Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 18 September 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 18 September 2019

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Sattu tells Kulfi that Sikandar is her father. Kulfi gets happy as she thinks about all the past times when she had imagined Sikandar as her father. Kulfi screams that she is Kulfi Sikandar Singh Gill. Kulfi goes around telling everyone that she is Sikander’s daughter. Kulfi thinks about all her past moments with Sikandar. Kulfi thinks that Sikandar must be as good as her mother. Kulfi remembers her mother’s words that her father had gone away and abandoned them. Kulfi thinks why Sikandar left them and went away although he is such a nice person. Sikandar is worried as Kulfi is not in the house. Mohender returns home and Sikandar hugs him. Gunjan meets Lovely and tells her that she is fine now. Lovely gets tensed. Kulfi gets angry with Sattu for keeping the truth hidden from her

for so long. Kulfi gets angry and says that Sikandar went away leaving her mother. Kulfi asks Sattu whether Sikandar is a good man or a bad man. Sattu says that he cannot say anything.
Mohender tells Sikandar that they will search for Kulfi. Sikandar hears Amayra saying that she is very happy that Kulfi has gone away. Amayra tells Lovely that she made Kulfi go away. Sikandar hears this and gets shocked. Sattu tells Kulfi that whenever he heard Sikandar’s song, he used to think about his betrayal to Nimrit. Sattu says that he did not want Sikandar to know that Kulfi is his daughter as he hated him. Sattu says that Sikandar does not know that Nimrit is dead and thinks that Nimrit has married someone else. Kulfi tells Sattu that all of them have been lying to her. Sikandar tells Amayra that he is ashamed of her for doing something so mean to Kulfi. Amayra goes away angrily. Sikandar asks Lovely to stop manipulating Amayra. Lovely tells Sikandar that he does not care about Amayra and he cares only for Kulfi.

Lovely tells Sikandar that he is blinded in Kulfi’s love. Kulfi tells Sattu that Sikandar is taking good care of her and has also fought with Lovely and Amayra for her. Kulfi asks Sattu why Sikandar left her mother. Sattu says that only Sikandar can answer her questions. Sikandar tells Lovely that his and Kulfi’s relationship is of truth and music. Sikandar tells Lovely that she will not be able to separate him and Kulfi. Sikandar says that he will not search for Kulfi as he knows that she will come back to him. Kulfi tells Sattu that Amayra hates her so much and wishes that she had died. Sattu asks Kulfi to think only about herself and not others. Sattu tells Kulfi that he will do only what she wants.

Kulfi says mama I don’t know what to do whether return or stay, mama says do what makes you happy,Kulfi says it will make me happy to to call him baba but will he tell me the truth why he left Ma,what will I do,what if isn’t the person I love, I respect him a lot, what if it all goes with the answers I get,Setu says enough kulfi stop thinking.

Mohendar sees Sikander paint room,Mohendar says we need to find kulfi what are we doing here,Sikander says she will come on her own,and this isn’t as big as her room in tevars but this she will love because it’s her,in her own house.mohendar says Bebe gunjan you stay with him I don’t know what he is upto,I’m going to look for kulfi. Gunjan says to Sikander how are you so sure she will return what if she has forgotten way

or something,Sikander says she may forget anything but not me she will return.
Kulfi very upset and tensed,Setu says don’t worry your mama will work very hard and even educate you, bholi will be happy to see you,Kulfi says but mami won’t be,Setu says I will manage that come let’s go,Kulfi missing Sikander and time spent with him, bus arrives,Kulfi and Setu get in bus.

Amyra sees Sikander set kulfis room and says I can’t let this happen,amyra stops her and says don’t, your dad has lost it since Kulfi is gone,he thinks she will come back in her own,amyra says but why her room in our house,let her go to her dirty village,lovely says look at him,he is so excited he has lost it,amyra says he is waiting for her,Lovely says and it will end till then let him be and I promise Kulfi won’t return,amyra hugs her.

Kulfi remembers Nimrats words and says you told me Baba is near me but what should I be with him or not ,give some sign Ma,bus is stopped an mentally ill aunty walks in and starts looking for someone and starts crying,and leaves.sikander hangs a picture of his kulfi and Tevar.

Driver says she lost someone close and keeps finding every passing by bus,Kulfi says was that sign. Lovely says Sikander if she returns she would be most shameless girl,Sikander says she will return for me I believe in her she won’t leave me alone,she is mine and she will return to me,no one can separate her from me,Kulfi hears that and calls him baba,Sikander in tears,Lovely shocked,Kulfi runs to him and hugs him,Kulfi says I know you are my Baba,Sikander surprised,Kulfi says I’m your daughter baba,nimrats daughter,my mama told me my heart wasn’t lying,you are my baba,my dream came true,lovely in shock. Sikander very happy,Kulfi comes out of her imagination.

Sikander says to lovely no one can separate her from me,and turns around and sees kulfi,Sikander rushes to her and hugs her, lovely in shock,Mohendar and Bebe walk to them,amyra runs out,breakdowns seeing them,she runs to lovely and hugs her. Sikander scolds kulfi for leaving,Kulfi wipes his tears and says sorry,Sikander asks her to promise that she will never leave him and gone,Kulfi says before that I want to ask you something.

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