Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 8 January 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 8 January 2020

Kulfi walking down the lane scared sees Amyra and starts following her, she misses sight of Amyra. He shouts at Amyra why didn’t she bet when she didn’t have money, Amyra says I thought I will win the luck game as always

amyra is surrounded by goons and asked to pay their part, Amyra says my money is with my sister I will get it, they say you will pay us and then leave, Amyra says trust me it’s with my sister kulfi, they say come we will go with you, Kulfi sees Amyra and is in shock, Amyra says kulfi, goons look at Kulfi and run behind her, Amyra elopes. Amyra makes sikander call and says kulfi is in great trouble she is in kaali colony, manager hears sikander talk and says that place is not for kids, let’s go and save her, sikander says thank you Mr

Babar, I will manage..

Kulfi hides beneath a stage, Kulfi scared. Goons catch her. Lovely shows Nihalo kulfi and says she is a mess, from the day she has come nothing good has happened. Goons start asking Kulfi for money, Sikander steps in, Sikander says all step back she is my daughter dare anyone touch her I will break you in pieces. Nihalo says oh so Kulfi and Sikander found the truth, that little girl became so rich, Lovely says I resolved all differences but because of my one little mistake I’m back here, Nihalo gets excited, and says I will get this Kulfi back and will make her sing and earn lot of money.lovely says do whatever you wish too.

Sikander and Kulfi being attacked, Babar steps in, Kulfi scared, Babar says he is an artist and is my good friend, goons see Babar and ask him to forgive them and leave, Sikander thanks Babar.

Sikander gets Kulfi home, Amyra waiting, Sikander asks Kulfi why did she go Kaali colony, society people gather hearing his voice, money falls off kulfis kurta, Sikander picks it and asks where did so much money come from, Sikander scolds kulfi, Amyra says it was me not her, I went there for betting. Amyra says I’m sorry dad, I got greedy and tried betting, they were looking for me and not kulfi, Kulfi kept telling me to stop but I didn’t listen. Sikander says Amyra am I not working hard for you two, throw this money in dustbin, I failed. Amyra says it’s not you, but me, no one is like before with me, it’s just that this situation is new for me, and in frustration I did this, mom use to play this game in Diwali parties so even I gave it try for easy money.

Kamini tells inspector about Nihalo and lovely’s plan. Lovely and Nihalo see the bomb is wet, Lovely says all waste, how will we escape now without distraction. Sikander says Amyra says respect is very small word but has great importance, look at everyone staying with us, they have less money like us, but aren’t cheating they have huge respect and these kids they are happy in what they have never cribbing, learn to be happy.

Lovely and Nihalo hear Kamini talk to inspector. Raju mummy consoles Sikander, Sikander says it’s my fault I couldn’t raise them with good principals, Raju mummy says they are kids, they will learn from their mistakes, they are innocent but less in experience let them work on it, you will have to punish Amyra..

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