Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 27 November 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 27 November 2019

Bhola missing Pakhi, he sees kulfi both give eachother cold looks, kids start teasing Bhola, kids are addressed and principal Vikram Ahoja, is welcomed he addresses kids and says this school will make you star and once Vikram sees the shine in you, he will make you superstar I promise.

Bhola says may I sing, I sing very well, Vikram things of Sikander looking at him, bhola rushes to Guruji and takes his blessings, and begins singing. Vikram has grudges for sikander and says we had started together he became super star and I became dean here I had sworn that day I will snatch everything from him, bhola teases kulfi while singing.

Pakhi says mummy I’m missing papa, nandini says 10 days and he will be with us, Nandini gets call from lovely, lovely says I’m not feeling good, just hoping he is fine, Nandini says Aai had called and she said it’s good day today to pray for husbands. Bhola hugs Vikram and asks how did he sing, Vikram doesn’t answer, bhola says no worries tell me later. Kulfi steps in and thinks baba you will have to sing with me today, bhola says this witch will sing and I will throw eggs on her and then camp people will send me to Pakhi.

Kulfi begins singing, Bhola walks to her and holds her hands and joins her sing. Lovely prays for sikander. Bhola hugs Kulfi and has nimrats flashes, bhola faints. Bhola wakes up and sees Nandini and Pakhi around and hugs her, Guruji says doctor asked bhola to rest, Kulfi hiding and watching, bhola says Nandini did we stay in some village because I saw some girl with me, Nandini says yes yes, Kulfi gets excited and says he is remembering things.

Bhola hugs Nandini, Kulfi very excited as Bhola recalling past things. Bhola and Pakhi spending time together, bhola tells Pakhi kulfi is here too,Pakhi says let’s go right away, bhola says but Nandini said I have to stay here, Pakhi gets very angry, bhola says I will runaway tonight. Kulfi sees Pakhi, both share cold looks, Pakhi says stop following my papa and leave him alone.

Nandini questioning Pakhi if Kulfi was her friend. Pakhi gets angry and denies it. Kulfi and Bhola join their singing lessons. Vikram to himself says he has a strong feeling that Bhola was in fact Sikander,goes to the class and starts conversing with Bhola in hopes of finding some clue. The kids questioned Bhola and attempted to insult him. Everybody mocked at Bhola when he started singing. Vikram called Bhola a huge failure.

Kulfi gets angry and stops Vikrant from talking ill about Bhola. She restrained herself from speaking Bhola’s real identity. Bhola walked out of his class and cried alone in a corner. Kulfi came to console him. He said he wanted to go back to Pakhi. Lovely watched Bhola. Kulfi offered Nimrat’s handkerchief to Bhola but he failed to recall anything. Bhola asked Kulfi not to play with his feelings.

Lovely shared her pain with Nandini. Nandini said she will help her in resolving the problem. Bhola ran away from Kulfi. Kulfi set the fire alarm and took the help of the guards to stop Bhola from running away. Chandan’s goon informed him about Bhola.

Chandan asked them to kill Bhola. Kulfi came to Sikander and started singing. He received glimpses of his past life. Meanwhile, Nandini got shocked to see Sikander’s picture. Sikander addressed Kulfi by her name. He regained his memory. Suddenly, some kids started playing a very loud noise. Sikander has an attack.