Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 25 March 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 25 March 2020

Kulfi says I feel like I’m in my own country, Tuntuna walks to her wearing Burkha, Kulfi asks what’s wrong with you, Tuntuna says this is to fool people so that they don’t find that an Indian girl is with me, Kulfi says okay and both leave, Kulfi finds him very funny, Kulfi finds phone, and tries Sikanders number, shop keeper finds it weird Kulfi dealing Indian numbers, Tuntuna says it’s risky here, let me board you in Kartarpur bus and you meet your family people there.

A man who saw Kulfi singing last night wonders who is Kulfi going with and walks to her and asks lady where you taking Kulfi, they think Tuntuna is child theif, Tuntuna gets scared and runaway, police see Kulfi with villagers and think she belongs to this place.

Lovely trying to get off coal marks, amyra walks in and asks what are you doing these packets are used whole month, you can wipe this whole in one wipe, Lovely sees cockroach and gets scared, Amyra says don’t worry, just spray this once and leaves. Lovely says what’s wrong with Amyra why is she counting on things, also she isn’t scared of insects. Villagers leave Kulfi back to Tuntuna so house, Tuntuna walks out, Kulfi starts laughing, Tuntuna says you are back again, Kulfi says what will I do they got me here and why don’t you leave me if I’m problem, Tuntuna explains kulfi that crossing border isn’t difficult task.

Kulfi says I will go to Kartarpur on my own, Tuntuna and kulfi get in argument and kulfi leaves. Tuntuna runs behind Kulfi to help her after feeling guilty. Kulfi very angry, Tuntuna apologies, Kulfi says I don’t want to go with you, Tuntuna says how will I look at my mom if I don’t help you, Kulfi says not at all, Tuntuna acts as if thrones pricked him, Kulfi realises he is acting, both patch up finally. Tuntuna says we will go on my ride, very fast, and shows kulfi his cycle.

Sikander in Pakistan starts looking for Kulfi and asks for kulfi to near by people. Kulfi and Tuntuna on their ride to Kartarpur, cycle punctures, Kulfi and tuntuna walk their way, Tuntuna picks her over his shoulders, Kulfi Tuntuna take break, Tuntuna falls asleep. Kulfi after sometime wake him up and gets apples for him, both relish over apples, Kulfi says my village is as pretty as this place, even Mumbai, people passing by over hear and ask you are from Mumbai.
Kulfi says yes from chiroli India.

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