that nurse is calling him. Once watchman leaves, he goes to Vishwanath’s room and sees Bhoomi there crying holding Vishwanath’s hand and telling family tried to stop her from meeting her, but she could not stop and calls him papa. Ansh fumes hearing it.

Ansh reaches Vishwanath’s room and sees Bhoomi holding her hand telling her family wanted to stop her from meeting him, but she somehow came papa.. Ansh gets angry hearing papa from her mouth. Bhoomi says she has right to call him papa as he took care of her in coma like a father. Ansh thinks the way she is speaking seems like both Divya and Bhoomi, but whoever she is, she has right to stay with Vishwanath as he took care of her like a father. He silently walks out from room. Bhoomi senses him going and relaxes.

Suman comes to Bhoomi’s room and is shocked to see her eloped via window and thinks if Pavitra sees that, she will shout at her that she could not spy on Bhoomi. She corrects room and hides seeing Pavitra coming. Pavitra thinks Bhoomi surely must have gone to meet her father, she will call nagin maami/suman and know where she is now. Suman silently walks and then comes in saying she had been to washroom for 15 min and Bhoomi escaped. Pavitra yells at her that she is a waste body..etc..

Bhoomi comes out of Vishwanath’s room with doc and asks his progress. Doc says he can tell only to his family. She says she is his daughter. He says police feels it is a planned attack. She asks him to keep her updated and gives her mobile number. Ansh silently watches everything hiding.

Pavitra searches Bhoomi’s room and finds a pill strip in box. She asks varun about it and he says it is depression pills. She asks if Bhoomi had depression. He says his sister was very lively and did not have depression. She thinks fake bahu has depression.

Pavitra waits for auto in a market when a few children say they are hungry. She gets them pani puri. Children enjoy pani puri happily. Ansh reaches there in his car and gets emotional seeing this and reminiscing his romantic moments with Bhoomi.

Surbhi reminisces Varun protecting her from goons twice and then reminiscing selling him to Pavitra for 5 crores and panics.

Children leave thanking Bhoomi after pani puri session. Goon then surround her and start misbehaving. Passerby tries to save her, but goons beat him and he runs. They try to drag Bhoomi when Ansh enters and beats goons. Goons then hold him and are about to stab him with knife when he frees himself and beats them again. Goons run from there. He then scolds bhoomi that she would have taken driver and car.

Varun tells Pavitra that fake Bhoomi will not come now. Someone knocks door and Pavitra opens it. Surbhi enters with cupcake and candle and says she wants to wish happy birthday to Varun. Pavitra says lallantop is her husband now and she bought it from her, so she does not have any right on her and pushes her out. Surbhi falls down. Bhoomi comes and extends her hand. Surbhi pushes her hand and asks to stay away. Bhoomi asks why is she afraid of Pavitra. Surbhi asks to stay away. Pavitra asks her to take her cake and get out. She leaves. Bhoomi angrily tries to slap Pavitra for her misbehavior, but Varun holds her hand and says how dare she is to slap his wife and says she is neither his sister nor Ansh’s wife. He continues if she is Bhoomi, then she would have remembered his birthday and performed even pooja for him.

Bhoomi holds Varun’s hand, takes him to call and shows him birthday cake. Whole family gathers. Pavitra says cake does not prove she is Varun’s sister. Bhoomi brings aarti thali, applies tilak on Varun’s forehead and performs his aarti. She says his birthday comes after raksha bandhan and he promises her to protect her. When a brother can protect his sister, a sister can also protect her brother. She is very sad now that he forgot her sister and tauji says right he has forgotten relationships, he did not lose his sister, but she lost his brother, how can he be her brother when he considers face than character and says she accepts that he is not her brother from now. Badi maa says everyone has forgotten the value of relationships here.

Ansh comes to Bhoomi’s room and says whoever she is should return back to where she came from as she is neither sister nor wife here and nobody will accept her.

Varun in his room reminisces Bhoomi’s words that if he finds his brother somewhere, he should tell that his sister loves him a lot. Pavitra comes and asks him not to think about fake Bhoomi as she has come here well prepared. He says does not want to talk about and sleeps.

In the morning, Bhoomi does not find her depression pills in her box, calls chemist and asks him to send her medicine. He calls her divya madam and says worker has not come yet and he will send it by 10 a.m. She agrees. Pavitra hears her conversation standing near door and smirks. She goes to her room and asks Varun what will happen if depression patient does not take medicine. He says if patient hears high sound and sees tension around, he/she may get nervous breakdown. Pavitra says he will get his best birthday gift tonight.

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