Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 25 February 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 25 February 2020

Shanta tai gets kulfi turmeric milk, Himmat asks Yusuf to get Kulfis medicines, Kids gets gifts for Kulfi to cheer her up, Kulfi says I am fine, I am happy that baba is fine, Sikander looks at Sunny, Kulfi says baba its time to follow your promise. Sikander in mask goes to Fateh, Fateh pleas not to torture him, Kulfi watching them, Sikander says I am sorry I troubled you I am sorry, be a good man, don’t turn up to be like your dad, Fateh says I know you are testing me, Sikander says I am not you are free to go, Fateh leaves, Kulfi walks to Sikander and hugs him and says I always knew you are a good man, never do bad, lets be happy in whatever we have.

Himmat asks Sikander where were you two, Sikander just took her on a stroll, Amyra says you two look very happy, what is it, Kulfi

says you give me a hug, Sikander says it’s a happy time lets party tonight. Sikander says I will come back soon. Sikander wears his mask and goes to a room where Fateh is tied up in presence of Raju mummy. Fateh starts crying says why did you do this, let me go. Raju mummy tapes his mouth, and both leave. Sikander looks at his mask and says this makes me evil day by day, even made me lie to my girl.

Sandy lost during the party, Himmat says we having so much fun after so long, Kulfi says after so long I’m feeling light thank you baba. Electricity and water connection resumes all very happy, Sikander confused, Kulfi asks Sikander how did this happen, Sikander says I don’t know, I just did what you asked me too, Kulfi says may be Jimmy got happy and gave it back, Raju comes back, Sikander asks is Fateh in his place, Raju says yes, and now be happy you will soon get your money too, Jimmy is returning everyone everything, Sikander says he is not a good guy, I doubt this is his new move.

Few guys troubling a women, she clicks their picture and sends and says I caught them come, police van arrives and she hits them, and says you can never win over Tejasvini. Tejasvini gets call, Jimmy says I returned everyone everything and going to see Sikander tomorrow, she says okay police force will accompany you.

Shantatai buying vegetables and bargaining, Amyra Kulfi walk to Sikander and say lets go out, Sikander says I have work you kids go. Jimmy walks in with his assistant, Himmat sees him and doesn’t let him enter the chawl, Jimmy says Sikander I need to talk to you alone, Himmat lets him in, Sikander says speak up, Jimmy says stop ypur drama, I have returned everyone’s everything, so heres your share, Sikander asks what is this, Jimmy says property papers and all stuff I snatched from you, I have sent them to your lawyer as well, Sikander looks at the papers, Jimmy says listen to me leave my kid, no more games, I know you are behind the kidnapping, so return my son please. Sikander says why will I kidnap your son, and when was your son kidnapped, I pray he returns safe and look behind my chawl people are waiting to kill you so get out.

Jimmy leaves, everyone asks what is the issue, Sikander says this Jimmy will never forgive anyone anymore, Tejasvini in chawl disguised as vegetable seller, and gets inside with a gun, she tries to hear from Sikanders room, she slips a mirror to see what Sikander is doing, Sikander suspects someone and opens the door and finds no one.

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