Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 15 July 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 15 July 2020

Kulfi continues to search Sinkandar in whole house. Lovleen brutally trashes Chalu. Chalu pushes er away and escapes with Chalu. Back in her den, Chalu writhes in pain while her friends and Kulfi apply medicine on her wounds. She asks Kulfi what was she searching in that house. Kulfi says she went to search her baba/father and tells her story in detail. Chalu and her friends feel sad for Kulfi. Kulfi asks Chalu if she will meet her father.

Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 14 July 2020

Chalu says she may and may not and takes her along to her uncle and aunty’s house with grocery and gifts and asks if they took medicines on time, she sent plumber to fix pipes, etc.. Uncle and aunty ask her to relax and ask about Kulfi. Chalu says she is her friend. Uncle and aunty say without Chalu’s help, they would have been on street. Chalu gets emotional and walks away saying she will return soon. Kulfi greets uncle and aunty and follows Kulfi.Amyra tells Sikandar that her song become super hit and mamma has arranged new year party at home for all celebrities, she is singing a rap song dedicated for Kulfi for the betrayal she did to Sikandar by trying to kill him, etc.. Lovleen walks in and sending Amyra out locks door, pierces needle into Sikandar’s neck and takes him away to a secret place on wheelchair saying nobody will know where he is.

Chalu runs aside and tries to cry. Kulfi asks reason. Chalu confesses that the old couple are her real parents and not uncle and aunty; her parents had 4 sons already when she was born, \they loves sons and considered her as liability, so they dropped her in an orphanage only after 2-3 days of her birth; she somehow grew up in orphanage and find out about her parents; when she met them to confront them, they themselves were on road as their sons betrayed them and threw them on road, so she adopted them as uncle and aunty and brought them to her home, since then she never revealed her true identity. Kulfi emotionally says their stories are similar, Chalu cannot call her real parents are parents, but her mother has passed away and she is searching her father. She tries to hug Chalu. Chalu stops her and warns not to get too emotional.

Party starts at Sikandar’s house. Amayra sings rap song and entertains guests. Lovleen starts her speech. Chalu with Kulfi walks in. Lovleen yells at Kulfi and asks whom did she bring. Chalu asks who is she. Lovleen says she is in her house and asking who is she, she is is Sikandar’s wife. Chalu says Lovleen is Sikandar’s 2nd wife, but she is his first wife. Lovleen stands fuming more.

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