Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 8 July 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 8 July 2020

8th July 2020 Wednesday on Kulfi Update: Loveleen threats Maria says will do same thing with you, think about your family, and now go home don’t get involved in all this. Maria gets scared and looking at Kulfi walks, Kulfi looks at her and thinks why is she crying looking at me and follows her, Maria throws money in dustbin.

Kulfi sees it and says I saw you in my fathers room, I know that you know what has happened to him tell me the truth, Maria says no you are mistaken, Kulfi says please don’t lie my father is my everything, Maria says she has done something to your father and injected something to to your father, I got sacred, she threated to do same with my family, Maria is hit on head with person disguised, Maria faints.

Sikanders reports arrive, Kulfi runs and that person follows Kulfi, Kulfi runs outside hospital. Sikander stops responding, Amyra watching Sikander, starts crying. Kulfi hides, but is caught, kulfi escapes again and starts running, Kulfi about to hit by a truck a woman pulls her and saves her and takes her away. Loveleen removes her mask and gets angry on loosing Kulfi. Loveleen says Kulfi saved today I have to soon kill her because she will start looking for reason.
Lady tries to wake Kulfi, kulfi unconscious, she sees a car and asks for lift, a car stops and she acts as if Kulfi is her daughter and leaves in car and takes Kulfi to hospital, and says me and my daughter haven’t eaten for 3 days, because my husband doesn’t work, the lift person feels bad and hands lady some money, doctor says looks like she fainted because of some incident, lady starts crying saying I just lost my mother and I put all my mother into it and on my way back I found this girl, and I felt my mother came back in her presence but I don’t have money for her treatment, Doctor says don’t worry she will be our charity case.
Lady later parties with her friends, Kulfi asleep. Kulfi wakes up and sees lady fallen drunk, she walks to her, and tries to wake her, lady says good morning, and says I know you want to thank me because I saved you, you were gonna die in that accident, but I saved you, anyways you weren’t scared then why now, I treated you for free, and says you know always use the word mother, people melt and help you, this is very powerful word, Kulfi gets emotional missing Nimrat. Kulfi asks who are you and where am I, she keeps talking nonsense,Kulfi sees Sikander on news.


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