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Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 24 December 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday update 24 December 2019

Sikander tries reaching his lawyer to help.him,but is denied, Sikander yells at Jimmy for adding fake clause in the contract, Jimmy says i have destroyed you but your ego and attitude is still there which will be destroyed

everyday,just wait and watch,i have shown you your place, and watch out whats coming ypur way, inspector i want this house vacant in 1 hour. Jimmy leaves, Sikander says this is my house my family we wont leave, Sikander is told he will be arrested, Amyra starts shouting its my house im not going anywhere.

Mohendar calms everyone down says for now lets book a room and leave and decide things later, kulfi says baba they wonr arrest you right, Sikander says dont worry im not leaving you, Kulfi says we are together thats what matters dont worry,dont cry,Amyra starts shouting

this is my room i wont leave, Sikander Kulfi calms Amyra and convince her to pack.
Kulfi walks in her room,thanks her room for being with her in sadness and happiness and starts packing, kulfi packs essentials,qnd leaves her room.

Sikander tries to book room but card doesnt release payment,he learns from bank,his accounts and EMI and school fees cheques have been frozen,and has to approach court in any consequences, Sikander breaks down, Mohendar and Gunjan walk to him, Mohendar says i have some money and lets stay at Gunjan house for few days, Sikander says i have to be in Mumbai to make things right.

Kulfi walks to Amyra,Amyra confused while packing Kulfi helps her saying take essentials and still you got ti carry more stuff in my bag,both start packing.

Sikander requests to leave with girls for his in laws house and he shall stay here, also admit girls in good school there, Mohendar says how will girls live without you,and we wont leave you alone, Sikander says im worried more about their future now, please go and will call everyone back when things are set.mohendar says let kids and gunjan go i will stay here with you, Sikander says Jimmy is playing dangerous games and im scared for you all knowing you are there with girls i can solve problems here with calm mind,please try understand. Mohendar says you convinced me what about girls.

Sikander tries to reach chief minister, Lawyer tells Sikander he has just 10 min left, Sikander remembers good times spent in music room and walks out with guitar he is restrained to take it, Inspector allows Sikander.

Lovely hides her face from Nihalo,Nihalo says i have seen you somewhere,we had some connection, lovely says no we dont,there are people in this world with similar faces.

Everyone gather in the hall,Sikander says to Mohendar we will come back in this house,they hold eachothers hands, kulfi says the good thing is we all are together in this.

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