Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 14 July 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Tuesday Update 14 July 2020

14th July 2020 Tuesday Update on Kulfi the Singing Star Update: Chalu wakes up smelling tea and sees Kulfi standing. Kulfi offers her tea and asks her to take her home. Chalu says if they go during day, they will be caught. Kulfi reminisces Lovleen and Amrya blaming her and goons trying to catch her. Chalu enjoys samosa and says before entering any place, they need to know who comes and goes there and each minute detail, why is she eager to go as if she has hidden treasure there. Kulfi emotionally thinks more than treasure, her dad is there.

Amyra walks to Sikandar and holding his hand assures he will be fine soon. Lovleen walks next. Sikandar reminisces Lovleen trying to kill him. Lovleen asks Amyra to inform good news to dad. Amrya informs that mamma has arranged her song recording at SSG Recording Limited. Lovleen says her dadda’s blessing is with her and takes her away. Amyra asks Lovleen which song should she sing. Lovleen says Sikandar’s first song. Amyra says Kulfi was to sing that song. Lovleen and her mother brainwashes her that Kulfi is not her real sister and tried to kill Dadda, so she shouldn’t bother about her. Amyra says Vijayalakshmi’s song needs high vocals which only Kulfi has. Lovleen assures her that she also can sing.

She takes Amyra to studio and showing her portrait as rising star says she can sing well and Jimmy uncle is helping them, they should give a chance to Jimmy who is repenting for his mistake. Later, Amyra returns home from concert and tells Sikandar thatr she sang really well and all tickets were sold out. Sikandar thinks where is Kulfi and why didn’t she come yet.

Chalu as census officer goes to Kulfi’s building and asks watchman who all stays here. Watchman asks what she really needs. She thinks she needs each detail to steal whole building. She goes there for 15 days, but watchman shoos her away. Kulfi thinks 15 days passed, but Chalu didn’t try to enter building at all. Chalu returns. Kulfi tries to hug her and says it is jadoo ki jhappi in Munna Bhai’s style. Chalu disguises as courier delivery boy and takes Kulfi hidden in a courier box. Kulfi reaches home and not finding father thinks where he must be. Chalu asks to search whatever he came for.
Kulfi searches Sikandar in whole house while Chalu searches valuables to steal. Kulfi sees Amyra and thinks if baba is in her room. She walks into Amyra’s room and seeing Amyra sleeping excitedly thinks baba must be here, but gets disappointed not seeing him even there. Chalu steals valuables when Lovleen catches her and trashes her brutally. Kulfi gets tensed seeing Amyra’s grandma coming and hides.

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