Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 5 August 2020 Kulfi finds Dr Jacob


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 5 August 2020 Kulfi finds Dr Jacob

Chalu acts as searching her gold earrings to search Dr. Jacob and asks Kulfi to search whole house. Mahinder Tauiji walks to her and hopes she doesn’t reveal her plan, else it will be recorded in Lovleen’s hidden recorder in specs.

Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 4 August 2020

He breaks his specs. Kulfi discusses she doesn’t now where Lovleen has hidden Dr. Jacob. Lovleen asks Mahinder to tell Kulfi’s plan and seeing his specs broken gets recorder from his pocket and hears Kulfi’s conversation. She plans that she will not let Kulfi’s team away from her vision even for a second. She walks to Chalu and says she accepts that she is Nimrath and she has right on Sikandar first. Beauty and Cutie also act as good with Jantar, Mantar, Mamaji and try to keep them busy in their chat.

Chalu realizes that Lovleen wants to keep them busy and not execute their plan. Kulfi starts singing while Jantar and Mantar escape. Chalu tells Lovleen that she needs to use washroom. Lovleen accompanies her thinking she will not leave her alone even for a second. Chalu’s aide enters as pest control officer and says there is cockroach infestation in this house and he needs to fumigate. He spreads smoke while Kulfi and her team searches Dr. Jacob. Kulfi hears unusual sound in sofa and finds Dr. Jacob in it. Pest control team rescue Dr. Jacob disguised as one among them.

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