Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 28 July 2020(Kulfi close to finding Sikander)


Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 28 July 2020(Kulfi close to finding Sikander)

Lovleen shouts at Chalu and her team for spreading fake fire and tells Amyra that these people are fraud, shouts at Kulfi that she boasts about truth and lied so much, until she is alive she will make sure that Kulfi doesn’t meet her father. Beauty says forget it, anyways police will arrest them in the morning. Kulfi cries that she will not find her baba now.

Chalu says she need not worry as she had painted Lovleen slippers and she can trace her footsteps. She switches off light and traces footsteps to Sikandar’s room and stops hear cupboard. Kulfi senses Sikandar’s presence. Sikandar on the other side thinks he is right here. Chalu says there is no one here. Kulfi insists. Beauty walks in and yells that she will not only ask police to kick them out tomorrow but also file complaint against them. Jantar and Mantar get afraid thinking their old crime files will be opened and they will go to jail forever.

In the morning, Kulfi runs to Lovleen and pleads her to get her to baba. Lovleen shouts at her to get out and not disturb her. Kulfi walks back to Sikandar’s room and sings a song sadly.

In the morning, Kulfi hears Beauty greeting inspecting and runs to Chalu’s room, but does not find her. She walks to living room where Lovleen says her fake Nimrath and aides ran away, not she will be out of this house. Kulfi pleads Lovleen to let her meet her father, but Lovleen shouts she will never. Kulfi then pleads Amyra reminding her what baba told, but to no avail. Lovleen thinks once police kicks Kulfi out, she will get her killed by her goons. She orders inspector to drag Kulfi away. Inspector drags Kulfi while she continues pleading..

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