Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 30 June 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 30 June 2020

Kulfi and Sikanders team reach field, Sikander says lets warm up. JJs team arrive, everyone shocked to see them, Mirchi says how will we defeat them,they look so much in form.

Kulfi the Singing Star Mon update 29 June 2020

JJ walks to Sikander and says your fresher’s team is here to play or insult themselves, Sikander says laugh now later you wont be able to, JJ says your coach is so cute,Kulfi says im his daughter,lets begin the game now.

Kulfi talking to team,JJs team make fun of them, Kulfi gives instructions, JJs team ask him why are they so angry,JJ doesnt answer.

Amyra cheers for Sikander. Kho kho game begins, JJs team starts scoring. kulfi cheers for her team. Jogi and Sikander step inside the field. jogi out.

Amyra cheers for Sikander, team starts cheering for Sikander, Sikander whole team out in 18 min.
Judges say now Sikander team has to out JJ team in 18 min.

Lovely makes a call to Reena, and says do what i have asked you. Kulfi with Sikander, makes him his medicine. Kulfi worried for Sikander, Kulfi says i know you are feeling dizzy, you have to out whole JJ team.
Sikandar says stop worrying,trust your baba. Kulfi says yes, Sikander says i will win for sure.

Lovely goes rushing to Sikander and tells their house is on fire, says guard just called me, Lovely says we need to go, Kulfi thinks we need to go Chandnaur. Lovely calls Reena and thanks him fkr making smoke in garden to give false alarm.

Kulfi prays for Sikander, Amyra rushes to Kulfi, and asks Kulfi why did you say dad will feel better.

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Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 2 July 2020