Kulfi the Singing Star  Wednesday update 11 December 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday update 11 December 2019

Lovely finding out that Sikander dressed up as Sardar to meet Kulfi . Sikander was not pleased to see Kulfi’s short dress. Sikander sabotaged the dress with tea and Vikram got worried for the same.

Gunjan started blaming Amyra again for ruining everything. Mia decided to choose a dress for Kulfi and got upset with her needing to wear small clothes. She asked Vikram to not let her wear this kind of dress. Amyra was angry with Kulfi and told Ron to comment bad things on Kulfi’s posts. Lovely stopped them from doing that.

Murphy brought a beautiful frock for Kulfi to wear but Vikram was not satisfied with it. Murphy aka Sikander gets further upset to see her new dress. Sikander damaged the whole fuse box to stop the shooting. In the car, Vikram was upset with the loss but Mia said it was for the best that video wasn’t shot.

She further said that Kulfi would go to school from the next day and not after one month. Sikander got delighted with Mia’s decision while Kulfi was shocked. Vikram blamed Amyra for everything and showed her music video. Sikander got mad at Lovely for posting a music video of Amyra in lewd costume.

Amyra and Lovely blame Sikander for being absent during all important decisions. He ordered them to remove the video from the internet. Sikander reached Mia’s house and discovered Kulfi was not keeping well. He decided to admit her in a hospital

Kulfi with Murphy, Murphy asks kulfi where is she lost, Murphy explains her concept of heroism, Kulfi says this road I know where it goes why are we going there, Murphy says because you are home sick, Kulfi says stop the car, I don’t want to see him or his house. Murphy says I will cover his face, Kulfi says you are my work friend stay that ways, don’t try unite me with sikander I never want to go to his place, Murphy says okay let’s go to my house. Kulfi says okay. Murphy says you stay here I will be back.

Murphy makes a call his friend Rajat, and says I have important work, get me a family and your home, and explains situation. Rajat as Dharmendra and his friend Neha as Pammi, and Saroj his maid as Murphy’s wife churpy, and he addresses everyone their job.

Murphy walks in with Kulfi churpy asks who you want to meet, Kulfi says you are in wrong house, Murphy says my family is a little humorous, Kulfi says how confusing, Kulfi sees his mother and gets excited and says you are so good,Ma asks where did you find such cute girl and who named you Kulfi, Kulfi remembers nimrat, and in tears says my mother, Dharmendra behind kids, Murphy goes hug him and says oh my brother, Kulfi says these kids are yours, Murphy says yes, Kulfi says yes but you said you have girls, Murphy makes an excuse. Kulfi asks them names, they say wait we don’t remember, Murphy says they are very naughty, their names are Rupi and Muni.

Pammi introduces herself and says you can call us aunty and uncle, Kulfi misses gunjan and Mohendar. Churpy scolds kids, Kulfi says oh she reminded me of Mami. Dharmendra says let’s have snacks, Murphy says I will cook some and get you. Dharmendra asks kulfi to sing, Kulfi says I don’t feel like, Dharmendra says no worries, sing when you feel like or else you can’t give your 100%. Kulfi says Murphy says same and imitates him, Murphy happy to see Kulfi happy. Dharmendra says even I belong to chiroli. Kulfi keeps talking and talking. Dharmendra goes clueless.

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