Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 31 December 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 31 December 2019

Kulfi says Kalti Amyra wants to talk to you, Amyra says look we have ghost in our house, you felt too right, Kulfi nods yes, amyra starts scaring Kalti and friends, Kulfi holds her stomach,

kalti asks why is your stomach aching, Kulfi says because I’m scared, Jhangia says leave the room then, Amyra says why shall we, they get into argument, jhangia says because of you a kid is missing.

Lovely in pain, all make fun of her, Kamini threatens her. Kulfi says when did we loose a kid, Jhangia says Matka, matka came to us when it was raining heavily, and Himmat asked him to leave, but we hide him in room 11, but Himmat found it and threw him out, and we are looking for him everyday, Kulfi says we are sorry for him but it’s not

our fault, Chitra says you took the room and so Himmat found it and all will take revenge, and trouble you so you leave this place.
Sikander goes to see lovely,lovely says these people trouble me please take me out, you are living happily and me here, my dad paid for that house, sikander tells whole story to lovely, lovely says quickly do something, sikander says the quickly is the mistake I made 9 years back, you stay here and once out we will live happily after. Sikander leaves..

Kulfi starts searching for Matka, kalti says we are helping kulfi, amyra walks in, and says I don’t want to share but pizza anyone, Kulfi asks money, amyra says I tricked pizza delivery boy in late address and free pizza, Kulfi takes the pizza and says wrong doing amyra, he must be in so much loss and baba will feel so bad, kalti stands by kulfi, Kulfi sees pizza missing. Kulfi scolds amyra, Amyra says I didn’t take, pizza box comes back empty, Kulfi says what is this you eating so much cheese bread aloo paratha pizza, amyra says I didn’t, Kulfi says if you didn’t who did.

Kulfi remembers all the instances how food is going missing and says this is Matka surely, he surely is somewhere around us, kalti says this is too much, Chitra says yes too much, Kulfi says Matka is here, we just have to find him, amyra gets scared as lights go off, Kulfi tries to cheer her up, Amyra says I can’t survive in darkness, kalti and friends try to cheer Amyra, and says don’t worry we will help you as we are team.

Kalti switches off power of whole society, all gather, Himmat says calm down and stay here, yusuf says sandy I think room 11 did this, Sandy announces that in front of society all walk to the, girls get scared, kalti sees girls scared, and says come with me, and says this safe place, Kulfi says all think we are culprit. Kalti says now we need to focus on finding Matka, Kulfi says Matka is around us we need to find him.

Kulfi says you people always hide in this same place, you people may know where Matka is hiding here somewhere let’s look for him, all start looking for Matka..

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