Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 29 January 2020

Kulfi and friends looking for Amyra, sikander at police station, police says hear his statement once, and says he can’t talk, Sikander says he isn’t, he just spoke to me, Police release him.

Police says Sikander I don’t have waste time for you and don’t come back or else I will throw you in prison. Lovely in mental asylum.

Kalti Matka all look for Amyra and no one finds her, a car comes at warehouse, and kidnapper gets down it talking on phone, hearing his footsteps kids hide. He starts drinking, kids start thinking how will they leave, kalti says let’s distract him with the ball and then run away, while escaping, kidnapper sees the kids and asks where were you running, kids starts messing with him but he catches

kulfis hand, all start hitting him to let Kulfi escape him, kids get rid of him and run away.

Sikander and Raju waiting for kids, sikander asks where were you, didn’t I ask you not to leave the house, Raju scolds his kids, Sikander asks kulfi to answer, Kulfi says we were following the guy who kidnapped Amyra, and tells whole episode, Kulfi says I took this key from him, we need to catch him and take him to police, Sikander says enough of it, I will get amyra and you kids act like kids, this is all a big confusion so you all kids will listen to me, Kulfi says she is my sister too, Sikander hugs her and says trust me, I know you miss her, but what if I lose you, so just listen to me, Raju asks what all is this confusion, Sikander says I will tell you, but don’t tell others.

Sikander thinking about all the confusion and burns his hand while cooking, kids see Kulfi taking care of Sikander, Kulfi applies Haldi on Sikanders hand, sikander says I will get you food, kids walk in and say you don’t have to, Kulfi gets emotional, sikander has food with kids.

Sikander missing Amyra, Kulfi sees Sikander unable to sleep and sings to calm him down.

Sikander tells Kulfi if there is anything she will inform Raju mummy or call him but won’t leave the house and warns other kids too. Kulfi and friends discussing, about the key they got last night. Kulfi shows kids that last night she imprinted the key last night and now they will get a new key from it.

Sikander goes prison to meet lovely but isn’t allowed as has no permission, Nihalo sees him and starts mimicking lovely, and says I’m very happy she is mad, sikander asks who is she, Nihalo says kulfi spoilt my life then your lovely, Sikander says Nihalo. Nihalo is taken inside. Inspector informs Sikander about Lovely.

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