Lady Luck Friday update 13 December 2019


Lady Luck Friday update 13 December 2019

Vasundhara tells she wants 1001 lamps to be prepared at home for maha pooja and says Bhoomi should prepare it by tomorrow morning and if she does not prepare, she loses her last chance of getting into her good books. Latha wishes her good luck.

Daadi sees Surbhi standing next to Varun instead of having dinner and asks her to sit. Surbhi insists Varun and takes him to their room.

Bhoomi gets tensed thinking how to make lamps as she did not even see someone make it. She thinks of checking on internet, but her laptop does not switch on. She sees Ansh using laptop and asks if he can use his laptop to learn 10001 lamps. He asks what happened to her laptop. She says it is not charged and even charger is missing. He permits, but asks her not to delete his important files on desktop. She agrees, but just then ugly suman who hears their conversation lies that Latha is calling her and once she leaves deletes Maan’s important files. Bhoomi comes back, checks laptop and prays god to help her prepare 1001 lamps.

Bhoomi carries gangajal to prepare clay lamps. Ugly Suman asks from where did she get gangajal. She says her mom gifted her during marriage. Ugly tells her that she should pour all water at once in clay and does it herself. Bhoomi starts kneading clay. Maan shows her lamp preparing video on laptop. she is shocked to hear that water should not be added in clay at once as it will get hard and should be poured from time to time. She looks at ugly and ugly says she hard wrong, says sorry and leaves. Bhoomi gets tensed how to prepare lamps now.

Surbhi convinces Varun to open a boutique for her from his FD money. Ugly calls her to inform that she has ruined Bhoomi’s plan. Surbhi says she is opening boutique. Ugly asks if she gave this upbringing to her. Surbhi says she is opening it at home and will enjoy not doing household chores.

Latha teaches Bhoomi how to prepare lamp and asks her to continue. Bhoomi starts preparing lamps. Family starts dinner. Agram asks where is bhabhimaa. Latha says she has gone out. They all see Bhoomi falling unconscious due to stress and run towards her. Ugly suman smirks thinking now definitely Bhoomi’s plan will fail. Latha and Ansh/Maan carry bhoomi to room and Latha leaves asking Bhoomi to rest and Ansh to take care of her.

Bhoomi tries to get up, but he asks her to rest and not risk her life for challenges. She says she has to complete badi maa’s task. He says it is waste telling her and leaves. She smiles thinking he showed concern for her.

Bhoomi then goes back and starts preparing lamps. Ansh sees that and thinks she always does what she wants and does not listen to anyone. Vasundhara comes home and is surprised to see Bhoomi counting lamps. Latha comes and asks her if she should serve her food on table. Vasundhara says she is tired and to send food to her room via servant. Latha then asks Bhoomi why did she get back to work after getting unconscious. Bhoomi says she will complete task at any cost and continues preparing lamps whole night.

Bhoomi while preparing clay lamps thinks Ansh did not see her effort at all. Ansh in his room thinks bhoomi did not come to check him, so he himself will go down and check.

Shanti sees Murli on terrace and asks what is he doing here. He says he wants to hide from her, so he came here. She says she will go back to room then. He holds her hand and says she knows he cannot live without her and makes her sit next to him. He says it is 50 years since their marriage and time flied so fast, now they are waiting for their great grand kids. She says yes. He hugs her. Bijender sees them and stands silently. Rajender sees Bijender and asks what is he doing there. He points at their parents. Rajender then makes noise and they both get conscious. Murli says it is a modern era and they are trying be romantic like Varun and Surbhi. Shanti gets shy.

Ansh comes down to check Bhoomi. Bhoomi prepares lamps talking to krishna’s idol and says she made almost half of lamps talking to him and hopes he would have also replied. Ansh silently sits on sofa. She thinks she is imagining Ansh and thinks if he would have been here, she would have got strength. He thinks he will stay there to make her feel good. Ugly suman does not get sleep and thinks of having churan from kitchen and comes down. Ansh sees her coming and hides. Ugly sees Bhoomi still working even after going unconscious and gets jealous. She thinks why is she not accepting her defeat and hopes she does not add 5 fists of rice in kalash.

Bhoomi continues talking to Ansh thinking as her imagination and says he looks cute in yellow shirts and says when they met first time she was afraid of him as he was too friendly and she was of reserved nature. Ansh thinks that is the reason she does not understand him well. Ugly Suman on her bed thinks how to spoil Bhoomi’s plan and thinks to break lamps. She falls asleep. Bhoomi continues talking to Ansh and falls asleep. He thinks how to wake her up. Bhoomi wakes up worriedly thinking she has to finish her work soon. She hopes she can speak to Ansh daily like this. She prepares around 925 lamps by morning and makes a big lamp thinking she will light it in Ansh’s name if she completes her target.

In the morning, Ansh takes out yellow shirt reminiscing Bhoomi’s words and thinks why is he inclining towards Bhoomi.

Latha sees Bhoomi still working and asks if she did not sleep yet. She says she had to finish her target. Latha says if she falls ill, she will twist her ears. Vasundhara comes getting ready. Latha asks if she is going out. Vasundhara says she is going to Delhi for 2 days on official work. Latha says Bhoomi finished making 1001 lamps and met her target. Vasundhara asks her to count lamps and if bhoomi has met her target to let bhoomi add 5 fists of rice. Ugly hears that and thinks she will not let bhoomi win.

Latha helps Bhoomi pack her prepared clay lamps in boxes. Ugly Suman watches it and thinks she should make Bhoomi fall and break lamps.

Santhi fumes over Surbhi’s idea of opening boutique in lawn and tells her children that she will not let this nonsense in her house.

Ugly Suman drops oil on floor and waits restlessly. Latha arranges lamps in boxes and tells that she has made 1001 lamps. Ansh comes down wearing yellow shirt and Bhoomi smiles seeing him. He sees oil on floor and just when bhoomi slips holding lamp box holds her on time. Ugly is shocked to see Bhoomi being rescued and acts as getting happy. She asks servant to clean floor. Latha asks Maan to go to temple with Bhoomi as he helped her from falling and asks Bhoomi to add 5 fists of rice in kalash/bowl. Ugly fumes hearing it. Bhoomi along with Ansh adds 5 fists of rice in kalash and thanks god for helping her last night

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