Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 3 September 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 3 September 2019

Sikandar tells Tevar that they should learn good things from Kulfi. He tells Tevar to stay calm minded like Kulfi.Kulfi studies hard as she has to pass the exam and meet her Mama in the village. Tevar tells Sikandar that he also needs to learn from him. They come up with a plan to teach things to Kulfi. They take Amyra’s help in preparing Kulfi for the exam.

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Tevar feels happy that Kulfi is learning things quite fast. Sikandar tells him that Kulfi is very smart, a really extraordinary child. Amyra teaches colors recognition to Kulfi. She asks Kulfi to learn from Lovely as well. Tevar tells Kulfi that she has learnt a lot during the play. Kulfi thanks him for his smart move. He asks her to thank Sikandar, who gave this easy idea

to teach her. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she can’t do as he wants, she has to go to her village and meet her uncle.
She doesn’t want to forgive him. Tevar asks Sikandar the problem. Sikandar doesn’t tell him anything. Tevar and Amyra want to find out the problem.

Gunjan wishes that Sikandar and Kulfi know their truth. She wants to help them and prays that she gets strength. Sikandar tries to persuade Kulfi against meeting her uncle. He tells her that her uncle knows her dad is a bad person at heart, she shouldn’t go to her dad. Kulfi tells Sikandar that her uncle told her that her dad is a good person, and even if he is bad, she has a right to know about him. She wants to take a decision about her dad. Sikandar fears that her heart will break. He tells her to stay happy with Tevar.

Kulfi tells Sikandar that she really wants her real father. She is hopeful that Lord will unite her with her real father. He wants to protect her from all the sorrows. Gunjan wants to recover soon and break the big truth to Sikandar and Kulfi. Sikandar and Kulfi’s emotional moment continues. He consoles the little girl and gets affected by her dropping tears. Gunjan wishes she could speak. She prays and realizes that she can speak up.

Tevar asks Kulfi to pass the entrance test and then get the school admission. He promises her that he will take her to Chirauli. He shows her the tickets. He tells her that she is Sikandar’s fairy and will fly to her village. He asks her about the tensions between Sikandar and her. Amyra asks Sikandar why is he upset with Kulfi. She wonders if they had a fight. Sikandar wants to hide the secret and resolve the problem. Amyra also wants to solve their problem. Gunjan tries to tell the truth to Kulfi that Sikandar is her real father.

Lovely upset about being compared to Nimrat by amyra,and says god knows what is this happening,gunjan starring at Lovely. A,Ukraine and Tevar discussing thta something is wrong between kulfi and Sikander and they need to work it out, love,y walks to amyra and asks what’s happening, amyra says kulfis surprise ,Tevar will be here with Kulfi lot of work,lovely says have food,she says I did long back with dad,and others and leaves. Lovely breaks the bowl in anger,Sikander and Amyra rush to her, amyra says mom you wasted so much food,you know Kulfi and her mom didnt have food like for days and starts picking things,Sikander remembers Amyra tantrums and how understanding she is becoming.

Sikander thinks girls are learning good things staying with each other,that’s so good and says princess

let me help you, amyra says dad I shall place it in kitchen,Sikander says Amyra I’m very proud. Lovely asks Sikander what are you trying to do,I have told you to keep her away from Tevar,Sikander says I’m not like you to keep her away from her father,Lovely says why are you making her negative about me,Sikander says you and your Brains,lovely says she is comparing me,you are teaching her that I’m not a good mother,Sikander says kids see the truth,Lovely says fine and leaves.
Sikander sees gunjan and walks to her,and asks what’s wrong, Tevar and kulfi walk in,Tevar signs Amyra, Tevar says kulfi stay here I will be back and leaves. Sikander walks to kulfi, Amyra shows Tevar uniform and says I got this for kulfi,and say it’s by me and dad, good idea right,Tevar says well thought. Kulfi sees gunjan looking at her and walks to her, Sikander asks kulfi questions to translate in English and she answers, he smiles, Kulfi says I know the answers and also that these are reasons to talk to me, Sikander says I’m helpless and I can’t stay without talking,Kulfi says so am I but I can’t move on till I meet mama,Sikander says please forgive me,gunjan says they know the truth then what is this happening I will tell Kulfi the truth and tries calling her,Tevar comes and takes Sikander away.

Amyra walks to kulfi, kulfi asks what’s wrong,I was studying and you called me urgently,amyra says close your eyes, and hands her the uniform,Kulfi gets very excited and hugs her,amyra says me and dad got you for this,I don’t know why are you upset with him but he is very sorry,Kulfi says I know but I’m very helpless and can’t even share with you,amyra says later now go wear it and let’s surprise everyone,gunjan sees them bond and says this kulfi is such a charm forgot her pain within minutes I can’t let her be in pain anymore,she has right to know the truth, Kulfi gets dressed in her uniform, amyra praises her,Kulfi remembers her mama,and thinks Mama you would be so happy seeing me in this I will see you soon, amyra says let’s go show everyone. Kulfi says first Ma and goes in balcony,Kulfi prays to Nimrat and says pray for me and ask god to keep blessings on me,amyra talks to Nimrat and says I’m amyra I’m Kulfis friend and do talk to god for kulfi.amyra and kulfi hug each other.

Gunjan tries calling kulfi,she tries to lift her hands,and move the wheel chair,lights go off. Amyra panics, Kulfi says I’m not scared come, someone walks to gunjan, gunjan says your Baba is Sikander, lights come on, it’s Mayra who hears it.

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