Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 26 February 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 26 February 2020

Kulfi gives Sikander Prasad and leaves, Sikander gives it to pandit and leaves. Sikander with girls and other kids leave.

Sikander asleep sees a shadow enter his room, Sikander says no no don’t take me away, Kulfi amyra wake up and try resisting Sikander, Sikander wakes up and realises it was a dream. Sikander panics,he steps out of room, and has his medicines, Sikander sees Raju Mummy, drying clothes, Raju talks about taking care of his kids, Sikander says you are right I have to take care of my girls, if I won’t who will, Raju asks what’s wrong, Sikander asks tell me one thing what will happen to your kids after you, you have no answer right, so do I, Raju says why do we want this answer, Sikander says life comes with no guarantee.

Sikander tells Raju he isn’t doing

well, and tells him about his blood clot, Raju mummy says but doctor MRI, is all normal, it’s just that you are overthinking, Sandy walks and says he isn’t lying, he asked me to lie, Sikander says I’m sorry to lie but I had to hide the truth for the sake of my girls. Raju says you will be fine, and you are fine, let’s check again, Sikander says I have retested and answer was there is just one complicated surgery, and oestrogen succeed I will go handicap and I don’t want that, Raju says tell me what you want me to do I will, sikander says I myself don’t know, who will look after my girls, Raju says they have me, Sandy says they have an elder brother too.
Sikander says I know you and whole chawl loves them a lot, but life, they have me as their support how will they survive without me, I can’t even imagine, didn’t you see their reaction after hearing my news, I have to prep them, make them strong to fight this world, they will bravely face this world.

Kulfi Amyra wake up, Sikander waiting for them, and says breakfast is ready cmon have it, Kulfi asks what’s the news why are you so happy, Amyra says dad this is yummy what will I do without you, Sikander says what if I have to stay away because of work, Kulfi says we will take care of eachother, Sikander says okay I have to go away for work for a work how will I manage, Kulfi says I will cook food and Amyra will look after house, Amyra says yes we will manage and help eachother, Sikander says good girls and always remembers we are a family.

Sikander leaves for work, Amyra says cmon kulfi party time.

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