Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 29 July 2020 (Kulfi finds Sikander)


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 29 July 2020 (Kulfi finds Sikander)

Police drags Kulfi out of house when she pushes police and runs back into house escaping from Lovleen and her puppets Beauty and Cutie. She runs into Sikandar’s room and hides in Sikandar’s cupboard. Tauji mislead Lovleen that Kulfi escaped via lift. Lovleen over phone orders her aide to find Kulfi and kill her. Tauji thinks he saw Kulfi getting into Sikandar’s room and prays god to let the kid meet her father soon.

Kulfi leans on cupboard wall and falls into a secret room behind. She is amazed to see her baba/Sikandar and emotionally hugs him. She cries that she was searching him everywhere and pleaded Lovleen to let her meet him, but she blamed her for his condition and even kicked her out of house. She says she will call Lovleen here. Sikandar reminisces Lovleen injecting her with poisonous medicine and making him paralytic and revealing plan to kill Gunjan. His heart rate increases hearing about Lovleen. Kulfi senses and asks him why heartbeat increased hearing about Lovleen, if she is the reason for his condition.

Sikandar thinks he can’t even speak to his daughter. Beauty tells Lovleen that they should keep police with them as she thinks Kulfi will return. After sometime, Jimmy explains his idea to Lovleen that they will steal new budding singers’ songs and release them as their invention and mint money, new singers won’t be having guts to file a complaint against them. Lovleen says she wants Amyra to be the top singer and since Sikandar is not here to interfere, they will let Amyra sing trending songs and become #1 singer. Jimmy accepts. Sikandar feels helpless not able to move or speak about Lovleen’s misdeeds. Kulfi sings a song and hugs him..

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