Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 4 February 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 4 February 2020

Kulfi roaming around the hall, Jimmy dashes her. Sikander slowly walks over the sill. Jimmy says don’t be scared so soon kid, I want strong contender be confident be strong and Leaves.

Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 3 February 2020

Kulfi sees a man crying and asks what’s wrong, he says a man was so rude I didn’t give him cold water and it wasn’t even my fault and he punched me look his rings mark on my face, Kulfi asks where is he, he points that room, Kulfi sees it’s the kidnapper well dressed. Sikander reaches a rooms window and gets in.

Sikander sees Tony and Jimmy in that room and attacks Tony and Jimmy, he says stop it and keep my Amyra out if it, and I won’t do any crime for you just return my daughter, Sikander is scared by shooting by bullet just by his ear.

Kidnapper pulls Kulfi in and asks who are you, I have seen you somewhere, where. He says don’t worry sikander, it’s first time, Sikander says please leave me and my daughter I can’t do it, he says you are best we need you and CM trusts you, and so you will kill CM. Tony and Jimmy shocked hearing that.

Kulfi says baba, you are my baba, why did you leave me and go, kidnapper gets annoyed and leaves, Kulfi continues her acting and keeps following him thinking she will get to Amyra. Sikander pleads not to do so, he says we have to do so, Sikander says please give me my daughter. He says we will tell you whole set up when to kill CM, Sikander says I can’t kill CM, he says and Amyra.

Kulfi follows the kidnapper, Kulfi sees him talking on phone, he comes out Kulfi hides in a room. Kidnapper leaves.

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