Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 4 August 2020 Chalu drugs Lovely team


Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 4 August 2020 Chalu drugs Lovely team

Amyra cries seeing Kulfi crying. Chalu tells her that she cannot cry and even a single drop of teaar doesn’t come out of her eyes, if she had a sister like Kulfi, even she would have cried. Amyra walks away. Chalu walks to Kulfi, and Kulfi cries asking how to find Dr. Jacob. Chalu says they will continue trying until they find Dr. Jacob.

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Kulfi finds Dr. Jacob’s passport and shows it to her team. Chalu says Lovleen must have kidnapped and hidden Dr. Jacob like Sikandar as she doesn’t want Sikandar to get well. Sattu asks whom to question if they want to know Lovleen’s plan. Jantar and Mantar say them if someone wants to know Chalu’s plan, similarly Cutie and Beauty if they want to know Lovleen’s plan. They passon Dr. Jacob’s passport with a help request note to inspector. Inspector brings it to Beauty, Cutie, and Lovleen and asks if Dr. Jacob is really absconding why will he leave help request and his passport. Lovleen gets nervous. Inspector takes Lovleen along to police station for statement.

Chalu tells she will make Cutie and Beauty blurt out Lovleen’s plan. Beauty and Cutie order pizza. Chalu mixes some powder in oregano seasoning and tells Kulfi that last time Cutie voice went away, now they both will speak louder.

 Cutie and Beauty start speaking louder and dancing. Chalu then offers them bhang mixed juice and dances with them, then acting as inebriated with them says she doesn’t want to fight with them and loves enjoying with them. Beauty says she is right, why they fight with her often. Chalu asks where has Lovleen hidden Dr. Jacob. Cutie says she is trying to know secret, they will not reveal that Dr. Jacob is around them but is invisible. Kulfi thinks what do they mean.

Next morning, Lovleen wakes up Cutie and Beauty and asks why were they sleeping instead of guarding house. Beauty says she feels like having hangover without consuming alcohol. Lovleen asks what did they have. Beauty says pizza which she herself took from delivery boy, added oregano. Cutie says Nimrath offered them juice and they don’t know what happened after that. Lovleen says Nimrath has done something for sure. She walks to Tauji and asks him to find out what Kulfi is up to. Tauji walks into Kulfi’s room and hears her discussing with her team they need to find out where Lovleen has hidden Dr. Jacob in this house.